Saved From Destruction: Historic Racing Photographs, circa ’60s-’80s


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  1. Pat W says:

    Wow. As I was looking up to confirm the Surtees F2 car in the other photos I stumbled upon a photo taken at the exact same spot as the one above:
    Unbelievably, this IS Interlagos, before Sao Paulo grew to surround it! Amazing.

  2. Pat W says:

    Okay I think I’ve found out what this race is. 1972 500km Interlagos. That matches the comment of 1972 in the F2 link above.
    Grid: Looking at the list the red car is 25 because 94 is next, then two cars after that is 80 just as it is in the photo
    Result; Winner: Reinhold Joest, the man behind Joest Racing who’ve run the works Audis at Le Mans for the last decade!
    The only other name I recognise on the grid is Lella Lombardi, the only woman to have ever scored in a Formula 1 race but she only received 0.5 points because the race was stopped halfway through.

  3. will says:

    possibly can am cars at riverside?

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