Unfiltered Race Notes… The Truth Edition

Here we gooooo!

We’re dropped directly into the grid walk with… That guy… I’ll have to get back to you on that. I know they have a pre race show, but it is really jarring to select ‘Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach’ and have the coverage start randomly in the middle of the grid walk. I’m not a casual fan, but I could see how this could be confusing. 

Awesome cinematic intro. These things are awesome. Not quite the old Posey’s Perspective, but pretty damn good in its own right. 

Ah yes, T9 and T10 at Long Beach. Indycar autocross through the parking lot.

HELL YES THAT’S HOW YOU GIVE A COMMAND!! This really sets the tone for the race, and that is anotherindycarblog officially approved. 

Robin Miller looks good, but different. I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something different. 


Clean though T1. The rest of the field so is disadvantaged here. 

Spigot stopped in the middle of the road. 


Harvey looks to have crashed into the flowers. That’s really too bad. Those are some really pretty flowers. They don’t deserve to be the victim of such poor driving. 

It is taking an exceptionally long time to get these 3 cars refired.



Let’s try this again.

Rossi is already walking away from the field. I wonder if this is going to be one of those days. 


Herta around the outside of O’Ward through T1 and the fountain complex. That is how you pull off a move here at Long Beach. Though that took the cooperation and respect of both drivers. I hope that is a preview of years to come. 


Sounds like O’Ward is in trouble. Losing positions, falling through the field. The pit stand is king him to drive to a number. Boo. Talk about taking the teeth away from a pitbull. I’m really disappointed. 


First of the 3-stoppers are coming in. 

TK is such a beast. His knee hit the steering column so hard he bent the thing. Limping around the paddock.


Rossi is 2.4 seconds ahead. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a dominant early race drive. The Truth is back for blood in 2019. 


The grandstands are really full from the helicopter shots. 

This race feels really lock-step right now. 

It’s really too early for an indycar race to be this strung out. It honestly feels weird. 


We’re already going Through The Field but NBCSN doesn’t broadcast it as such, they just kind of sneak it in without announcing what they are doing. Lap 17 is pretty early in the race to be going through the field. Hopefully the action picks up soon. 

In all honestly, I’m glad they don’t announce it outright. I also understand why it’s such good filler when the race isn’t really giving us fireworks. 


5.5 second lead. The Truth is doing his truthiness thing. 


Ok, I know I just spoke a bunch about how I understand why they ‘go through the field’, but they are literally going through the field. Again. Starting at the front. Again. What the hell man? And this time they are definitely announcing it and making it obvious. If the previous trip sequentially executed trip through the top ten was organic and natural, it was *so much better* than what we are experiencing right now. This feels so robotic and forced. 


Diffey tells us Rossi is gaining a half a second a lap. Damn son. 


2 stoppers hitting pit lane. I hope something happens to mix this race up. 

Rossi in. Smart. 

Herta giving Rossi the business as he gets back up to speed. Old Truth verse New Truth. Exciting!


Ferruci stalled in the run off. Sound’s like they are waving a local yellow. I wonder how respectful the drivers are of this local yellow. If the safety crew hits the track I hope they throw a full course yellow. I hate to see those guys exposed. 


Power around Dixon. We have a strong race for second as Dixon is not down to 4th behind Newgarden as well. Maybe we’ll get some life in this race yet.


Rahal is about to drive around Dixon as well. 

Power slow out of the hairpin. As he’s braking for T1 a TON of brake dust comes out of his left front and he misses the corner. We will have to see if his car is hindered once he gets back on track. 

PT saying Power had an issue out of the hairpin. That wouldn’t be the first time Power had some engine issue coming out of that corner. I can see more brake dust flowing out of that left front. 

Engine misfire reported on the #12. That definitely explains the slow entrance onto the straight. 


Looks like the pit guy for Herta forgot to throw the gun back to the wall and caused him to stall the car has he avoided running over the hose. If we had overhead gantries this wouldn’t be an issue. 


Rossi is now 10.5 seconds ahead of P2. I believe this is what the old guys call a clinic in ass kicking. 


