Check out anotherf1blog over at TripleLeagueRacing

Attention all two (Ed: overstatement don’t you think??) regular readers:

I am now writing a Formula One column over at Triple League Racing. Dylan was nice enough to ask for guest writers over at his, primarily, indycar blog. I answered the call and am now the F1 editor (Ed: Again,  MASSIVE overstatement don’t you think??) over at his wonderful establishment. go ahead, check it out… anotherf1blog at Triple League Racing, there is a plethora of other content over there as well. There has been a flurry of new writes over there and I’m not 100 percent who they all are yet but will surely link you up to all of them soon!

In an unrelated matter, anotherindycarblog received its 1000th hit last week. Thanks to everyone who regularly reads and comments. Speaking of comments, I have neglected that section and will be responding to all of them soon!

Thank you all so much!

Eric Hall

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