Unfiltered Race Notes: Dual in Detroit Race 2 2014

Welcome back for day two of the Detroit indycar racing Extravaganza! Let’s do this thing.


Power is so melodramatic

RHR… dude… get it together today

HC losing pole, what a funny guy. so animated


AJ looks at Taku like he loves him like his child. The connection those two have is awesome

Sam Schmidt review. That footage could be reused forever. Cool spot by sports science

I didn’t know they were just using motion capture technology. ok… less impressive

Similar GPS tech that was in use in F1 cars 20 years ago. Honestly, I thought there would be more innovative technology involved in the car

Why couldn’t we get the command lady from yesterday?


Again I say, Belle Isle looks great this weekend

Aborted start, didn’t look too bad. We’ve definitely gone green with worse alignment

Ok, noticeably better

Green green green

Yellow Yellow Yellow

Power steamrolls into Newgarden. You just cant put two tires over the curb; Power just slid on his underwing into JN


Power: He chopped across me. DUDE! You guys just can’t surf the curb, and I’m still looking at you from yesterday Hinch

Gear cluster on the wall for Rahal, team popping the read pods off



Much better, let’s go racing

I don’t like Power, but I like his aggressiveness, just quit wrecking guys out

Power under review


Power around JPM. The He’s on a mission for sure


Taku pulling away, HCN may be slowing Hinch

Conway on blacks in P6

Hinch is hounding HCN, and around


Conway around Munoz with apocalypse-bringing precision


Saavedera into the wall… on the straight… shock

clipped the tire barrier and smooshed the left front

Pits… watch the reds come off

Long stop for Sato

Hinch, Conway stay out. Hinch on reds


Green and clean

Huertas: “I have never driven anything as bumpy” re: detroit

Helio marching through the field

Conway has caught Hinch


Expect to see MC take over on the strength of the blacks

1 or 2 laps and Hinch’s tires should be shot

Hinch doing a masterful job protecting his position

Power around the outside of Kimball and Dixon. Wow


Beautiful fight and pass. Conway to P1

Goodness, Pag’s orange car looks even better today. It’s almost some shade of dark neon orange. I approve all neon colored liveries

Conway is driving like a madman. Please don’t stuff it.


Pit stops

Entry to pitlane is a violent turn off

In awe of Conway’s pace

Brand new left front for Conway, scuff all around. Right hand circuit, could be slightly advantageous

Power come out in front of Pags (!)


Today is flowing much better than yesterday. I kind of think I may slightly know whats going on

Hearing radio chatter. It’s worthless without context or any idea what team is talking


Hinch, Pags, Power 3 way fight

Stands look much better than yesterday

Munoz elbows Aleshin out of the way

More pitting. This should cycle the field?


Hawks was able to experiment with saving fuel yesterday. good practice for a rookie driver

HCN in the lead

Sato around. keeps it running. Briscoe stuck his nose in where is shouldn’t have been

Briscoe just has not impressed this year

No blame on Sato from me


Hawks pit lane speed violation. penalty served

Pags looking inside Power… Breath

Conway locking them up everywhere

Cars are much more planted today. track looks very rubbered in

No penalty on Briscoe. Im cool with that I think

Power around RHR, he’s coming for Conway who is in trouble.

RHR losing positions hand over fist. uh oh

Possibly going so slow to not completely empty the tank before pitting

Conway about to be swallowed by the field


Right front of Conway is toast. he’s in and back on blacks


race rundown

which consists of multiple ballsy Power passes

Power cannot find any breathing room over Pags; shaving the gap?

Agree with the booth (!) seems like everyone is in fuel savings


4 yellow laps gain you 1 race lap

left front tire changer dropped the nut – Montoya


Big save for Briscoe. Coming in this lap

Pace is starting to pick up before these final stops

Great save for Briscoe from the onboard

Wow, Lots of brake dust from RF of Marco… Thinking back to Hawks

HCN is crushing the field. I feel like I’ve already said that today

38 seconds ahead of Conway, HCN in


Dixon nearly jumps Power in the pits. I expect everyone to be flat out until the finish.

1 more Yellow?

Rahal bent the left rear. “IDK, Same as before” Well done Rahal. Remember, one time is just a fluke…

Yup, Rahal tagged the LR pretty hard. Pit guy was waving for damage I’m sure he’s done


HCN +10 to Power

Movement in the right side of Conway’s front wing

Hinch saving. Position 6. Non factor


Pagenaud lost ground to Power

Rahal interview. Throwing Power under the bus. Very yes. Lot’s of talking without mentioning sticking it into the wall. Trying to say earlier contact had something to do with it. Quiet Rahal

Power has nothing for HCN. I claim this race toast. Barring a caution of course


Sounds like only the Penske boys are running flat out

Well deserved props to Aleshin. Contributing setup info to Pags, something Vautier was not able to do last year I believe


Bourdais plugs it in

Should be able to let the field race. The guys only needed a sip

Bourdais just pushed wide. Rookie move

In general, my patience is running thin with Bourdais. I’ve supported him since ChampCar, but he just seems to have lost the plot in indycar. In fairness, he may just be pushing too hard… trying to make things happen. KV and Dragon aren’t exactly painted in glory

Dude, the chalet’s look comfy

Penske, Penske, Ganassi, Ganassi… it’s been a while since we have said that

Engine cover off for RHR, I didn’t think he was slowing earlier due to fuel. messing around with cabling in the cockpit. Replacing the control bus from ECU to steering wheel?

Mike Hull to Dixon: watch out for gamesmanship

Does Helio not like Power? Do any drivers like Power?


Great camera work and even better angles this weekend


green. yet another good restart

Dixon on the inside of Power. Looks like a slight block and lift from Dixon


FCY Sato into the tires. I retract my earlier elation regarding Mr. Taku. AJ drives away from the pitbox with the Pole trophy… Clearly preparing to bludgeon someone in the garages.

From the look of the replay, it may be young Andretti on the business end of the P1 award

Sent into a skid by Andretti. Great save from Taku, just not enough room. I retract my earlier retraction


Feel bad for RHR. Lost pressure in the shift actuator. From the towering heights of 40 points ahead to leaving Detroit 3rd in the championship. Ouch



Another awesome restart from HCN

clean all the way through the field

HCN pulling away. Again, this race is toast


nice spirited fight between Aleshin and Pags

Penalty for Andretti

HUGE lurch from Power. you can hear the cars popping and belching. Fuel knob is surely in position 1

How in the WORLD did Hinch keep it out of the tires?


HCN. That makes me happy

Say what you will about HCN, no one loves to win more than him

Thanks his steed before heading to the fence. This is so cool. Camera man almost broke his neck

and then he lands on his butt. poor camera man

Helio says whats up to security guy Charles. Excellent

When asked about Indy 500 loss he looks like he may cry

Power: I have to see the replay

Great result for CK

Ok, not too bad of a race. As far as indycar in Detroit goes, it was a more or less uneventful day. A few crashes, good racing and a handful of penalties. No one really made themselves look like fools. Mr. Power might as well embrace the black hat, he could wear it well. Check back next week for the official weekend wrap up and a few lingering items from Indy.

Eric Hall

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