Unfiltered Race Notes… The Finish Was Worth The Race Edition

We are LIVE TONIGHT!!! Which also means the exciting addition of live radio to the mix!!


I hope he comes back. I want him to win more races and even a few championships. Sometimes I hate that this form of racing is so razor edge. Too many drivers are scared to take the oval racing plunge. Not that I blame them though…

I know that Hinch won a race this year and is a consistent top 5 performer, but the addition of Wickens has really shown how far Hinch has to go. I always put his inconsistencies down to racing for SPM, but they clearly have their shop in order. 

What cha cookin is still terrible. Pay the bills. $$$

The grandstands look great! Not as good as last year, but good nonetheless!

I went last year but not this year. Can’t make it to everything every year. However, I firmly believe that each track needs to be able to survive on their own in their own market. You can’t pile these races on in the midwest and expect all the Indianapolis based fans to support them. 

With that said, I hope I can make it to this AND Mid-Ohio next year. I’ve been to both and really really enjoyed both experiences. 

Ok command. That John Bommarito guy kind of creeps me out. 



Bourdais with massive front right damage. What a few tough weeks for indycar oval racing. Onboard with Veach shows that Boudrias just lost it. For a guy who lapped the entire field at Milwaukee a few years ago, this is a pretty surprising outcome. 



Dixon leading. hopefully we can get into a grove tonight and get some good green flag racing. 


Of course Rossi is looking AMAZING tonight, but at least he has to work up to the front. 


Bourdais takes the blame. He knows. Weird crash tonight. 


Lock step… I hope once these tires start to wear we get some excitement. 


Rossi chasing Power is the closest race we have on track. 


Rossi already thinking about fuel savings. 

Corroborated with the radio as his engineer reminded him to watch his fuel number. 


Because I am live I am being forced to consume a you-know-what-itarian commercial… Sigh…


Kevin Lee reporting on the 10. Saying Felix Rosenqvist will be in the car next year. I think that is an upgrade but I feel bad for Dixon. He is racing on what amounts to a one car team. Even with his massive points lead, that has got to be frustrating. 


Dixon is pulling away from Power. Through traffic. Wow. Will we see another beat down this week? I notice that in some/most races I call the race through and finished like a 1/4 of the way through only to say how exciting it is at the end. This is why we race!

Andretti is complain-y on the radio. I love him. 



I’ll root for The Truth if it means seeing some action. LET’S GO!!


…Gaining on Power.

Also, If he can catch and pass Dixon at any point tonight we will have a championship race as well. 

Begrudgingly #TeamRossi JUST FOR TONIGHT


First stops underway. 

It did not look like there was too much tire drop off. That could make for an interesting evening. 


Power radio: I just got up into the marbles. 

Rossi radio: Stay with Will and hit your fuel number or better. 

Can Rossi catch and pass these guys while hitting a fuel number?!


Ed Carpenter. Where do I start? Should you even race next year? You won pole at Indy but you are just so enigmatic.


Through the field. Boo. I thought the segment was dead.


Chaves is up to 11th. I wonder if that his on his own merit or what Daly was able to bring to the team.


Has there been any actual racing?

The all the radios are basically silent save for splits and handling updates. 


The top three are close on track but it just doesn’t seem like they will be able to race. Especially if we are transitioning from a 4 stop to a 3 stop race. 


Brian Barnhart always looks like he is so confused when he is being interviewed.


Interesting. Chaves is going to take one full turn of the left and one half turn on the right. I have aways wondered if staggered downforce is ever used! Cool. 

Oh No! Chaves has something broken! like 3 laps after he stopped for fuel. Radio says nothing is wrong but Chaves really thinks something is broken. I’ll continue to listen. Says the steering is sloppy.


2nd round of stops underway. 


No. And he loses multiple places. Attempting a pass almost isn’t even worth it. 


Ok. It looks like Newgarden attempted to pass Power and got into the marbles and lost a ton of speed as well. 

Is a pass attempt worth that? These guys have to stop trying outside passes. It will be all about the low move if anything is going to happen. 


Log jam.

Sato around Hinch and then Hinch into the marbles and proceeds to lose like 5 more soots. 



Holy hell Rossi almost passes Power and gets SO CLOSE to walling it. Amazing car control and loses 2 places. Holy crap man. 

I repeat. Passing is not worth it. At least passing on the outside. 

The race winning move will be an inside move. 


BOOM! Power around Dixon ON THE INSIDE!!!

Excellent move!


There is definitely action happening right now. The lapped cars are playing a huge part in the on track strategy tonight. 


Alright, we are blessed with a KICK ASS firestone commercial. Some of the best around! If there were more high quality indycar commercials I would watch more of them. 


Kimball brushes the wall and we stay green. Cool. 

This is why you never pick Kimball. 

I really respect indycar race control this year. We have stayed green in many situations the would have seen a yellow in the near past. Let them race. No matter now processional or far apart they get, we deserve to see them race week in and out as many green flag laps as possible. 



RHR loses power. again. What the hell man? He has the worst luck. 

He has stopped in the middle of pit lane to force the safety team to pull him down pit lane to his box. Genius. 


Sweepers. I agree. This insanity has to stop. If I was an engineer I would highly suggest to my driver to not attempt a pass before this. Once the track is swept I would have no problem trying it again. 



Clean restart. Power in a commanding lead. Will anyone be able to do anything?


Dixon radio: Hitting that number is impossible. Then it will either be a splash or a yellow (!)


I have done the math and i agree. No one will be able to make it. We should see some hard and close racing for the rest of the night. 


Jones with his third big pass in almost as many laps and has parked himself right behind Dixon. Lets see what he does. 


Pagenaud fails to pass Rossi on the outside, fails and what looks like to me, blocks spigot from making his own pass. 


It seems like some of these guys are really really trying to save and make it. I have no idea how they think that will happen. Not only does it seem ridiculous, but Rossi in particular is losing a ton of places. Wishing and hoping for extra fuel in the tank?


Yes, Will Power is CRUSHING the field. 

Rahal in fuel saving as well. 


Now we are really seeing the disparate strategies and the action on track is really showing it. 

Worth noting that the track may be taking rubber now instead of allowing it to flake and peel off. It can take some time to wear a groove into a freshly rained upon track and I think that may be what we are seeing now. 


Rossi goes a lap down. Will he be able to make it?!

Onboard with him and it really sounds and feel


Holy CRAP!!


Wow Rossi ahead of Power but the comes out right behind with a full rich engine. No problem. 


Dixons crew is walking out. This is it… Excruciating. 

It’s amazing how different the end of this race is from where we started.


Can Dixon hunt down Rossi?

I say no. 


I think this thing is about toasted.




Amazing end to a really boring race. That was a most excellently timed yellow flag. Saved. The. Race. It would have been nice to see the race play out naturally but the yellow really changed the face of the race. 

Will Power. The oval master. 

Holy hell what a finish! Next week we get to go back to historic Portland International Raceway! I can’t wait to see you guys there. Thanks for reading!

Eric Hall

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