Photos From the Dan Wheldon Memorial at IMS

Initially I thought there would be no posts from me this week, but I cannot hold on to these pictures without sharing. Many of your twitter streams were flooded on Monday afternoon with these pictures; there are no new shots, but I absolutely had to share these again for any out of towners not able to make it.

Emotion was palpable in the air, the four big news crews were set up for news shots and Donald Davidson highlighted Dan’s career for each of them. I made a few new friends and met a twitter buddy face to face for the first time, bit it was a sorrow filled afternoon on the grounds of IMS. I had initially planned to only take a few pictures but got so caught up in reading the wonderful words fans had written that I could not stop snapping photos. The resolution on all of these is good enough to easily make out the hand written notes with no captions needed.

Eric Hall

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