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On may 29 1983, Indy racing great Tom Sneva won his first and only 500 of his career. The next day, at a hospital down the street from the great Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I was born. My earliest memories of life, as any kid would say, were my birthday celebrations. Having the birthday I did, they always involved the great race somehow. When I was young, we would just have a small party and listen to the race. As my family got older we would make a camping trip, so we could watch the race live on TV, out of the three day weekend that memorial day gave us. Some years were fantastic, some were wet and dreary, but these trips linked my life with the Indy 500 forever. My mother laminated the front page of the indianapolis star on the day I was born and it was an article about Snevas win the previous day. Reading that article every day for years to come started what would become a life-long love affair with motorsports and the spectacle of IndyCar racing and the 500.

As I got into high school there became less time each year to pay attention to the race. Life, high school love, growing up and unfortunatly the infamous split all detracted the visibility of it in my life. Going to college I met one of my now very close friends. He was Will from North Carolina who had gone to the race every year since he was like 2 years old. We immediately hit it off and it sparked renewed interest the world of motor sports as a whole. That, and having my wisdom teeth pulled earlier that summer and spending two straight weeks playing Gran Turismo 3 on the playstation 2.

We have made a week to camp in the coke lot and enjoy the festivities of race weekend in Indianapolis every year. When we first started 10 years ago, we were guests of Wills family, now we have created our own traditions and friends from all over the country meet in Indy for one weekend a year to catch up, enjoy the race and of course celebrate my birthday each year with 300,000 of my closest friends.

I am by no means a writer, so if high quality writing is what your looking for, this is not it. These pages will contain my musings on Indycar news, technology, gossip and anything else motorsports related I see fit to include. Posts may come quickly some weeks, and slowly other months but I will always have something to say.

Thanks for reading, hope to see more of you

Eric in Indy

Twitter: @Erock_In_Indy

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