A Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

A shocking string of events has led to yours truly becoming the indycar feature writer for an upstart British motorsports magazine. Podium Magazine thought my incendiary commentary was exactly what their magazine was missing. I know I know, how was someone more qualified not chosen? I’m not sure why or how; I envision the balance of the indycar blogosphere turning down the offer and I was the last man standing, nevertheless I am here. It’s not like I don’t have the free time…

The magazine isn’t flashy or super-duper spiffy, but it’s a good start for the inaugural issue. I have no idea what the long term future holds, but tentatively the next issue should drop around mid-September. We cover a wide range of motorsports; focusing on Formula One and including GP2, GP3, WRC, DTM and WTCC.

July 15th, that was supposed to be the day. Production issues and a last minute interview pushed the magazines release to July 17th. I didn’t really care; it was more like Christmas being delayed by two days. When the day finally arrived, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Sure, I want to see my name in the lights, but who doesn’t? My real joy was sneaking some indycar coverage in a totally euro-centric magazine. That is a win for us all.

Unfortunately, or obviously depending on how you view the curse that is indycar, on the writers splash page my website is listed incorrectly. On top of that, traffic is being filtered to “I am IndyCar”, a dead blog with broken links and missing pictures.; seems typical of the PR luck that our fair sport has received as of late.

I was asked to contribute during the eleventh hour of production so I wasn’t able to hack together a custom article for Podium. I used my old “What is Indy?” post as most of the writers were submitting introductions to their chosen discipline pieces. The only indycar segment in the magazine appears one page before halfway; above GP2, WTCC and WRC introductions.  I’m not totally sure what that means, but it feels good.

This will not interfere with my duties here; anotherindycarblog is my baby and there won’t be much that will change that. But you may end up seeing a few more focused articles after the new issue is published. It looks like new horizons from where I’m standing. Thank you for all of your support you wonderful slew of seven or so readers; you are all my heroes.

Enough blabbering on from me. Go download the magazine (or use this direct link: http://myformulaone.com/issueonepodium.pdf. The issue is about 60mb, so take time to let the whole thing load) and ensure that we get enough reads so a second issue is a necessity and not a hope.

Eric Hall

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1 Response to A Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Phil woods says:

    Thanks for your help. To clarify, I’ve made a correction on your web address on website.

    The most important fact for you to think about, you were my first choice, the reason for 11th hour was because I trawled blogs of all motor sports, it took weeks. Your writing fit well with the style I was looking for. The article 1st used introduced Indycar to the masses, therefore a much brilliant fit for the first edition. Now people know about Indycar, half a million people so far, next time you can write something more specific next time. I have ideas already and will be in touch next week. I’m having a breather this week following release.

    Anyway, finally, thank you for a great article and be proud of what you’ve achieved, over 500,000 downloads is down to everyone including you.



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