Unfiltered Race Notes… I Still Haven’t Started to Breathe Again Edition

Welcome back to Mid-Ohio!

Drivers already in their cars. This thing is happening! 

We’re treated to a Dixon montage. I know I said I’m #TeamDixon but I’m even more #TeamCloseChampionshipBattle so I hope his qualifying issues parlay into race issues. I want to see a close race and an even closer championship. 

The command was… smiley… and weird. no better than 5/10. 

Lots of spins in qualifying. That may mean an eventful race? This race has a history of going green flag to flag. As much as I like seeing those races every now and again, I really do, I hope we see some action today. Maybe something to mix the field up. Chaos. It’s been known to happen here. 

24 cars here today. Most excellent. 

Plenty of room to line up before the start. 


Close, clean and fast! That’s the kind of racing I like to see!!


Sato slow on the track. I obviously picked him this weekend. 

Replay shows Chilton gives him the chrome horn!


Back up front. It’s easy to forget the race happens at the front sometimes. The Truth is killing the field. No suprises.


Daly is really giving Pagenaud a hard time. If Harding Racing is really trying out drivers, Daly has been crushing poor Gabby Chaves’ soul. I know who I would hire in 2019 if it was my choice…

Chilton with the drive through penalty. I can dig it.  


Seems like Rossi may have slowed the field excessively at the start. I guess I didn’t fully understand why the start was under review but I guess that makes sense. I’m with the booth. Rossi can do what he wants with the start. It hurts me to side with stupid Rossi, and I will note it was terrible form to bring the field that damn slow into the green. But fair nonetheless. 


Something really weird is happening with the front right of Chilton. Very slow and confused in the pits. I’m sure the booth will follow up. 

We are actually seeing quite a few guys in to the pits. Definitely a questionable call considering the possible weather in the area. I would wait as long as possible to take my stop. Maximize the odds I can put rain tires on. 


Great racing with Marco and Kanaan. 


Great racing with Sato and Bourdais! This is the kind of afternoon I wanted to see!!



These cars are able to race so dang close here. This is a great showing for Indycar. 


Everyone looks super racey today. I hope anyone anyone has something for Rossi. 


Dixon up to 4th. I can hear the quiet Jaws music slowly building. Differ reminds us of the day he came from last to first. 


The midfield is HOT today. 

How does Will Power already have 200 starts? I remember him as a rookie back in the ChampCar days. [Checks notes] Over ten years ago?? Ugh. 


Binder and Spigot having great days again. Carpenter seems like the weak link on the drivers squad. 


Alright alright alright… Newgarden is all over Rossi. 


Newgarden around Rossi With a POWER POWER move!! That was soo gooood. Newgarden is sooooo good. We are in yet another era of excellence. What an exciting time to be a fan! Rossi, Newgarden, Wickens, Hinch. All from North America. I hope they all stay committed to IndyCar and that a few younger guys can get their way into strong rides as well. 


Newgarden and Dixon in. 

Rossi stays out. I agree with them that this is the wrong move. 

I’m never sure what lap we’re on. NBCSN has an issue with not having any kind of crawl or indication of lap a surprising amount of time. Frustrating. 

Rossi out ahead of Dixon. Yea, that lost you a ton of track position. That was a pretty poor call to stay out. 

Woah! Dixon really pushed him out of the way in the keyhole but somehow Rossi stays ahead!! Another example of great clean and close racing!

I still don’t know what lap it is. Wickens in the lead on an alternative strategy. I’ve changed my mind. I hope we stay green so we can see all these strategy calls play out. There is plenty of action without any crashy crashy to ruin anyone’s day. 

We’ve gone literally an entire segment without any kind of ticker. In fairness, the racing was GREAT but enquiring minds want to know. 



Damn that Bourdais car looks so hot. We have had an amazing afternoon of racing. Veach under review for contact during the Bourdais pass. He should be penalized. Booth says Bourdais was in a blind spot, I say you *always* leave 1 car width plus one inch. That is like day 1 racing school stuff. Good on Bourdais for holding his ground and not running in the grass. He has earned the right to be on that strip of pavement. 

Replaying the Charlie Kimball win. I can’t even describe how similar his orange and blue car looks to the Dixon PNC car. It has to be a recycled paint job.


Wickens in. Blistered right front. I can’t wait to see what he can do this stint. 

Excellent move from Sato. Wickens slid wide about 4 inches and somehow Sato found his way in. I love this version of Taku. 


Newgarden in and out very quickly. I wonder if he short filled. I wonder if he’s going to save immediately? I wouldn’t assume there will be a yellow today. Risky decision. 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it in a few weeks, but turketarian sighting. Still makes me nervous. 


Big fuel save lift from Rossi. Too bad. 

