Goodbye for Now and New Horizons in 2014

Hello all seven of my faithful anotherindycarblog followers, and welcome to 2014!! You may have noticed we have gone into silent mode over here during the end of 2013, I regret not being able to share the end of such an amazing season with you. I am back, but instead writing for the wonderful full service motorsport site

After the tragic passing of Mr. Kevin Neely, I have been tapped to continue his fantastic work over at There is no way I, nor anyone, will be able to fill Mr. Neely’s shoes, but I do promise to keep spreading the love of IndyCar to the best of my ability.

My writing will still appear here in-full at least one week after original posting over at If you want my articles RIGHT NOW, make sure you bookmark OP and peruse the rest of the amazing motorsport commentary and independent photography galleries. I hope to see you all over there!

Thank you all for the amazing memories here at anotherindycarblog. This will always be my original home and first love, who knows what the future may bring for this little hole on the web.

Thank you for everything

Eric Hall

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