Social Media Garage… What’s It All About?

The first annual Social Media Garage is primed to kick off in just a few short days at the World’s Greatest Race Course. I will be joining a few of my partners in crime compatriots in Formula 1 garage 35 starting this Friday, also known as fast Friday, also known as the day it GETS REAL; bringing you guys some type of enhanced coverage above what we would normally provide you over a race weekend.  Exactly how I conned my way to getting a seat next to some of the best INDYCAR bloggers around is still unknown, but here I sit.

Our aim is to enhance you experience in as many ways as possible; both live and over the interwebs. The Speedway is taking the lead on this experiment and has some fun stuff on tap so if you are on the premises please stop in, say hi and take the entire Social Media Garage in. Now, onto the QA that I have crafted out of nearly thin air. True? Yes, Helpful? Possible, but not probable.

I can’t be there! How does this help me? – There will be interactive Facebook and Twitter giveaways! Whether you actually have to be there to collect said prize is unknown to me at this time, but it’s worth a shot anyway.

Ok, I’ll be at the speedway, why should I show up? – We will be having giveaways, contests, demos, driver visits, and good old fashioned bench racing… All at no cost to you! It’s entirely free, baby! All you have to do is engage the garage.  Not to mention I’LL BE THERE! What more could you want?

So who else will actually be there? – Besides the Speedway staffing crew, the Social Garage will be home to Zachary Houghton, Mike Knapp, Mark Wilkinson, Johnny Montana Just Chris and myself. Their info can be found further down the page.

What in the world will you all be doing? – NOTHING! No not really. However, the speedway crew will be doing all the heavy lifting. We are there to push out the high quality content you have come to expect from the five of us, to get in the real Social Media types way, and to generally ride coat tails to undeserved greatness. Oh, and we may be tweeting our faces off.

Fine, fine, fine… Where and when is this thing? – We will be in Formula 1 garage 35; sandwiched between INDYCAR Nation and the Lids Store, directly south of the pagoda. The garage will be available from the time the gates open in the morning, until they run us out and lock the gates at night. The garage will be open Fast Friday (May 18), Pole Day (19), Bump Day (20), Community Day (23), Carb Day (25), Legends Day (26), and of course Race Day (27).

Cool, when will the bloggerati be in the house? – The Social Media Garage is staffed by the speedway and they will be in charge of all the fun stuff. Blogger schedules are a bit sketchier because we claim to have day jobs and may not even live in state. We will also be out in the action, using our legs and bringing you live and enhanced coverage. Tweet at us to find out when our availabilities are and where you can find us.

Can I hold my own tweet-up here?  – Absolutely! In fact, we would prefer that you make the Social Garage your home for any Indy based tweet-up needs. The more the merrier and it’s always nice to have a face and handshake behind the @.

Now you know as much as I do. We aren’t a real informed bunch, what can I say? But, it sounds rad. Here is another way that INDYCAR and the Speedway are attempting to reach out to fans. This is exactly what we have been asking for so let’s take full advantage and show them we appreciate the effort and want more of the same at other races. I initially thought: why the 500, it’s not like this event needs much more help in dominating the airwaves. But, what better place to test something like this? I have no idea if there are plans to continue this program anywhere beside Indianapolis; who knows what could come of this. For a Social Garage to work it takes participation from the walk in crowd so find five minutes, grace us with your presence and sign up to win something.

Make sure you are reading the other bloggers in the social garage; if you are only reading me you are missing out. I am the low man on the totem pole and actually strive to be like these other word butchers; a compliment from a self-proclaimed super-hack like myself. Don’t miss anything these fine gentlemen bang out and post; it is always worth reading them, and of course follow them on twitter.

The Bloggerati (Click, Read, Follow, Repeat):

Zachary Houghten –

Mike Knapp –

Mark Wilkinson –

Just Chris –

When you are making your weekend plans don’t forget to include the Social Media Garage while you are wondering aimlessly around the track. At the least, it’s shaded and has a nice breeze rolling though most of the day. You may get swept up in something you didn’t expect at the start of your journey. Come rest those weary dogs in the Social Garage, engage and possibly make a new race buddy or two.

Eric Hall

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  1. I’ll come by to say hi on Saturday! If you’re not there, I’ll just pretend to be you and create HAVOC and sign autographs… “To Timmy, avoid the clap, Eric Hall”

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