Unfiltered Race Notes – Barber 2014

Welcome to the rain delayed unfiltered race notes. Remember, these are scratch notes and not the definitive view of the race; just a fun way to end a long race weekend. These ideas and reactions are the backbone of the weekend rewind and most of my work on Pit Lane Reporter. Thanks for reading, sit back, and enjoy the silliness.


Qualifying bumped back 30 minutes by futball. lame… i bet the grid is bumped back as well. I wonder what specutainment thinks about that.

Tough to make new fans when you force a DVR of your program by airing it so late and then bumping it back.

30 minutes of futball and 1st half of qualies.

–Pre race–


It sounds like the booth is in a tent. Reminds me of camping in the rain.

Drivers say events of LB behind them… Liars.

Mikhail Aleshin bar-b-que eating clip. I’m down with Russian gangsters if they race in indycar and eat bar-b-que.

More lying re: LB from drivers.

Conway roll. Honest, insightful and noticeably different then the drivers trying to save face. Says he was uncomfortable and scared. Honesty. nice.

I need more Miller in my life.

Pace car ride always looks fun.

Spins and hits clip. Kimball had contrails off the rear wing; always cool to see. Big hit in morning warm-up. As the old adage goes: nothing good can come of morning warmup, you’re better to say parked. car fixed, CK ok.

There is literally a lake in the apex of T13. No complaints about not racing in this from me.

TK roll… And the lake is getting bigger. Having issues connecting his setup data with his teammates. Clearly struggling with the go-to Ganassi setups. Makes you wonder if TK has even driven a “properly” setup DW12 before getting to Ganassi.

You can hear the thunder in the Bourdais interview.

Lights race.

The lake is gone.

Sato notes how sensitive indycars are to ambient and track temp.

I also need more Servia in my life. karaoke addiction.
45 minutes to go says DW. I’m losing the will to live. Walkers says “oh come on Robin, that’s way too good of an idea for indycar” well played.

CK incident is eerily similar to Mid-O 2013.

Munoz seems like a nice kid.

Justin Wilson is confused as well about the rules, but he has a much cooler head in terms of waiting for the rules changes to stabilize.

Cars rolling to the grid.

Carlos Huertas seems like an odd fellow. First time I’ve actually seen him, he’s a lot older than I was imagining.

second time seeing the pace car lap. really? Have we seen any video of the space camp visit on the broadcast yet?

pauses DVR, waits for race, fast forwards to start.


Track looks pretty good. Standing water all over the course but it looks incidental. No rivers or lakes; probably could have only started 10-15 minutes sooner.

Onboard with Hinch on the phone today. Looks wet as all get out behind the pace car.

Great start. Still raining. You can see the rain flowing off of the camera roofs.

Handful of oppo for RHR. Sato stalls it. Does anti-stall work? I thought we were supposed to have it available this year.

Great move by JPM to avoid a spinning Munoz

Race control looks hugely upgraded compared to last year. at least twice the feeds available. I count at least six people.

RHR outside like a boss

JPM is on it. Can we be onboard with him next week?

Lots of talk about the rain line from the booth. good info. teaching without yelling.

Power and RHR stretch it out.

Spray off of Dixons onboard doesn’t look too bad. Still very wet; no hint of a dry line.

Montoya has made the same over under move 3 laps in a row on the last corner. on it.

Looks pretty clear onboard with Hinch.


Power is a second quicker. wow.

Aleshin and Bourdais. Multi lap knife fight. Alehsin notes the racing is more aggressive here than in Europe

Power off. smh. RHR to the point. No one to blame there…

A bit strung out up front, but the action is non-stop farther back.

DW12 looks good in the moist.

No radio for JPM. Now we get to see how well Penske prepped with him.

Oriol first on reds.

Aleshin facing the wrong way, turned by Bourdais. SB did not look pleased. FCY


Everyone has reds waiting in the pits. This could be awesome or awful we will see.

Servia doing well. Why did I not pick him in fantasy. stupid.

Munoz plugs it into the armco with slicks. excellent rookie mistake to make. brush it off, move on.

Heads up driving from Helio after pulling into the wrong pit. could have been plowed into by JW. The right front guy almost changed the tire. good catch form the TV crew.

JPM beaches it. sigh. Looks treacherous out there.

FCY for Huertas. no rhythm

Onboard with JN is very impressive.


Rooted wets can almost serve as super soft slicks once the tread disappears. Saavedera could be playing this very smart. He’s easily gapping Power.

Good movement. small insight into AA at the track changes. less setup options, fewer distractions. smart.


Pretty lock-lock steppy, but the track is drying and speed is picking up.

Every lap it looks like most drivers are turning fast lap after fast lap. track is gaining speed by the moment.

Watching Dixon onboard. he looks very hooked up. Guys with dry setups should bubble to the top.

Second comment about fuel probes from Bell, are the pit reporters unable to speak with fuel guys? Making some bold statements when the reasoning could be easily found.


Saavedera running well given the off strategy. could pull a top 15 out.

What was going on in Andretti’s final stop?

Can Dixon finish P2?


Through the field. Not bad, we’ve gone pretty deep into the race. The rain really helped the emotions today. Retaliation or unplugging a brain could have been awful today. Long season ahead.

Hawksworth P12. Not bad.

All the cars look hooked up.


RHR has not used a p2p yet.

Big hit for Aleshin… not enough bar-b-que.

Thats actually a slightly questionable area. not much runoff after a blind crest before the wall.


Andretti’s radio was unhooked. Jan makes note that you must be in radio contact with pits at all time. I wonder what JPM’s story was earlier in the race.


Great day for AA. Even Munoz learned a good lesson today, glad that not Michael’s money, he’s got a great core of 3 guys right now.

UFD girls in victory lane. After watching MotoGP earlier today, this is downright PG.

RHR notes the race was dragging at the end. No surprise given the track gaining so much speed every laps.

So much snapple.

Andretti sounds like is head is in the game. best I have ever heard him. Remarks Power is human.

RHR’s kid on the podium. Cute.

Dixon is the man. Laughing about his career worst finish of P3. Burned the fronts off chasing down Marco. Testament to the drive Marco put in.

Pags, the consummate professional.

How long was that post race? could have had more actual race.

Good race. The weather was the real story and caused the large gaps by the end. Was awesome watching them turn fast lap after fast lap. Final stint was truly a sprint racing clinic, nothing was left on the table.


Hope you enjoyed the race notes, and please don’t forget to visit on Tuesday for the more complete Weekend Rewind. Two week until the GP of Indy!

Eric Hall

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2 Responses to Unfiltered Race Notes – Barber 2014

  1. charlie says:

    Can you elaborate on the russian gangster comment, re: Aleshin? I know it was “tongue in cheek,” but is he the son of a Russian oil baron, etc.?

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