Cut to Wickens actually RACING the race. Wickens strategist says he doesn’t know whether a 2 or 3 stop strategy will work out… Let’s be honest… a 3 stop strategy almost never ever ever works in indycar.


Alright. I can’t keep all the strategies straight. But it’s not like I ever can. 

Power out and Newgarden around. Penske perfect, he doesn’t leave the slightest bit of donut on Power’s car. Another beautiful pass on an afternoon filled with beautiful passes. 


RHR wants around Power really bad but he needs to be careful or Dixon is going to welcome himself into the party. 


Booth informs me that Rossi is the only 2 stopper. I’ll be furious if that idiot wins saving fuel while the entire rest of the field is actually racing this dang race. But as we have already talked about a 3 stopper almost never works so…


I can’t deny the fact that we have had some of the best racing I’ve ever seen today and almost the entire field is running full tilt towards the checkers. It’s amazing how well these guys race and how fast they are when allowed to fully open it up. 


Rossi in. Here’s the race. I can’t see any way he won’t win bar a miracle. 


Leist did a most excellent job letting the race pass him on a very technical portion of the track. He continues to impress me week in and out. The young guys are having quite the year. 

Also, RHR racing Dixon racing Pagenaud racing Bourdais and doing it *close* is just about as good as you can get. 


Dixon and Newgarden have found each other on track. Hold onto your butts. 

No fade. I saw one car width plus an inch. Well done. I don’t think this is the last move Dixon is going to make. 


Can’t type… Too busy holding my breath… RHR Pagenaud Bourdais. GIVE IT TO ME


Worth noting that Rossi is still in the lead. I LOVE NBCSN (this time). We haven’t had to look at stupid Rossi in a long time. We don’t need to watch him circulate in the lead anyway. Really, nothing against Rossi I just don’t want to watch anyone circulate uncontested at the front. Show me the business further back in the field. And that’s exactly what we’re getting. 

Sigh. Literally as I said that they showed Rossi. That’s ok. It had been long enough that I had to remind myself of what was happening up front. Reminding us he’s the leader heading to commercial is quite alright. 


Replay of a small off by Rossi. Dangerous. Why are you pushing so hard? Aren’t you trying to race to a fuel number? 


Damn. Bourdais is so good. Around the outside of Pagenaud. Get after it. 


Bourdais may get 2 in 2 laps. Not quite. Bourdais is hungry today. Thank the racing gods only one guy decided to make it a few mileage race today. 

Under review. And an almost immediate no action. Excellent call. That seems to be the story of Race Control this year. I really don’t remember the last time there were multiple bad calls that would sour my opinion on who and what was happening in Race Control. Cool. 

Turketarian Volume Two. 

Wait. Am I giving additional marketing value to this silly thing? Probably… I need to rethink this thing. 


Onboard with Rossi. Clearly lifting and coasting. Don’t hate the player; hate the game. Yea yea yea I know. Still though. 


From the overhead view of yet another amazing Boudrias pass, I think I saw a puff of smoke come out of the right side of the engine. I rewinded it multiple times and it was definitely mechanical related smoke, not tire smoke. 


Wickens has pulled back five or six seconds. He’s just as good. I want to see him and Rossi race more. I like that they don’t like each other. It’s juicy. 


Alright. Time to ride along with Rossi for the rest of there race. I’m cool with this. He’s definitely earned it for himself and NAPA. Not to mention that is one hell of a paint job. I was just thinking about how ‘shitty’ the livery was on Veach’s car before he got hooked up with relay. I can really appreciate a hot livery.


Rossi. Well earned. 

Race of the year? Probably. 

Burnouts. Hell yes. OH NO DID YOU JUST BEACH YOUR CAR??? What a rookie move. You are so clearly from Europe sonny boy. I’m very embarrassed for him right now. The Truth. ha. Still, I’m excited for him. We need to have a variety of regular winners and I think this probably helps Andretti Autosport as well. It’s kind of feeling like there’s an equity to the teams right now. I know Dixon is way out in front but we have had some excellent races and excellent winners this season. 

Interview-shminterviews. I’ve had enough. After that race I need a fainting couch. I can’t wait to get to Pocono. I’ll see you guys in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!

Eric Hall 

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Unfiltered Race Notes… Not a bad race, eh? Edition

Ok. So I watched  little bit of prerace. Man that stand up on pitman with the booth guys looked painful. Paul Tracey never needs to be on TV ever again. I gotta give it to Bell for rocking the tennis shoes though.

Wish we could have had another way to get Hinch and Wickey together but the interview was really good anyway. The Eh Team is one of the most intriguing partnerships in motorsport and I cannot wait to see what else they have to offer in the future. 

Interesting way to give the command. I can get on board with this! it wasn’t great but I can forgive anything when done from a racecar. 

