Unfiltered Race Notes: The 10 Year Hiatus Edition

Alright alright alright. Over a week late but never short, here’s to another exciting edition of notes. The anotherindycarblog compound was affected by a multi-day power outage no thanks to an increasingly intoxicated ‘spring’ in Indiana. As such, coverage is being provided to us by YouTube, courtesy of the official IndyCar channel, so no actual prerace coverage today. Also, I couldn’t escape the usual negative opinions of the race in the intervening week.


Command. Not bad.

So much fast talking by the pit reporters while the cars are pulling away.

The crowd looks pretty good, but the two-seater looks just as ridiculous as always.

However, the ride along guy sounds pumped as hell. That’s the kind of guy I want in there!



RHR 12th-5th. Very nice.

These boys are racing like


19 some second laps. These should click off amazingly fast.


We’ve already settled into a pretty single file affair.


The cars look very very fast. This would have been amazing to watch in person.


Newgarden is flat all the way around.


Chilton got very close to the car he was chasing and it looked like he has no chance at a pass with these speeds.


Leaders have caught the end of the field.


10 laps later and the two Penske boys are stymied by the Honda of Hinch. And we see the blue flag.


Still no progress. I’m curious how this will all play out. I’m sure it wont be good.


No progress


HCN look to have blown a right front tire during break. That is shocking in IndyCar. I cannot remember the last time that happened. HCN was masterful in keeping his ride out of the wall!

Wow. Scary stuff.


JPM can’t make any progress on Hinch either.


Luca loses it in the gray after getting pushed out by Castroneves. Excellent move from Helio, but tough to hold onto for a rook.

In fairness, this yellow probably isn’t the worst thing to happen to this race right now.

Typical of ECR to drop the ball on a pit stop.

We get an onboard of RHR’s start. What an animal, how did he find the grip??




RHR picks another position up. Insert my regret for not picking him in fantasy IndyCar.


JPM and Dixon. I doubt they will do much mixing it up before the end of the race considering how hard it is to pass.


Passing and single file or not, these things are bad fast!!


Chilton is exciting. At least he’s making some moves


Chilton is doing great. He is getting a ton of understeer and is really able to hold it close to THE RUSSIAN. Just. Great. Racing.


CARS NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Oh. It’s just Kimball squandering his Ganassi seat for another season.

I KID I KID. We all know if he didn’t pay for that seat there would just be one less entry.


The commercial breaks on this YouTube feed are incredibly jarring.  No real lead in or out. We just lose 15 laps or so.


JPM onto pit road with a right front failure. 2 Penskes with the same issue. Concerning for sure.

I’m sure they are pushing the limits of camber. Or is this a result of super trick shocks?

The booth informs us that is was 30 laps in for both drivers.


Hinch gets a courtesy blue flag. Again.


Dixon in the lead now that the two Penske boys have been bitten by the tire gods.


Through the field score of 42.4. St Pete was a 35.4 with a lower number representing a more boring race. I don’t agree with the math today. We will be tracking this as the season progresses.


Very Very fast. Still very single file.

Also, the commercials are coming strong and fast. At least NBCSN gets to pay the bills.



Munoz into the wall. And apparently during stops. This should be interesting.

Worth noting that race control has not made the final car on the lead lap move over for the leader. Yet. This is how it should be.

9 cars on the lead lap. Ouch. What an inopportune yellow.


I haven’t seen a lap update in what feels like a year. 2 commercial breaks. Still under yellow. I assume they are sweeping the track. Much appreciated but it really doesn’t seem like it will do much to help tonight.

No radio for Bourdais. The team had IndyCar black flag him. He comes in and the team was able to fix the radio. That is how it’s done.





Kimball turns in on Newgarden and spins off his nose. Sigh. Dammit Kimball. That better be a penalty.

Double Sigh. Newgarden has to come in for a new nose.



Oh yea. Rossi. I hope he is pissing himself tonight.



Newgarden completes a pass. And it was amazing. Passes may be few and far in between but when they happen, they are EPIC



Bourdais trying to go around the outside of JPM LIKE A BOSS and loses it. Just a brush of the wall. Sounds like he doesn’t want to come into the pits. What an animal.


I cant believe we only have 100 laps left. Where has this race gone?!

Processional? Maybe. Boring? Absolutely not!

Mike Hull: 1 stop territory.




The restarts are just an appendage measuring contests tonight.

