Unfiltered Race Notes: Dual in Detroit Race 1 2014

Welcome to Detroit race one notes! no snazzy intro, lets do this!

ABC Intros are always awesome

RHR… Helio… Fast forward…

4th P2 start of the year for Hinch

Belle Isle looks pretty damn good in the overhead shots. Lots of lush greenery

The command was excellent. Thats the kind of energy I like

20K seats here? Front grandstands look about 1/2 full


Not awful alignment. Very clean start

Moves being made farther back. Hawks into P2

Chalets have moved from the fountain turn

Bestwick is good, I just don’t like looking at him… he looks like an announcers booth action figure

I’m so mixed on Graham Rahal. I like seeing him struggle because it’s graham, but I want him to succeed because of the national guard


RHR buried in the pack. Should be a good study about how easy it is to pass here/ how good RHR is coming through the field


Booth notes Conways black tires. Agreed. Conway may already have the field covered.

Pags into the wall thanks to Power. Pags was wearing Powers bumper out. NO WAY he didn’t know Pags was there

Problems in the pits for RHR


Simon is a class act. Power basically stuffed him into the wall, Pags admits he may have been in a bad spot. Maybe, but that was still a questionable move

If Rahal passes Montoya…

Said Conways has the field covered. Helio may be able to cover the strategy with on track speed

Rahal complaining about Montoya “being wide” Montoya looks closer to Newgarden than Rahal is to JPM. shut up Graham

Ok, Montoya is racing Rahal HARD. JPM is definitely being difficult

Sato in the pits with gear box issues


Clean pass from Rahal. Well done

Dixon coming…

Dixon makes it look easy. JPM is loooooose


Rahal doing a hell of a job. Bullied his way past Bourdais

Conway out. Fantasy team is in the toilet today

He looks pretty upset. HE DAMN WELL SHOULD BE. The Destroyer Of Worlds… pfft. Rookie move

No idea what lap it is. the hat hasn’t been very present during this race

Jib shot sweeping across pitlane is pretty cool

Problems with Hawks in the pit. broken rotor maybe? yes. wow, thats nutty


Kids look like their having a blast at the track

Poor Herta, the guy just doesn’t know what to say about the rotor. I don’t blame you man

Rahal P1 due to pit strategy. Either RLLR throwing the race away again or the brilliant decision of the afternoon. time will tell.



The field is clearly jumbled on strategy. I would appreciate a reset from the booth


And we get one. Thank you

Herta is convinced Hawks will be a champion. It’s that kind of dedication we need with the young guys in the series

“Counting on the a yellow is a very bad way to do strategy” well spoken actually


Rahal is running a great race. I hope he doesn’t get screwed on strategy

Hinch is holding a handful of drivers up


Huge handful of front wing for Andretti. Interesting to see how it will play out

Power is driving like a mad man. Shave the gap Mr. Power


Waiting for strategies realign. The drivers may be saving fuel, but everyone is driving their asses off

My favorite Russian gangster in P1. I want an in depth interview with Mikhail to see how his indycar experience is going.

Slow stop for RHR. Still running with the tail of the field

Rahal pushing around RHR but immediately gets padded back. RHR has a quick car, too bad he’s in the back

HC out front. Race reset.



I love not having any tire stacks in the corners. The track looks so very good this year, I can’t wait to see how it looks with 4 million bucks worth of surface work

Penalty for Aleshin. Popped up on the hat, I really like that feature. Wonder if I’ve missed others?


Newgarden into the wall. Brake lock up

Aleshin penalty was for blocking Sato… who was 4 laps down O_o

Left wing adjustment for Marco. I looked multiple times and did not see a right wing adjustment

Likening winning in Detroit to living in Detroit. The hard way, the tough way. Ok?

Goodyear: Mr Penske is America’s Enzo Ferrari. High praise, but just no

Extended yellow due to water out of the tire barriers. Sucks

This extension could reset everyone onto a race until the end strategy

Tank top offs underway

Wish I knew what lap it is


Clean restart. 35 to go

fearsome racing. wiping drool from chin

Montoya and Rahal have found each other again with RHR lingering in the back. Best street racing we’ve seen all year?


“We’re pushing hard to the end. Go as fast as you can” excellent

Hinch around the outside of Dixon. Thats how you do it

Saavedera is hassling these guy, but doing it very cleanly. Could be looking at a great finish

JPM in for the last time


I still have no idea what is going on. I need some making a lap chart while I do this

Sato has been everywhere today. 4 laps down but giving everyone a hard time


traffic jam with Marco at the point.

Could RHR be the one?


Hinch turns Aleshin. Looks like Hinch was well onto the curbing.


Looks like Hinch had a rail slide over the crown of the curb. Probably pretty ambitious

Alehsin was on the fantasy team…

Booth calling for Rahal to the win. I can actually see that. The dude is quick this afternoon

Really rooting for Rahal


Still yellow. Briscoe rolling the dice for another yellow. Not rooting for Briscoe

Brisoes pits saying he WILL come in

Race is on with Rahal and Power. Kanaana and Wilson waiting in the wings


good restarts all day

Power around Briscoe. That could be the race


Rahal clear. I don’t think he’ll catch Power, let alone pass him

Jeeze, as I say that, Rahal is shaving the gap. race on


Rahal dropping away. Time to see the rest of the field please ABC

Power has showed his standard poise in holding Rahal off

Both drivers have really gapped the rest fo the field. some 3 seconds ahead of Kanaan

I can’t believe how well Rahal has driven today

Power is in the drivers zone. Nothing will prevent him from reaching the checkers first today

I’m afraid this race is toast


I would really like to see the rest of the field…


Rahal has driven an amazing race. but one time is still just a fluke


Rahal’s attitude is spot on. Could be trouble tomorrow

Kanaan does not look happy. He’s aching for a win. I would be too wheeling the TCGR 10

Montoya was fighting electric issues all day. Pretty good attitude considering the difficult afternoon

Hinch already has blisters on his hands. Not a good sign

Dixon sounds confused. I am too Dixie, I am too

Not bad. Would have liked to have seen a bit more of the field in the closing stages of the race. RHR into the tires. Aleshin around. Add conway and pags and my fantasy team is shot. Would be nice to see Rahal carry some momentum into tomorrow. Last 1/3 of the race was pretty lock step, but we never saw anyone deeper in the field.

Make sure to check back for notes from tomorrows race and next week for an official weekend round up.

Eric Hall

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