Unfiltered Race Notes… Shorted from the Finale Edition

Welp, looks like we got preempted for stupid napcar. I saw a quick shot of Dixon and another shot of Penske. And we’re watching caution laps click off in Vegas. Ridiculous. 

Now I think we are literally watching parked napcars while we are missing the start of Sonoma. 

Yes. We missed the start. 


for the last race of the season. Glad NBCSN could bounce the end of the napcar race to cnbc… Viewing definitely NOT enhanced as an indycar fan. 

I cannot believe we were forced to miss the start of the final race of the season. 

No idea what lap we are on but The Truth is out out out of contention. Looks like he lost a front wing and tire on the start by hitting Marco. For shame. 




Ok ok ok. Just enjoy the racing…


Talk of Rossi getting a penalty for short cutting the course on his way back to the its. I hope not. That would really be unfortunate. If Rossi can claw this back man. 

How is Marco doing so well?

Confirmation that we will lose more race to stupid napcar. 


Very clear that Dixon is going to circulate in P2 for the rest of the race. I don’t blame him one but. However, this really locks the win in for RHR. 

Obviously I don’t have CNBC recording. Bullshit that the season finale is what is getting bumped and not the regular ol taxi cab race. 


Back to indycar.

Sigh. This is frustrating. 

First stops underway?

I have no idea. 

Diffey confirms. Ok Let’s see if we can find some rhythm to this race. 


OH NO NEWGARDEN STALLS THE CAR. What an odd afternoon we are having so far. 

I will take this final opportunity to complain that we run such a stupid layout of this phenomenal race track. I have always wished that we could race all the way into the hairpin. I don’t want to hear that BS about safety when we roll into Indy T1 at 240+. Also we should have run the true esses section. This layout has always been neutered and I say good riddance to this stupid Sonoma layout. 

That feels better. 

In case anyone was confused: #TeamDIxon

But I’m also #TeamGoodRace…


Mike Hull sounds very relaxed. I’m sure Dixon is relaxed. I bet this is one of the easier races they have ever raced. Quite the cruise the the championship. But we all know something crazy can happen. This is why we race them!


Sato out with an engine failure. A pretty up and down year for SATO. He will be back next year and I cannot wait to see him race again. I hope he gets a few years with RLLR. Of course he won the 500 with Andretti, but I feel if he could get a few years here he could finally find that constancy he has always lacked. 


I wonder what RHR feels about all of this. He obviously knows no one is going to challenge him. What is the mere level on a day like this. 


Video from Wickens is shocking. He looks emaciated. He also looks like a paraplegic who had been propped up in bed. Sigh. Hopefully all ends well. 


Rossi has found Dixon. Albeit a lap down, but he has found his prey. 

A pass for Rossi would be as good as a win at this point. I bet he won’t be able to touch Dixon. 


The Rahal paint job is HOT. I like the skewed sided logo. 

Dixon let’s Rossi through at the end of the drag strip. I’m sure Dixon did not want Rossi to rear end him in a moment of red mist. 

Woooow replay shows Dixon saved his race by bowing out of a back marker fight. That was amazing racetrack vision. 


Rossi into the dirt trying to get around RHR. What a wanker. He is simply pushing too hard to make up for already pushing too hard at the start. If he keeps this up, he will be pushing too hard right into the wall. 


There is good racing going on throughout the field. I wonder how conducive to racing Laguna Seca will be. I’m honestly a bit worried. But indycar has been able to race at some tight places so we will see. 



Rahal stopped on track at the end of the drag strip. 

Rossi is on the lead lap. 

Hmm, that’s 2 RLLR cars out with engine issues…

Overhead view. They would be going SO FAST if they raced the true track. It would take away a passing zone, but I always felt it would also create an even better opportunity at the hairpin. Oh well. 

Rossi in for fuel and tires. Good move. Maybe we will see some more yellow. We may yet have a race on our hands!



Shenanigans deep in the field. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE ISN”T ANY CARBON FIBER!!


Rossi slicing through the field. 

