Secret* Spyshots of New Dallara Facility

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, after the terrible, terrible weekend shift at work, I decided to head down to speedway and check out how the new Dallara plant is coming along. The last time I drove by was during May, the steel was just going up and the building was starting to take shape. Now, three months later, it looks like the outside was being completed, and work was starting to pick up on the interior. The surrounding area is still very barren, but the sidewalk in front of the new building has been renovated and it’s very nice. Without further adieu, Here are a few of the photos I captured that day…Enjoy.

Welcome to the future home of the Dallara, Indycar chassis, manufacturing plant in Speedway, Indiana.

Initially I thought this was the main entrance but I did not spot any doors. Possibly a showroom for the Indycar Experience (?), south west side of building.

Two pics, inside of showroom (?) atrium

Through the front glass, looking at ceiling.

North west corner, possibly the main entrance.

Looking down south side of building.

As close to those big doors on south side as I was comfortable getting.

Looking down north side of building.

Looking down west side of building.

And finally, two shots just to remind us where we are.

The whole project is moving along very nicely. Hopefully I will be able to catch some good sneak peak shots closer to the public grand opening. With another super secret test at barber, and the positive progress of the plant it looks like all of the pieces for the 2012 chassis look to be falling into place.

Eric Hall

*All pictures taken of areas in public view, from public land.

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