I always worry about the future of this race…

Damn it’s always great to see Robin Miller. 

Hmm. the counter says 1 of 85. I wonder if there is a timing issue that may delay the start or of this is an NBCSN thing. 



Rossi dropping like a rock. Talk about being in the slow lane. 

I can’t breathe. This is action!



Onboard with Hinch really shows how smooth the race track is.


Rossi vs. Sato. Yes please. I would LOVE to see Sato “accidentally” “put” “Rossi” “into” “the” “tires” 


Andretti in the Oh Boy! Oberto car. Sorry but that livery looks better on an H1 hydroplane. 


Have we talked about Dixon driving a clone of Kimball’s paint scheme from years past? Who makes livery decisions over there at CGR? Seems they have fallen from grace in more than one aspect of being a kick ass team. 


Fuel saving party. 

Lame? Yes. 


PT talking about caster. Interesting but this needs Professor B. 



The two leaders are kind of driving away from the field. If this is the pace they both have over the field while fuel saving, we could be in for one of those days. 

Beautiful Skyline this gorgeous city has. 


First stops underway. 

Ugh Jones kills it in the pits. Obviously I picked him today for fantasy. 


Hell yes Jones. I love to see you fighting the leader! No reason to roll over with new tires. PT talking about some crazy conspiracy in the pits. Says Jones sat for ‘too long’ No. I replayed it and to the credit of the team they were on it. I wanted to use it as another opportunity to rip on Ganassi but they did an excellent job getting their driver out. 


Lock Step


I cannot believe how smooth this track is. I guess that makes me rethink my previous comment about worrying that this race may not have much of a future. Someone has invested in the race facility. 


Holy crap Bourdais into the tires.


No yellow. Well done everyone. I can tell they’re waiting a hair longer to throw the yellows on road courses. 


Alright. Almost the entire field has pitted. Resetting the order really doesn’t do anything. Same as it ever was. 


Spigot is making moves on old tires. I love the action even if it is a silly risk. 

The booth says the wing endplate that flew off Bourdais car flew into a non spectator area. Makes me wonder what ever happened to that person that got hit with debris in St. Pete in 2012.


We’re having a spirited fight at the front!

Ugh Immediate 


RHR into the tires and Rossi has a very broken front wing. Interesting…

Ok. replay shows they were unrelated incidents. 


Circulating under Yellow. 

Power in with right rear damage. The team is replacing some suspension pieces but that’s pretty much day done. He was speedy today as well. Too bad man. 




and 5 cars into each other down in T1. Bourdais clears the pileup but there are 4 guys left sitting. What a cluster. 

Replay shows that even though Rahal really really caused it, no one had grip. No one. It looked like there was rain on the track with how little grip anyone had. Power just drove straight into the tires unrelated to the crash. I can’t imagine that this restart will go much better. 

Excellent. I’m excited to see Wickey vs. Dixon. Something we really haven’t seen yet this year. 



Everyone is sliding. How are we not crashing?

3 wide in the back of the field. Obviously. 

Andretti is having a great afternoon. His car looks yummy. I want jerky. 


Sato and Andretti giving us a show worth the price of admission. 

PT makes a good observation that most of the rear field has sustained some kind of damage. That has got to make for some extra squirrelly racing. 


Binder stalls… And reverses into the safety worker. It looks like everyone is ok… That was humorous. Kind of sums up the day, eh?



Dixon is dropping the field. 

Tons of action at the back of the field, but there are a ton of bad fast cars back there too. This is making for really frantic racing. 


The cars have a ton of grip here. It’s cool watching the cars skate across the track while the tires and the downforce fight it. It’s an evocative sight. The chicane at IndyGP may be the only other place that has such a sight. 



However, Pagenaud is having a good day. Nice to see. 

Both RHR and Rossi are on their 3rd wing. What the hell guys? Keep it together, those wings don’t grow on trees. Dallara probably loves Toronto. 


Final stops underway. After these stops, I would like to see something happen. 

Dixon is in. SLOW ON THE LEFT REAR! I keep hoping for some sort of pit bobble to cost someone a race this year… No. Plenty of room. CGR get yet another free pass. 

Wow Marco almost ran into Daly heading out of the pits!!


Pagenaud out ahead of Wickens.CHROME HORN FROM WICKENS!! 

Holy Shit I cannot believe Pagenaud ran Wickens out to the wall. All the way out to the wall. Intentionally putting someone into the fence out to the wall. I know you just got chrome horned but COME ON MAN. Pagenaud is kind of fragile. 

No action from race control. I agree. Wickens should have let Pagenaud spin across his nose into the wall. That may not have ended well for Wickens though. live to fight another day. 

