Unfiltered Race Notes: Milwaukee 2014

OK, Here we go with the Milwaukee race notes… finally. I think I have found some international feed on youtube as there was not even a second of prerace; straight into the command and the launching of the cars. I must say, I’m not upset. Let’s do this!

Arie back into the two-seater… interesting



Power straight to the lead, RHR in last

Good to see the guys really using the new tires and slice through the field early on


I know we are some 15+ mile an hour slower than the old CART machinery here in qualifying, but these guys still look fast on this ancient ribbon of concrete


Sato nearly crashes before the race even starts. Well done. I expect nothing less from you


Spending a few laps onboard with RHR and there is no one better to be onboard here with. The guys is so good here, even if he is starting from the rear of the field


Alright, I know I am watching this a few weeks late and the crowd debate has been beat to death, but the main grandstands look really full. Obviously, the shorties in T1 and T4 are sparse, but the mains are full with people sitting all the way down to the fence


The commercials really eat up a lot of laps here

RHR still slicing through the field with Hinch close in tow


It’s very hard to tell if there is fuel savings going on here at Milwaukee. It just feels like if you do decide to lift early, you will instantly be out of contention


Power ahead by over ½ a second… an eternity at Milwaukee


Lost sound on the feed. Sounded faded down in the studio, I bet this is an issue with the broadcaster


Now Dixon making a few moves. The cars that are on it here really look on it

Taking the entrance to 1 the half lane down can gain you a good amount of ground


Alright, I think that was an uncommented commercial break. Wonder why I missed those ten or so laps early on


Did you know Charlie Kimball has diabetes?


Confirmed. This is the world feed. We get no off track cut away interviews. I’m 100% ok with that


Onboard with Pagenaud. Dude has so much trouble on ovals; he does not look comfortable at all right now


Saavedra holding up a pack of quick guys. Shocking


Castroneves is mired behind SS as well. I can imagine the seething under the helmet, HCN needs to go


Pags first in. That orange is beautiful. Possibly my favorite car in the field, and bold monochromatic liveried don’t usually look too hot on the DW12s


The rest of the field is filing into the pits rather quickly


TK gaining on Power ever so slightly


3 WIDE INTO T1 AND T3. These guys get nutty on new tires


JPM hits a tire in the pits with no penalty. What?!


Carpenter in. For a tiny team, his crew is blindingly fast. What a difference between ECR and SFHR


Knock down drag out fight for the lead! TK is just a bit slower in the lowside and loses momentum to Power riding around the high side. I think we can classify this oval run for Power as clinical already. Not many people could have help off a charging TK for the lead on an oval


Silent commercial break, this time we are onboard with Power looking back at TK. Good view for a few moments of silence


The Mile looks pretty smooth considering the harsh northern winters and tunnel running under the track. I’m sure this place hasn’t been resurfaced in a long while. What a great facility to have IndyCars at


Power running into some heavy lapped traffic


RHR up to P6 with the Ganassi/Penske show ahead


Ha ha! The lap speeds are being displayed in KPH


Bell mentions high-speed commitment. Well put


Stat mentions Hawksworth finished P9 last year here in IndyLights… out of what, 11 cars? Silly stat


Awesome battle between HCN and about 3 other guys during the silent commercial break. Glad I got to see it


RHR +14 to P5. Get it done


Have yet to mention Newgarden. The kid is finishing the year strong. I hope good things come to him in 2015


Points as they run. Still kind of far from the end of the year to be doing this isn’t it?


Dixon in. Looks like the guys are only running about 50 lap stints out of a possible maximum of 70. Another tire limited race it looks like


…enthralled with the racing…


Stops still happening. If this race continues green until the end there could be a stop every single lap as the strategies drift away


TK hastling Power from a lap down with new tires. Takes him a few laps to get around even with new tires


TK to the lead with over 3.5 seconds in hand


Power has already reeled in TK by nearly a second


Through the field. Over half way? Not bad. My supremely scientific method of using when ‘through the field’ first appears to gauge the excitement of whatever race I am watching. It feels like nearly every race has seen through the field over halfway through



Munoz brushes the wall

About half the field comes in with TK not taking tires and Power not even coming in for fuel. Interesting shift in strategy

Munoz behind the wall

A few late takers for fuel and tires


Good for AJFR. They jumped Kimball in the pit battle



TK and JPM rushing through the field

Sounds like TK may have actually taken tires. Confused with the conflicting info


Power has settled into a comfortable lead. This has been an unbelievable afternoon for him.

Power TK JPM. Strong top 3


Has the race been exciting? I think so. Yes, it’s been slightly strung out, but the cars look spectacular here. The drivers are clearly working hard and you can see that in the attitude of the cars through the corner


Top 3 have closed up and are sprinting away from the field

TK cites Ted Horn as the guy who made him work at short ovals. Cool shout out


Through the field

Pags hanging tough in the top 10. Pretty good day after a slow start

Broken suspension for RHR. Shades of Pocono. What a weird year for the Indy 500 winner. No yellow

Replay. GREAT save


The guys are still close up front, but traffic looms ahead

TK and JPM have done an excellent job keeping power in their sights


Newgarden in pretty early. It may be tough to make it to the end from here


Slow stop for Marco


Power in. This should be his last stop. Nice reminder from Cindric to not speed on pit lane

Rest of the field streams in as well. This could be the longest stint the field has had to run


Good race between JPM and TK, but they are over 3 seconds behind Power

Honestly, I never thought I would see Power run this dominant of an oval race.


Newgarden could be holding up JPM and TK, but still a great run from him


Wow, once the traffic got thick Powers lead evaporated with JPM bombing past Newgarden for P2


JPM and Power racing for the win

This race will be decided by how well the two guys can get around traffic


Cindric: Be mindful of fuel

JPM having trouble with traffic


I saw them give the blue to Munoz from the flagstand. I don’t like the idea of race control parting the seas for the leader while P2 and down have to fight to navigate the traffic


Sounds like Newgarden can’t make it to the end

Wow, Pagenaud in P3. Huge day for him and SSM


So Power is running away with it and no one has anything for him. This is a defining drive


Aaaand Pags slips down to P7


Montoya is slowly closing in, but he just doesn’t have to speed through traffic


Power is doing a great job cutting through traffic. I’m shocked at how well he is running this race. It has all clearly clocked for Power


Pagenaud not letting Power by. I wish we could hear what Pags is mumbling to himself under the helmet right now


Big points swing for Power



Power “I love winning on ovals!”

Absolutely amazing. With this kind of dominant win on the definition of a drivers track, buckle in for a few years of Power crushing the field. Even if he lost a hair on the twisties, what he has gained on the ovals this year has been nothing short of masterful. I think we saw someone ‘get it’ this afternoon.

Not a bad afternoon of racing. Exciting but somewhat uneventful, but the cars still look spectacular here. Final thought? I want to see INDYCAR give the teams road course boost. We need 750 horses here.

Eric Hall

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