Welcome to May!


Welcome to May

Welcome to the official opening day Social Media Garage live blog on a chilly day at the Greatest Race Course in the World. We’re starting a bit late due to the ridiculously chilly weather today but that hasn’t dulled the mood here at all. This morning started with The Celebration of Automobiles in the Pagoda Plaza. There are some stellar examples of rare midcentury cars out there; not your run of the mill corvette/mustang car corral. In fact, there were no less than 30 Deloreans rallied together! I had no idea there were that many still in driving condition. An opening day miracle for sure!

Not all teams are loaded into Gasoline Alley quite yet with Dale Coyne Racing still putting together Pippa Mann’s machine up in Chicago. That gave her the perfect opportunity to stop into the Social Media and do a quick QA for those lucky enough to find us.

And I cannot believe we have made it 11(!) days into the month without mentioning said Social media Garage. Myself, @Kelsey USA (visit her blog #SteelOvaryNation), @openwheelmom (visit her blog Openwheelmom’s Blog), @Andhesonit (visit his blog …And He’s on It!) and @nascarcasm (he is a man of mystery… no blog from him). We are based in the old F1 garages in stalls 34 and 35. If you missed then chance to join us today, make sure you head there during qualifying, we will be open both days.

Joseph Newgarden made an afternoon appearance in the garage for the second tweetup of the month and answered some fan questions. If you’re curious, the SFHR gnomes did not help the team move but have slowly started making their way to the new shop on main street, Joseph had a blast with Pippa and Sarah Fisher during the street party on the cold and rainy Friday night.

Newgarden was the first driver to hit the bricks once the track went green shortly after noon. Fun fact: no “first driver out” has ever won the race. When informed of this, JN proclaimed: “THAT CHANGES THIS YEAR!” you have got to love his energy.

As of writing, AJ Allemdinger has successfully passed rookie orientation and Munoz is through two of three phases and should have no issues completing phase three.

The sun has broken through the clouds out here and the afternoon looks to be a bit nicer than this morning was. However, I do not expect to see much heavy running as teams will probably run a few shake down laps to make sure the car is in the ballpark and park for the remainder of the afternoon in hopes of warmer weather later.

Considering the tire supply and engine miles, a driver would not be able to run all day every day anyway; the mileage and equipment just in not available to teams to do that. A possible quirk in the cost imited spec era, but this also builds in bad weather contingency time so it may not be the worst thing in the world if we are forced to only run a single week.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check back regularly throughout the next two weeks for more pretend inside access and mindless ramblings from one of your four sources of Social Media Garage craziness!

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Eric Hall

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