I want to see the helmet view from Wickens. 


Sato crabbing very badly down the road. He has clearly made friends with the wall. Out of the race. As you do. 

Video of Dixon into the wall. What a weird day it’s been. I wonder if we’ll have a race yet. I wonder if Wickens can make something happen?

For the record, we had 2 commercial breaks in a row. They came back and did a race recap and immediately went back to commercial. What a bunch of crap. Screw NBCSN if this is the way it’s going to be. No. I kid. This is why I don’t watch live!


Shout out to Kimball. Ok Ok Ok, he’s in P6. I can get on with that. 


The top 3 are compressing…

Looks like Honda is having a pretty good day. 


Commercials are coming hard and fast. I still can’t watch the side by side with the advertisements yelling at me. 

Pigot very slow. Clearly has been into the wall. What a day of carnage. 


I really like Pagenaud. Really like him. But I hope Wickens can get to him and say hello. 

Spigot out. What a shame. I threw him out of my fantasy team in favor of Jones. Sweet sweet vindication. 


Nose cam. Hell yes. 

I need more nose cam. 

I have a fever and the only prescription is more nose cam. 


Watching the Oh Boy! car circulate makes me longingly think of 200 MPH boats on the Ohio River. 


Wickens may yet get to Pagenaud.


Marco into the pits for a splash. That hurt the soul. I feel for you man. 


Dixon. Consolidates his championship lead. 

I’m definitely a Dixon fan, but I am a bigger fan of close racing and close championships. I hope someone can get to Dixon before the end of the year. 

Interviews… Interviews… Pagenaud seems cool about the situation. I doubt Wickens will have a similar reaction. He’s kind of striking me as a whiner. Let see, shall we?

Good hard and fair. Cool. I still don’t like the idea of running a guy out to the wall. We already lost someone here because of wheel to wheel contact close to the wall. One car width and an inch. it’s a very different story on a wide open road course, but some more care needs to be taken in these close quarters. 

Not a bad race. Slow but not a snoozer. 

Newgarden not blaming the marbles. That kid is a straight shooter.

Onto Mid-Ohio!! 

Much love to everyone who made it to this point. The secret number is 9

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes… Why am I Writing This on a Sunday Edition

No prerace today so let’s jump right into this!

Wow Leigh Diffey that suit is something else. 

More RHR… snore. Sorry man but he just bores me. And I just don’t believe he has the killer skill, I think he has taken great advantage of great equipment and great circumstances. Statistically he’s great but I like to dislike him. 

With that said, I hope he does well today. I picked him in fantasy. 

Lame command. Start those ethanol powered engines. Come on. 

The cars look good in short oval trim here. 



4 wide out of T2. Ridic. 


Side by side running for a few laps. Cool. We’ll see how long that lasts. 


Already making the high line work. That’s super cool. Hopefully we can get a good short oval this year. 


Crazy action. Passing everywhere. Can we come to Iowa twice? Also, why the hell wasn’t this on Saturday night? Daytona. I know. Still it’s unacceptable to race this race on a Sunday afternoon. Find a way to make it work. 


Already catching the rear of the field. 


We miss a ton of laps during the commercial break. New leader is Newgarden. 


I can’t believe the actions we are seeing today. 


Holy Moly how is Newgarden up 4 seconds already. I have to imagine there are only like 8 cars left on the lead lap? 

Ticker says there are 12 cars still on the lead lap. 


Hinch marching up to P2. Excellent. 


Newgarden +8.5. Damn. 

Can he lap the entire field?


Ok. Now there are 9 cars on the lead lap. However, the action is nonstop. These cars are racing close and loose. Someone is going to end up in the wall before this thing is all said and done. 


We can see Rossi is having trouble, but Newgarden is amazing today. 


I have also noticed the LED plates are still not working. That is lame as hell. Put the old ones back on or something. That’s better than nothing. 


I have no idea where he is in the race but Sato is really mixing it up as well. If it were me I wouldn’t be anywhere near him today. 


First real stops starting to happen. This could really mix the field up. Hopefully all these guys can keep it together. 


We’re watching cars on new tires literally drive around the cars that have yet to stop. Unbelievable difference in speed. 


FIRE IN THE VEACH BOX!! That’s SHOCKING! He likes to be on fire I guess. 


Leaders in. 


Rossi stalls it. The Truth isn’t looking very Truthy today. 

Aaaaand Newgarden is back to his ass kicking ways. 


Well this race is flying by. 

Pigot in P5. Excellent!


Alright. I think the race has calmed down ever so slightly. This has been an unbelievable showing for indycar today. 


Newgarden fighting lapped traffic. The booth is talking like these lappers have any real chance to stay ahead of Newgarden. He has a real chance of lapping up to 2nd. Hinch is about 3 seconds down with P3 and P4 almost 18 seconds down. This is a crazy showing. 

