Unfiltered Race Notes: Texas 361 2014

Welcome to the Texas Firestone 361 (you can’t fool me Eddie…) unfiltered race notes!


Did you know the official mileage for Texas Motor Speedway is 1.455 miles? The more you know…

Interviews… interviews… interviews…

JPM: every week is a little more aggressive. I’m still waiting for you to make nice with the field, Mr. Montoya

TK riding a water slide. cool?

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of prerace… just show me the fast cars please

I *do* enjoy the previous race cuts put to music. Always well done, but could you really expect anything less from IMSP?

It’s gotten to the point where simply seeing and hearing Power on screen irks the hell out of me. Embrace the heel Mr. Power…

Extolling the virtues of Graham’s season. ha



In fairness, they are showing many more race cuts during the interviews today. That is how you engage *me* in the prerace show

Truck rubber. Haven’t heard much about dissimilar rubber types yet this year

Highlights package of Texas carnage and frustration. The old IRL engines REALLY belched the flames at night… those were good races…

One of Dixon’s favorite songs is “Ice Ice Baby” … Wut?

Ed looks ready for redemption

Miller: “Thank god she’s blond or yo would have never asked her out. I know your track record.” Bazinga

The video board looks as big at the hotel

30 minutes in, I’m ready to race

Very good technical breakdown of the intricacies here at Texas. Bumpy apron, Bump in T4, Camber fall off in T2

I can hear the track announcer in the background, he sounds fired up and is doing a great job with the crowd. Michael Young?

National anthem by a sax player. very *very* cool, but not very well done

No comment about the grandstands

Im out for this prerace, I’ll be back for the green


Sun is VERY low already

Chick in the 2-seater is a hoot

Good formation


3.5 wide. Marco high. clean start



Marco done blow’d up… and is on fire… HUUUUGE fire… Marco struts away like a boss

First of the fantasy picks bites the dust

replay of MA on the start; he looks like scheckter

Good interview from Marco



TK taking no prisoners, pinching Power way down to the line

The race is packed up. 2x2x2x2. I like it. Just enough space

JPM pitted under yellow

good battles all over the track

single file. let’s see how close together they can stay through the remainder of the run


Ed looks loose

too much fall off from the tires. I’d still like to see more downforce. Hinch is under 200 already through 1 and 2. unacceptable from indycars at Texas


Newgarden’s car looks slick, can’t wait to see it under the lights.

Power disappearing into the distance


JPM up to tenth and marching through the field


Hinch having a hell of an evening already; missed pit entrance on his first time through


Haven’t seen the gaps yet. I have no idea how far in front of the field Power is

Lapped up to 17


laps clicking away

strung out

still no gap report.

Green flag pit stops.

Fire in the fuel port for Josef Newgarden

10 seconds between P1 and 2

Big lock up for Power heading into the pits


“comers and goers”

Gap may be 6 seconds after the stop. Not too bad

Dixon lost a lot of ground on that round of stops. Gap is much closer up front, let’s see if TK can catch him

Now the ticker is pretty constantly showing the gaps. Thank you

Fastest lap of the race… 213… lame…


Montoya into a legit top ten position.

TK and Pags split Kimball into T1! wowza

Lapped up to P15

THE RUSSIAN and JPM fighting it out

Montoya is slashing through the field


Kanaan has pulled into under 10 seconds. Stalking

200 even for the leader… still unacceptable… never under 200 and ESPECIALLY lap speeds

Hinch back in. terrible night



RHR lost nut on RF

early green flag stops

worries of running out of rubber

lapped through 11


Power still looks strong; making his way through traffic very well

Slowish stop for Pags


No sign of power in the pits

A little red fire out of HCN’s pipes in the pits


Power looks like he may be the only guy to be able to run a full fuel stint

Lot’s of love for THE RUSSIAN on the broadcast, nice of them to finally catch up

Wilson’s RF tire changer is wearing a hi-viz vest. Hell yes, thats about the smartest addition to pit lane I have seen in a while. I’m sure it’s only for the night race, but still an easy and smart addition to increase safety

THE RUSSIAN ripping through the field as well. Spirited battle with RHR


Gave the Huertas has completed every lap stat. I’m pretty sure he’s already a lap down when they showed the stat. actually he is 2 laps down. Well done NBCSN

Sky is starting to look very beautiful




Seabass and Wilson into the wall

Montoya SMOKED seabasses detached front wing

bad vibration for Hinch.

