More Historic Racing Photos Saved From Destruction

After the huge response to the old racing pictures that were posted a bit over a week ago, I decided to go through the stack again and find a few “B” level ones. These 27 pictures are not as stellar as the initial 61, but there is still some cool stuff. With many thanks to Pat W (visit his blog), Jim and Will (visit his facebook Open-Wheel photo group) it has been found that most of the F1, F2 and Sports Car pictures are from the early 70’s at the old Interlagos circuit in Brazil, before the shortening of the track and before Sao Paulo engulfed the area around the facility. There is actually a shot of “pre race entertainment”, the guy jumping the motorcycle, and “Sao Paulo” can easily be seen on the background signage.

Everyone is more than welcome to play name the driver/track/year game to help identify some of these unknown images.

There of course a few more photos of indycars whipping around Indianapolis as well as a single shot from the parade. This pretty much includes the entirety of the quality shots to be found in the stack. There are many more of poor quality that did not make the cut, however I am very excited to be able to share these wonderful and historic images with you. Remember, these are large files, give them time to load.

We are within 60 days of the Indycar season opener in St. Petersburg Florida, so make sure you check back in the coming weeks for more regularly scheduled programing returning including a full season of coverage you have all come to know and love. As always, thank you for reading.

Eric Hall

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