Hinch is close enough to win this race. 


5 cars on the lead lap. 

Also I can’t believe we’ve had a clean race until this point. 

The word clinic is often thrown around…


No one is driving around like a back of the pack idiot as well. This has truly been a great afternoon of indycar racing. 


I know we’re losing a ton of speed because of tire degradation but because of the quality of racing it’s not really that noticeable. Thinking back to Texas we were losing a ton of speed AND the cars couldn’t get close enough to race. This is the way this is supposed to happen. 



Veach into the wall. Too bad. I would have like to have seen Newgarden lap the entire field. 

Honestly, that wasn’t a huge hit. We could have almost stayed green. 

This could be where it all falls apart. How many indycar races have we seen that started clean until the first half only to devolve into a round of demolition derby. I hope that does not happen today. 

I agree with the call to sweep the track. Always sweep the track.

Turketarian sighting. I will never buy butterball. I will always opt for non butterball because if this god awful commercial.



Pigot into P2 around Hinch. Of course, as the proceed to battle, Newgarden pulls away. 


10 cars on the lead lap. Disappointing. 


I bet Newgarden is enjoying the clear track ahead. 

THROUGH THE FIELD??? WHAT THE HELL?? I THOUGHT THIS SEGMENT WAS DEAD? And how are we bringing it back to life today? This is clearly a boring ass race deployment. Maybe an excuse to show other cars because the action has been frantic today. Save for Newgarden and Hinch, we haven’t been able to really focus on anyone else. 


That was a lengthy rant in terms of lap count. 

We have actual racing happening while we are forcing our way through the field. Why are we doing this today? how long are they going to subject us to this insanity?


Hinch can get into the same zip code as Newgarden but no closer. 


Sato literally elbowing his way through. That’s my boy. 

Hmm. We haven’t heard the jet fighters in a gymnasium thing today. 

Tour de France team time trial advertisement. Super cool. That’s what I’m talking about. Talk about some aerodynamics. 


Interviewing pit boxes. Just show me some racing. 


The lead lap is much closer to the leader than previous stints. This is probably an example of unloading the car in a really good spot verse working on your car through the race. Other teams have had 2 stops to pull a little bit closer to Newgarden. 


Robin Miller noting that this race belongs on Saturday night. I don’t agree with that crusty curmudgeon often but here I do. 


Usually I’m into the clips packages that they intersperse through the race, but today I’m not into it. I don’t want them to cut away for a second. 


I’ve updated my feeling that Hinch can win this race. He can’t. 

That is all. 


Newgarden has this crazy exciting race in the bag. On paper this will look like utter domination. Yet another example of needing to be there to fully experience the day. 


RHR in and shaking the car on pit lane. Interesting. I wonder if that is related to the communication issues?


Everyone follows. No one wants to take the chance of getting separated from the leader. 

RHR back in. Booth notices. Toe link? He sends himself. This is a pretty boss showing from RHR today. 


How is Newgarden already back to the lead? What an afternoon he is having. 

Kevin Lee closes the loop regarding RHR. Yes, he was having issues. 


How are we already on lap 241? 

Rossi is making life really hard on Hinch. The Truth is really making it hard to be his friend on track. I foresee a stormy interpersonal future for him. 


The action has really calmed down. Not in a bad way. In a more easy to follow way. 



He can do this. 





Hinch clears Newgarden and Power and looks like he can cruise for a while. 

Take some breaths…


The gap sits at 0.5 seconds. I have not taken many breaths. It’s hard to believe that a SPM car is in the lead at a short oval. 

Ahead of a dominating Penske no less. 


1.5 seconds. 

5 cars on the lead lap. 

What a race. 


Damn RHR in again. What a tough day. 


Wickens into P3 around Pigot!

Wickens is unreal. How long until he heads to Penske? Or Ganassi?


Onto Newgarden? 


Ok. I can’t believe there was only 1 caution. On such a hot day with, what the booth says, is 1000 pounds less downforce. Every single driver earned their money today. This was a day of professionalism. 


Hinch ahead 8 seconds! 

Great momentum heading into Toronto. 



Ed sideways and Sato into his wing. 

Booth debating tires. OF COURSE YOU GET TIRES. 5 cars on the lead lap. However, this thing could end under yellow. 

Wow. Hinch stays out. Newgarden and Wickens in. Can they even get any green flag running? I just don’t see how there is time. 


Booth says lights off on the pace car but the lights are CLEARLY on. What the hell man. What are these guys watching. WHAT A GOAT RODEO OF AN ENDING. 



Burnouts. Hell yes. 