If you toe out the RR, you can scrub the marbles off of the car

TK having electric issues. steering wheel change. TK had trouble getting it reattached

Wilson says Seabass blocked him all the way to the apron

Spin into the pits for Munoz, better under yellow than under green into the wall.



I see JPM in row 2

racing looks good on new tires after a yellow…

RHR engine failure. awful luck

Kind of over hearing about tire degradation tonight

single file. that didn’t take long


no one has anything for Power. The chasers need to stay close enough to capitalize on lapped traffic

Dixon running in the 2nd lane through the corner in P3. could be a smart move. may be saving tire to make a run at the end of the stint


Through the field

Ed is the only one who is in the same zip code as Power. -0.7 seconds

probably not for dixon… he’s hemorrhaging time, as is JPM. -7 seconds. Having trouble seeing his pitbox

Awesome. You can see the red hot turbo on the rear wing view as well as the blue/purple exhaust tips.

You can really see the blue flames when the drivers shift. nice and dark now


Green flag stops

Ed still -0.6 from Power. He may have something for him

Trouble on FR for Hinch

Chevy looks like they produce more flame


Sato making life difficult for Ed

Montoya is playing aggressive

PT: heeelio


Freight trained

Power was held up by Power

one more stop

Will sounds surprisingly calm

leader running 211… better

Carpenter has a healthy lead

lapped though 11


Power within a second

Chevy top 5

Honda had a tough qualy session as well

If it stays green, Ed could do this


THE RUSSIAN gets the “extra mile” spotlight

Lapped though 7

last stops coming

I would stay out as long as possible and have as fresh of tires as possible for the run to the finish

I hate how they switch to “laps to go” in the tail end of the race. 1) it makes me do math in my head for this 2) it makes the race no more exciting 3) just why?


I still cant tell the Aleshin and Briscoe car apart in the long shots

Newgarden’s car is SPARKLY

Ed off pit lane first

sprint to the finish. 35 laps on these tires


Power back in. Penalty for pitlane speed violation. DUDE; come on. Melancholy Power engaged for the post race interviews. i can feel it

Ed 10 seconds ahead


Power comes out right ahead of Ed, he can use Power to pace himself for the rest of the race


replay of pit violation. same exact mistake at Indy. Too quick entering… shame on you Power

JPM to P2


Ed +12.5 to JPM. let’s see if JPM can make a dent before the end

Booth talking through worst case scenarios for Ed


Ed +14. Damn

Lapped through 7

Quiet Bell… he can wear on me; talks a bit too much for my taste. I hate how dang agreeable him and PT are



Ed’s car looks like a handful

under 200 in the corners again

Ed come into traffic. Led Power pick through +17

Sato kablamo


No way this thing goes back to green. Everyone is laid out on pitroad


Montoya saying hello to Huertas

Everyone but Ed and Pags in. they could be screwed… 2 lap shoot out?


1 to go. 3 lap shootout

Pags in. Ed is in trouble

Scratch that, JPM, TK and Dixon on stayed out



Power with a hell of a run through the field.


Nice. Tough first 200 laps, but the race really came to us. Power looks exasperated… 4 drive throughs in 5 races. Lots of respect for Ed. This is the best Power has presented himself post race for a long, long time.

It almost seems like sitting out the road courses have focused Ed. He looks geeked. 2 wins for ECR this year. Got to love JPM pushing Power to the white line on the last turn. JPM complaining about Ed jumping the restart, but he was a pretty long way back looking for a jump of his own. Can’t feel too bad for him.

Dixon and Pags interview. Very yes. surprised TK didn’t go for tires

Aleshin says he loves the ovals, but is dizzy when he gets out of the car I LOVE THE CRAZY RUSSIAN!!

Not a super exiting first 2/3rd of the race but not too bad of a finish. Won’t go down as a historic oval race, but still not too bad at all.

Thanks for reading, and unlike my empty promises from a week ago, there actually should be a full review of the weekends action. And as always, Thank You for reading!

Eric Hall

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