Unfiltered Race Notes: GP of Detroit Race 1 2015

–Pre Race–

ZOMG, ONE MINUTE LONG?!?!! That’s what I’m talking about. Sorry casual fans, I don’t need and couldn’t care less about pre race. Lets Do This!!

Wet Wet Wet. Cars are already circulating as we go live.

2 hour time limit engaged. BS. We have a 2.5 hour TV window and we cut the pre race completely out. I’m sure all road races have a 2 hour time limit regardless of weather conditions.

Kimball’s onboard is already color bars and test tone. Whoops. But it doesn’t matter, you cant see a thing on any of them anyway

Joy of joy’s, I caught a glimpse of TswiftK!

Montoya want rain. Shock.



Actually a very clean start. Well done boys.

SATO around HCN for P2. OK, I like how this day is going.


Sato is GONE… I give him 13 laps before he plugs it into the tires.

There is literally so much going on I’m not sure what to watch, but JPM and Bourdais are engaged in a spirited but super clean fight.



For Speedy Gonzalez… Obviously… Dammit Dale Coin…

Oh yea, Honda has updated front wings, I wonder if they will be even more awfuler than usual. Racer said this could help them meet minimum weight. Wtf are you doing Honda…


Bourdais and JPM will be reviewed after the race. Why? That was good and close racing.



Carbon fiber showers in Detroit!!


Coletti into half the field.

Let the record show rookie phenom Coletti make a huge inside move on perennial ride buyer Buckshot Jakes who basically turned into Coletti, bounced off and shenanigans ensue.

Babe gets caught up in it along with TK. Boo. That’s 2 fantasy picks out the window in a single shot.

Rahal calls it taking stupid chances. I tend to agree this early in the race. But that’s also GP2 style racing right there. Too bad.


Still circulating under yellow. Looks like a slight dry line is starting to form and the rain looks like it has more or less stopped.

Chip Ganassi interview. He always looks hungry for more itty bitty babies.

Marco in for reds. Ballsy. Followed by nearly a 5 car pile up at pit exit. Typical.

Ok. I’m ready for some racing.

Bestwick: Chaos. Well said.



Dude, SATO is crushing it today. Already out to a huge lead after 2 corners.

Cars all look very nervous. Doubly so for Andretti.

Skies look very ominous.


Action up and down the field. If you guys pay for my tickets I will go to the rest of the races and man the firehoses. Wet racing is excellent.


I usually really give a hard time to Firestone for their crappy rain tires, but they seem to be doing really well today.


Kimball Into the wall on reds. Like directly into the wall. He couldn’t save it where Andretti did. Again I ask: are we done with the Kimball experiment yet?

Onboard shows he attempted to actually knock the wall down.


Eveyone in. Shockingly, some guys opting for blacks. I have no idea what the thinking behind that is.

Ok, now can we please have some racing?

TswiftK rolling back into pit lane.



Coletti is ruthless and I like it.

Marco slowly pulling away from the early stoppers. Sato has nicely gapped the ate stoppers.


Well, This definitely has not been a boring race.

SATO into Newgarden. Newgarden into the tires but limps it back to the pits. That’s going to cost you…

Kimball honestly says dries was the right call but he just couldn’t hold onto it. At least he knows.



For debris from SATO. He’s got to get a drive through now.

22 laps in of 70. I bet we are about 45 minutes in. not bad, we may finish this thing yet.


SATO in for a wing change. Back of the pack. I still want his ass to get a drive through once it goes green.



The track looks basically dry(ish). Good enough?

I have no idea how this is going to play out. Rain in 25 minutes.


Vautier into the tires. He’s able to pop it into reverse and save me a little bit of anger.

For the record I was literally writing “we actually look clean right now” when the camera cut to him stuffed into the barrier. LESSON LEARNED.

Replay shows Vautier did not even touch the barrier, just kind of ran out of room and had to panic stop.



Debris. This is effing ridiculous. Caution number 6.

Booth says 15 minutes away from rain.

Gonzalez clobbered the wall and random metal ended up in the track. That’s 2 times dude, double not cool.



Daly quietly up to P5.

Sshhh the racecars are finally doing racecar things.


Karam just giving the business to SATO. Drivers don’t forget.

Chaves with the second flat rear of the day. What a weird day.


Booth reports SATO and Karam had a bit of a shoving match after Indy. I had no idea.



Mike Hull says the rain is 15 minutes away. They said that 10 minutes ago. Now Dr. Punch says 8 minutes. Are they sure it isn’t already raining?

Dixon and HCN in for wets. Ballsy… I think.


Nearly half way and I think we’re about an hour in so we may still finish this yet.


RHR into the rear of Daly right before the green and Daly is able to dive into the pits. Pro Status right there CD. The racing gods thank you.

Hawks in the lead… because Andretti’s car hiccupped? Can we please have a replay??

Lots of guys in for preemptive wets.


Karam in for blocking. I’m sure he’s cool with that.

Andretti replay. Sounded like pit speed limiter? Odd.

Power in the lead because why not?

Top 5 on dry.


Marco rolls the dice and stays out for another lap. I LIKE THIS CALL!!

Dr. Punch mentions the botched Power stop, it looked like the tire changer bounced the thing off the ground and it got hung up on the rotor.

Cheever: “it is 100% Marco’s call” Really? The guy holding the wheel? Well I’ll be.


Marco and apparently Munoz out for another lap while we can see the rain in the air from the helicopter.


Marco Munoz Pags out for another lap. One of these guys… ahem Pagenaud… is going to win this race.


Pags on the chase for Marco. Will this be the race? Munoz still out.

I’m interested to see if it really rains. It feels like it will be a standard Midwestern spring sprinkle spit simultaneously making both wets and drys the wrong call.


Ok. Munoz in and out of the pits in over 20 seconds ahead??? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??

We can audibly hear his tires screaming in the corners. I don’t know if I have ever heard that before. Very very cool.


Booth claims it is actively raining on half the track… And I confirm, it looks very wet on the front side of the track.


Dude. Munoz is walking away from the field. Umm… I don’t know if any of this makes any sense at all, who would have guessed at this point?



Back from break and it is wet. Like WET wet. Who’s going to earn their money today?

For lightning. I can dig it. I’m sure there are certain parties on social media that will complain about this call.

I can see the reflections of the trees on the track


Hmm. Ok?

All things considered, Belle Isle drains damn well. Puddles shouldn’t be a problem once we can go green.

Ugh. Lots of booth talk…

Its effing pouring and the TV window is closing.

Points as they run quietly-sit-on-pitlane now

OK OK OK That’s all folks. Bestwick reports a complete race as we are past half way.

Congrats Carlos Munoz I think?

LOLZ ABC had to get a “Carfax up to speed” through the field piece. We went through Munoz. That makes today a good race according to the patented anotherindycarblog when-they-play-through-the-field-determines-a-good-race-or-not.

Booth reports more of the same tomorrow just 20 degrees warmer… sweet?

Munoz interview. Did he curse at me? I can’t ever tell.

And ABC closes the TV window with the final 9 laps of the 500. Hell yes Mr. Director. This is a fantastic idea.

With that we close Detroit one. I ask again, what the hell happened today? I hope tomorrow is a bit cleaner but still as unpredictable.

Eric Hall

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