I totally enjoyed that race. One of the best in a long long time. Also great for Hinch. Indy 500 etc. blah blah blah. Seriously we need to go here twice a year. If this race is on Saturday night I am there as well. 

Sigh. So many empty promises regarding future race attendance. 

Wickens dejected about the inconsistency of indycar. Welcome home kid, I hope it tastes great. 

Spigot looks like he belongs in NASCAR. I can’t explain why. There’s just a country bumpkin aura about him. 

Sato is just the best. 

Scott Dixon always looks sunburnt. He’s talking about his bad day. Sounds like Ganassi is not the team they once were. Tires on the wrong sides? Who’s getting paid for these kind of blunders? If the rumors about him moving to McLaren are true I think he should go. And not look back. No Target as a sponsor feels like the beginning of the end for ol’ Chip Ganassi racing. 

Drunk Will Power is always the best Will Power. I have never seen a man change so much after an Indy 500 win as this guy. What a different racer. I can’t wait to see what the 2nd half of his career brings. 

Rahal not complaining! An honest recall of his day. That’s a nice change!

Alright. I’ll listen to this RHR interview. Really just another tough day, 

Cool. Good race. 14/10. They’re all good races. Final thought, How is Dixon in the points lead when his team installs a set of tires backwards? Sigh. What an odd afternoon. 

I’ll see you guys in Toronto!

Thanks for reading. 

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes… Another day of Domination Edition

I should have gone camping at Road America this weekend. Maybe next year? I’ve heard bicycles aren’t allowed, How in the hell do you get to the far reaches of the track? Anyway, how about some racing? 


Prerace? Ok, maybe a little bit. 

Alex Rossi is the worst interview. I hope he wins today. 

Previous race recaps are always great. Shout out to IMSP for always doing an amazing job. 

I love you drunk Will Power. I feel like there’s a 25% chance that Power will drop a not safe for TV word at any time and I love him for it. 

Ok. Im also on the Wickens train. 

The kid dancing behind Leigh Diffey is amazing. 

What’cha Cooking. Dear god melon ball my eyes out. Ok, Norman Pagenaud is in the house. I may be able to make it through this. But this hurts. The dog is gone… FF engaged. 

These Robin Miller pieces feel a lot like the old Posey’s Perspectives from the old Speed Channel coverage. This is good. 

What’cha Cooking is not though. Please spare us. 

Dixon is the man. 

The command. Yes, that was very good. 


Power is dropping like a rock. Engine engine engine. Typical.

Rossi driving Wickens off the road. Thats diiiirty. Is there some bad blood between them?

Was that even Rossi? I’m already so confused. 


Long laps. 

Now Power is sitting in the pits. The Indy winners curse just took a few weeks to claim it’s 2018 victim. 

It’s a block party today all around. 


Speaking of block party Spigot is still able to get around Pagenaud. And Pagenaud isn’t really having that great of a year. More of the same today? 

Newgarden really carries the 1 well. I hope he doesn’t run away with it today though, But it’s still nice to see the 1 in front. Maybe that curse takes a bit longer to take effect this year? Who knows, it’s all silly anyway.


Kind of strung out. Time will help. Already in fuel savings?

Ok, I did see Rossi push Wickens off. Interesting. I wonder what other kind of trouble those 2 will find themselves in. 


The Bourdais car looks ridiculous. The charm has officially warn off but *know* you can see it from a mile away at the track so ill allow it. 

Turketarian. Still gross.

Damn Bourdais having so many issues this year. Makes me so sad. This makes for a really long day. 


Everyone with big slides through T1. Fair to say everyone in the series has some quick hands. 


I appreciate how close the top 3 are here at a long track that rewards high speed handling. Considering how strong the Penske shock program is I would expect them to excel here. Well done Andretti Autosport. They’re really stepping up this year.


The rest of the field has now come in. 

Andretti and Rahal have been kind of mixing it up this year. I hope they find each other again like St. Pete 2012. 

Dixon in from the lead. They have a great camera angle of the cars heading into pit lane from across the track and you can *really* see how steep the start of the front straight in. Amazing track 


Diffey expertly notes that the front of the field is really tightening up, but it feels like one of those races. One of those that is close to grab but no one ever really makes a move. Booth notes we’re already in fuel save mode. Hard to get excited about the race if the top runners have already resigned themselves to a fuel race. 



Power out of the race. Too bad. I really feel for him today.


RHR is so close but he’s just not going to get Newgarden. 

Power is a great interview now days. The calmer more focused Will Power is scary in a he-could-win-everything-and-make-up-for-all-those-year’s-he-fought-Dario kind of way. I like it. 

We’re getting a flash back to the 2012 Iowa race. Those cars were actually pretty damn good looking. Very distinctive. 