Overboost penalty was the ultimate answer to the Power losing power question. I also think they were low key going through the field through the top 5. Again. Look, I get it but it’s time to go through the lower half of the field. At least change it up. 

We are in the mid-race get-all-the-commercials-out-of-the-way segment of the race. 


12.5 seconds. 


Veach is the biggest mover of the race. Not bad, but that is usually more indicative of a good car with poor qualifying than a mediocre car with a good race. 

Cool. Through the field starting with P15. at least we get some different cars to look at. 


Herta into the pits with left side damage. Replay shows he lost traction and smoked the wall in the parking lot section. He crushed the wall as much as you can without actually crashing the car out. He made it back to the pits. 

We’re really staying with him in the pits for a long time. I appreciate this as we don’t really have a lot going on out on the track. 


Final stops are starting. Debating between reds and blacks. I’d preferably take new reds over new blacks. No scuffed tires for me please. 


Stupid PT is being stupid. Siiiiiigh…

Rossi in for the final time. How much more can he add to his dominant lead? 


9 seconds. I wonder what happened? 

Looks like Ericsson may have gotten into his way. Lame man. 

Ha… Only a 9 second lead… What the hell am I talking about? It’s really hard to put such a dominant race into perspective. 


10.5. That didn’t take long. 


11.5. Wow. I mean, unless TV shows us something else, there’s really not a lot more to talk about other than the remarkable gap the The Truth is able to continue to grow. 

Onboard you can hear Rossi rolling off the throttle  slightly early. Learning how to manage fuel and still go fast, protect the rear tires so he still has something left for a late race restart or 2. Is Rossi still a young gun? 


Through the field again from P2. Please show me the bottom half of the race. I’ve seen these guys way too much for how slow this race has been. Maybe they can make it all the way through before another commercial break happens. 


Ending the race on lap 85 is making my math a bit hard now that they have moved to the laps to go way of counting off laps.

The nose cam has a lot of head room in the video. I can really see how blue the sky is and how close the palm trees are to the track. I really like what is happening right now. 

Through the field update: we made it to P11 before cutting to commercial. Lame. I can’t wait to do it all over again from P1 during the next segment of the race. 


10.5 and he has lapped up through 13th place. You have to wonder if there is a super small setup window that only Rossi hit on. He’s the only one to have this type of separation from the field which has been pretty evenly paced through the whole race. I notice that Rossi is taking the ‘Will Power’ line though some of the turns. It’s really all just reaching for an explanation of the beatdown. 


Brake balance temperature imbalance n the Rossi car. Interesting as Rossi was reporting an odd feeling across the front. He is really in tune with his machine today. 


Looks like we may have a bit of a race for the last step of the podium. I hope one of these guys can at lest get along side someone and give us a last gasp of action in this kind of snoozer race.


Dixon around the outside of RHR. Good move, but we all this RHR is just trying to survive. 


20 seconds. Holy crap this is a beat down. 


Dixon needed one more lap to get around Rahal. 

Rahal gets penalized for blocking. I agree. Rahal may have moved preemptively, but he moved too far and too aggressively as he came across Dixon’s nose. There was tire smoke from front wing contact. No question at all that this was the right call. 

Rahal says he should have used new blacks instead of scuffed reds. I think I said that very thing during the final round of stops. I’m still available for a race engineer position. 

He’s really trying to be level headed about the penalty and I can agree with everything he says, but in this situation with the contact I don’t think there is any question that Rahal was too aggressive.

I love Power’s post race interviews. Nothing ever happened to him from all that brake dust. I saw an awful lot of brake dust through the race form other cars as well. I guess it was surprising to see so much so early from him. 

Well, this was something. Not every race can be a barn burner. NBCSN could have gone deeper through the field a few times, but they did a great job with what they had. 

With Long Beach, the first portion of the season comes to a close and I think it was a great start. Seem’s like the whole thing is pretty open. With double points for the 500 it’s almost not even worth paying attention to the points until after the checkers wave on Memorial Day weekend. 

A weekend with indycar is always a great weekend! 

Thanks for reading. 

Eric Hall


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