Dangerously slicing through the field. I’m ok with that. 


Rossi is crushing this thing. 


So much has happened that I cannot possibly write about it. Awesome and crazy. Yay indycar. 

I will say Hinch definitely deserves to see his spot after getting muscled into the grass. The officiating has been on point today. 


TK waves Rossi through. Most good. 


Looks like Jones does as well. That is the move of a championship teammate that does not have the job next year. 


I’ve never rooted for Rossi so hard. I want to see this become a race!!


Dixon in to cover the Rossi move. Good call. No reason not to. The championship is in the drivers hands now. 


Marco lets Rossi through. It almost seems like the whole field is letting Rossi through. 


Rossi and Dixon are almost in the same shot. That is ridiculous. Rossi is a future champion. Maybe not this year but very very soon. 

It’s also good to know that Andretti can really set up a car, they just haven’t had the talent to utilize the equipment. Although we know Rossi is a technical driver, I’m sure he is the set up king on that team. That’s always how they have kind of rolled though. One setup guy. If he’s doing well then the team is doing well. Very similar to what is happening today. 

Diffey: “RHR is still being pursued by DIxon.” Personally, I wouldn’t say this is a pursuit. 


Ride along with Dixon. Savor the awesomeness. Six months until St. Pete…

But yes, if they took the esses into the full hairpin these guys would be FLYING. 


Rossi radio: TURN UP THE BOOST. Hell yes. No way he will catch Dixon, but his journey today has been nothing short of amazing. 


The booth is speaking about Pietro Fittipaldi and it is getting me so pumped for the future of indycar. There are some fast young guns waiting in the wings. And the last class of young guns are really coming into their own. I think there are reports of like 25 cars scheduled for next year as well. Indycar is on the rise it seems. 


Clicking the laps off. I can imagine many will start to call Dixon the GOAT. Although he is the best driver of the modern era HANDS DOWN, it’s hard to claim GOAT for a sport that sans over 100 years. 

Still though #TeamDixon


O’ward… speaking of young guns. First race ever qualifying in the top 6 and looking to finish in the top 10. As a young rookie you really can’t ask for more than that.


That Harvey car is hot. Possibly my favorite paint job of the year. 

More young guns. Jordan King and Zach Veach. The rookie class is stacked this year. 


Rossi slowly falling into the clutches of Bourdais. Rossi has had an absolutely amazing season. I cannot wait to see what he can do in coming years. I really hope he doesn’t bolt to ‘greener pastures’. F1 or otherwise. I also want to root against him for years to come. 


Looks like RHR will be able to avoid mixing it up with lapped traffic. I’m sure no one is happier than he is. 


RHR for the win. Dixon for the championship. 

Rossi out of gas. Amazing finish to an amazing season. 

Chip Ganassi literally scares me. But people who drink the blood of the young usually do. Congratulations. 

Is RHR just chopped liver? We haven’t even seen him since ‘winning’ the ‘race’. Did he really even win? 

We get to watch the awkward in car congrats and hat dance twice? 

Jan is making me uncomfortable. Dude, you need to give Dixon some room and time to celebrate with his family. I know I know. TV blah blah blah… Still ridiculous. Dixon was literally thanking everyone on his team personally and Jan steps in before he can give the final hug. Ridic. 

Who is that New Zealand flag waving chap standing next to the firechicken?

Interview with Rossi before RHR? This is pretty bad. What the hell is NBCSN doing today? 

Also I would love to see a replay of the start. Preferably from before the pole sitter hits the hairpin. 

Video of Hunter-Reay getting out of the car with a promise to talk to him next before the commercial break. 

Aaaaaaand we come back to futball. Sign. I see where indycar falls in the NBC properties hierarchy. Lame AF

I guess that is that. Pretty anti climactic if I have to say so. Not impressed with NBCSN at all today. I pray 2019 will treat us better because even having a stellar year of broadcasting, if this is how you treat us during the season finale, what hope do we really even have?

2018 was a wild ride. Thanks for enjoying it with me!!

Eric Hall

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