As i say that Bell says he’s glad we have moved to a more classic indycar look. I don’t necessarily disagree, but I’m surprised how plain and simple the cars feel now. I *do* appreciate the increased straight line speed. 


We have some Canadian on Canadian action happening. Finally something…

Hinch completes a HELL of a pass. But I hope a Schmidt car can get around the 2nd Coyne seat without too much trouble. But that’s the kind of day we’re having. 



Rossi just muscled Sato off the track after an amazing pass on Wickens! I wish we would see the old (regular?) Sato and watch him push right back. Sigh. Too bad. 

Race control to review. Nothing should be done, But Rossi is a troublemaker. 


We’re watching Veach get lapped by the lead pack and he’s doing a great job of staying out of the way. Even though he is a literal child, I’m liking Veach more and more each week. Especially now that he has a big boy paint job. 

Tour de France lede. Cool. 


Talking about newgarden getting dogged by RHR. Please. 

Alright. We see 1 more pass. 

Gabby Chaves giving Hinch the business. I’m ok with what is happening right now. Chaves is a tough MFer, man. 

Alright alright alright we have Rahal storming through the field. 


I’ll root for anyone if it makes it a good race. I’m only in it for the good racing. 


As you saw on non-stop… No… No I didn’t. I can’t watch that crap with the commercials screaming at me. 

Rossi with a soft tire. Tough luck. Booth hypothesizes it may be from the Sato incident. Hmm. Self induced penalty. Cool. 

Well, only cool if its from the Sato incident, otherwise tough luck. Oh. Rossi cuts the engine off. Another steering issue for an Andretti car. What the hell man. I was just extolling the virtues of Andretti Autosport just a few short laps ago. Totally and completely rescinded. 

The Truth doesn’t loose a lap. Ok. 


When that kick ass Firestone commercial is on I’ll watch that! what race?! The commercial opposite of the side-by-side coverage can’t be better than the race. 

In fairness, that commercial break was mostly indycar commercials. 

Has Dixon won this thing yet?

Checks notes… 

Newgarden I mean. 


I’m definitely not saying this is a bad race, but I want to see the predators stalking prey and scoring a pass after a long and tough battle. I don’t really feel like there is much stalking. There is some fighting but nothing real. 


I think Newgarden is driving just outside of RHR’s reach. I bet he could be crushing the field right now if not for saving fuel and equipment.


Dixon gets close but cannot even start a passing maneuver.  Newgarden, RHR Dixon. This is how it ends. 

Seems like Dixon is falling off the pace. I have have to hand it to RHR. It always surprises me when he has a good day. I’m such a RHR-ist. 


Kind of hard to hear the voices today. Cindric is mixed really low on a day when the booth has been unusually quiet as well. NBCSN races are mixed so different than ABC races. A distinction that doesn’t matter anymore now that I think about it. 


Spigot up to P7. He had to have made some passes then, why in the world didn’t we see them in replay? This kid could be the next big thing. 

Interesting that I don’t really remember going through the field a single time this year. I wonder if someone who matters has dropped in on us making fun of their segment? 


Yes. There has definitely been some coming and going, Why didn’t we see any of it? Frustrating. It feels almost like an ABC race if we’re in the business of making comparisons. 


Veach with the fastest lap of the race. Well done!

We get some replay action of De Melo making it hard on Veach. For a guy who has like 5 races under his belt, he’s really got some big britches on. 

Aaaaaand we see him almost spear it into the tires. 


Newgarden is starting to turn the speed on now that the end is within sight. He is seriously pulling away from RHR. This could have been a beat down. Thank you for making it feel much closer than it really was. 


We’re on follow Newgarden to the checkers mode. 

I still want to camp here. 


One more lap of watching P1 cruise around…


Newgarden. Drive of the day goes to Dixon. Heartbreak goes to Power. Newgarden put almost 3 seconds on RHR in the final 5 laps. Damn. 

Sigh… The booth finally mentions what I’ve been talking about all afternoon. I’m available for hire. 

Easiest win of his career?


Dixon with Miller. Most good. Most good indeed. 

NBCSN Post race is so much better. This is excellent coverage. Not to mention that the driver’s interviews are on point today. 

Lol Sato complaining about being touched… YOU SHOULD HAVE TOUCHED BACK!!

Babe complaining. Just shut up you big complainer. 

Alright. Enough of this. Good race all in all. I do like to see a flag to flag green race so we can get a true feel of the drivers pace. No surprises there. I’m definitely interested to see what Iowa will bring us!

As always, Thank you for reading!

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes… Another Hot Night in Texas

Hey hey here we are again! I love Texas and  it looks like a hot one tonight. Literally. Texas has been one of my faves but sometimes the cars cannot really get too close to each other. I hope this year isn’t like that. I’m not saying I want pack racing by any means, but I hope these guys can get close enough to mix it up. 

