Thanks for 3 Years, Now Win My Stuff

Three years and four days ago I posted my first article on this hole-in-the-wall-sorry-excuse-for-a-fake-indycar-blog blog with bewilderment about what could eventually happen once I pressed “upload” that faithful day.

My original mission objectives were simple: start a new hobby, become a better writer, put more indycar stuff out there and simply share my fanatical addiction with the world. I have had varying degrees of success in all of those endeavors, but I really just found surprise enjoyment out of writing.

Writing was never my strong suit, and still is not, but some of you guys seem to enjoy the odd commentary and content I have somehow continued to write. Being nearly 200,000 words in and with over 185 posts under my belt, I felt it was as good a time as ever to say thanks to everyone who has read, commented and supported this tiny little alcove of craziness.

Thank you.

Now, onto the good stuff. 99 percent of my long term readers are also twitter users, so I have decided to harness the awesome power that is twitter to give back to the indycar crowd.

Living in Indianapolis, there is a lot of indycar merchandise floating around and I have managed to over-acquire a huge amount of swag at no cost. All of this stuff is new and unused and has been stored well enough to not even know some of the items are nearly ten years old!

Sometime tomorrow afternoon (4/23/14) I’ll do an initial “retweet to enter” with a link to this article so you can browse the wonderful prizes available. I will pick a random retweeter that will get mailed one of the stupendous prizes OF YOUR CHOICE listed below.

After the initial giveaway the rules change slightly. Starting with follower 700 (currently at 673), I will send a new tweet and give away another prize and will continue to do so with every 50 new followers; same retweet to enter rules apply.

There are 15+ prizes currently available with more surely to be added in the future. I realize this giveaway could literally continue for years, BUT WHY NOT?? Shipping a hat is cheap and you guys rock my face off.

If you are a long time reader not on twitter, you’ll just have to keep an eye on the feed to the right and shoot me an email when it is time to enter.


11 black IndyCar mesh hats

4 DirectTV unbranded hats

1 Belle Isle Grand Prix hat

1 Road to Indy Oval Champions hat

1 Verizon Team Penske #12 hat

1 2008 Texas Motor Speedway Champions hat

1 womens medium IRL shirt (the silver is glittery and it looks smaller than a medium)

1 prize pack with 5 2009 fridge magnet schedules, an IndyPro series button, a 2006 TMS koozie and an Indycar pencil.

Good luck, and thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.

Eric Hall

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