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Four Races in and Twelve to Go, What Have We Learned?

Ok, we all know it’s May, but there is still the little matter of the 2012 championship trail. With four races down, the first quarter of the season is in the bag. Teams and drivers have twelve more chances, plus … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… 2012 is finally Here

YES… The season truly feels like it is upon us as I pull my trusty crystal ball out and attempt to peer into the future for the first time this year. The 2011 offseason was a hornets’ nest of unbridled … Continue reading

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More Off Season Rambling…

It has been quite a while since have chatted. Amid a strenuous work schedule, unforeseen sick time, an even more critically injured computer, and the holiday craziness, it’s nice to be able to slow down and talk some indycar with … Continue reading

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Engines Engines Engines

It’s been a while since I have pontificated on the new chassis, but there really hasn’t been much new news on that front and the number one news item was kind of lost in the wake of Las Vegas. We … Continue reading

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What does the future at IMS look like?

Indycar racing, and more specifically the Indy 500 has been about pushing the limits of speed and sanity in terms of automotive technology. As we embark on the journey that a new car brings, 2012 will be a fun, and … Continue reading

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What does competition mean?

To some, we are witnessing the most competitive era that indycar racing has ever seen. The past two Indy 500’s have seen the two closest starting grids by time ever, 2010 by 3.0622 seconds and 2011 by 2.5399. That is … Continue reading

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