RHR can hold a loose car. I want to see him, TK and Marco in some kind of loose car contest. Drifting maybe? Only if its in an IndyCar


Quite a lot of negative feeling from the RHR it about Honda fuel efficiency.

Sato is basically letting the while field pass him on the inside. Tough night.


Dixon has found the tail of the field. Shockingly it isn’t Hinch. Its SATO!!! No. No surprises considering the night he’s having. Unfortunately Hinch will be the next guy. Not many guys are having a good night, but a ton are having tough ones.


Rahal getting impatient behind RHR. Calls the racing ridiculous on the radio.


The cars just whip around this place. I want a two-seater ride here.


Bourdias could be in good position for the end of the race. But it all depends on a yellow falling in the exact right spot in the race. A common folly of hope for a team that just quite doesn’t have it on any given weekend.


Paul Tracy guarantees passing once we get closer to the end. Thanks Paul, but I think that’s the definition of wishful thinking along the lines of Bourdais thinking he can win tonight.


RHR into the pits. Confirmed that the Hondas are struggling for mileage.

The RHR car looks hot. I wasn’t a fan at St. Pete but it looks super sharp.



Carpenter into the wall.

Pushed up into the marbles and that was it.

Textbook example of aero push. Amazing to see; it’s so rare to find such a clear example of that.


Babe has been in the picture all night long. Another damn good drive, but I really don’t want to be forced to root for him again this year.

Pagenaud up to second. Quietly. Secretly. Like a shark. Ill take total credit for his performance because I picked him in fantasy. Obviously.

  1. We are back from commercial break only to see THE RUSSIAN facing the wrong way in the entrance of pit road. Hmm.


We have transitioned to a laps to go count. I hate it when the broadcast makes me do math.

3rd commercial break during this yellow for those of you playing at home.

Another longish yellow. Hopefully sweeping the marbles.

Considering the processional nature of tonight, we have seen a ton of racing deep in the field. Like the director understands that there are more cars than the leader in the race!



Kanaan and Bourdais side by side!

Newgarden gets chopped again. What a night he has had!


Ok. We are settled. Is this how the race will finish?

Onboard with Newgarden. The dude cannot catch a break. Kanaan should probably be penalized for blocking.

Onboard with Newgarden again. Gets hassled by Bourdais. I bet Josef will need a breather once tonight is done with.


Iceman reference. PT calls him boring. I call him amazing.


We have reached the tail of the field. Pagenaud is pulling up to Dixons bumper but I doubt there is much that will be able to be done. Barring late race silliness I’m sure this is how we will come home.


Onboard with Hinch. First oval back after his injury. Plugged it into the wall hard in practice. Bringing the car home in one piece will be a win tonight for him.


Kanaan is coming.


4 cars in contention. I can’t believe that Dixon had done this well so early in the season. Everyone should be worried.


RHR brushes the wall. Debris in the track. Still green because race control is doing so much better this year.


Camera find the debris. No yellow.



I know what this is for (Rossi) I’m really curious how this will play out on TV. They clearly think it’s for the debris. Too bad they have no idea what is going on. They don’t sound like fools though. Just honest confusion.





Dixon seals his first win. Everyone is in TROUBLE!

Ok ok ok. That wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone was saying. I thought that was pretty fun! Sure. The track is increadibly narrow for indycar racing, but that wasn’t bad at all. I would absolutely pay to see that race from the grandstands. Not every race can be a knockout but I don’t think this was a stinker.

The SPEED saved this race. The blistering speed. Passing or not, that looked like it was scary and fast and hard and tiring. I have no issue with tough passing if it looks as spectacular as tonight. Nothing was easy and nothing was given.

I’m going to bail on the post because I don’t want to hear a bunch of blocking complaints. First oval race of the year and everyone is still dialing themselves in.

That kicked ass. Sorry kids.

Eric Hall

PS. While doing the busy work to get this posted I watched most of the post race. Not really much complaining at all and it really looks like most of the drivers had a great time.

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4 Responses to Unfiltered Race Notes: The 10 Year Hiatus Edition

  1. billytheskink says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Phoenix.

  2. DZ-groundedeffects says:

    I enjoyed PHX but major complaint that the debris at Lap 242 didn’t create a yellow (and then a shootout-green with 4 to go, instead of getting what we got).

    • Eric Hall says:

      Im glad they didn’t throw the yellow for debris, but a 4 lap shoot out would have been most excellent. I bet Rossi would have still walled it though.

      All in all, I think they handled it as well as they could have considering the amount of options they had in the last ten laps.

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