Paul Tracy looks like shit. Sorry but he has really done some damage to himself since retiring. 

Yea, like last year. That was a great race. 

Holy crap that in car from Claman DeMelo! He was clearly scared by Power. I hope this sketchy pit exit is ok tonight. 

I agree with Newgarden. I think this race will definitely tighten up as the track cools down. Everyone feels antsy. And for good reason here at Texas. 

Ugh Alex Rossi…

The Truth or not he is just so forgettable. Out of the car. In the car he speaks for himself. 

Rossi at Indy was truly magical. 

And the tires?

Dang man I actually though about updating some indycar lore with pace car crashes and Robin Miller beats me to it. Still, it would be a good addition. I’ll put a pin in that one for later. 

**shutters** Turketarians. 

Whatcha cooking with RHR. Obviously butterball turkey. Come on man this is so paper thin. Can we use the limited pre-race time more effectively?  No? A sponsored piece? Sigh…

I love Will Power. What a crazy weird special crazed man. And his fat baby too. 

That was such a better command than last week! that had soul! Lets get this race on!!

These starting grid headshots make the drivers look like drug users. Heroin addicts if you will. except Zach Veach. He looks like a child. 

Nervous af.

I’m scared to blink. 


Clean through 1

Crowd looks good. 


Ok. seems like we’ve calmed down a bit. Passing is still happening, but it’s not the crazy mess like the start. 

Wickens and The Truth engaging in a knife fight. 



Leist is literally on fire. Scary. He is so clearly shaken up while in the car. Very dramatic. I’m glad everyone is ok. When I said it was going to be a literally hot night I didn’t expect a car to actually catch on fire. Yikes. 



Pretty clean and quiet. I think this is what we’re going to get for the first part of this race. 


Ok. Still clean but also not much movement. As I say that onboard Dixon on the inside of Kanaan. 


Seems like things are picking up. This is good. Still too early to understand anything about the race other than the Penske boys look strong.


Kanaan out with suspension damage? tough night for Super Tex. 

There has been a ton of movement. I’m really excited to see what the first round of stops hold. 

Rossi looking obviously very strong.


Veach may be on his way to a good night. Ill have to remember and check in on him later. 


Rossi and Pagenaud are engaged in a battle. That may be an understatement. 


As soon as the track is cooling off it looks like Power is falling through the field. 


Holy crap the lapped traffic caused a huge log jam and a very close and scary scene. The drivers really took care of each other. That’s refreshing. I hope they continue this through the evening.


Chaves with a blocking penalty. Repeat to the race director. Cannot take any chances tonight. 


As we ride onboard with Veach I guess I didn’t have to wait too long to check in on him. up to 6th. 


Watching Bourdais on pit exit. How is this anywhere close to safe?! This is totally ridiculous and he lost 2 laps on top of it. I am outraged at this. 


Power falling through the field. 


Wow race leader in almost early in the rotation. Did not expect this. doubly so given the 2 lap penalty for stopping under green.


Rossi pulling Wickens through the field with him. 

No cautions. No cautions. No cautions. 


These cars are sexy. That useless wing adds so much to the overall look of the car. 


Leading Hondas are finally in. This could be the story of the night. 


This is a good race. 

Looks like Rossi lost a few positions on the last rotation. The leaders aren’t too close either. 


Wickens is an animal. He took that place away from Power like a veteran. 


Booth talking about fuel savings from the Chevys and the way Wickens is picking the Penske armada off they might be right. 


Lots of talk about blistering on the tires tonight. I wonder how firestone feels. We haven’t devolved into negative firestone speak yet but we seem almost close. 


Veach kisses the wall. these cars are difficult to drive on super speedways. 


Wickens to the lead. Awesome on track pass.

Newgarden thinks he has a soft tire. I wonder what the tire pressures will say though. From the slow mo of him pulling into his box it could have just been a rooted front right. 


The Penske armada seems to be losing strength as the sun goes down. This is one of the best aspects of Texas. The cars and teams strong at the start are often not strong at the finish. 


Pagenaud falling like a rock. The cars who are goers right now are an interesting bunch for sure. The booth made the comment that Penske cars always use the fronts pretty hard. All Penske drivers seem to be suffering from bad tire wear. Is this an unintended consequence to having such different styles of dampers?


I declare the losers to be Team Penske. No way any of these cars win. 


Wow the Pagenaud tire is in dangerous condition. Very yikes!!


Cars are dipping below 200 in the corners. I’m not totally OK with that. These cars need to be faster. More downforce AND more power. 


Leaders pit. 

This pit exit is awful. 


However, this race has been exciting. I’m surprised we haven’t had more incidents though. 


Hondas are coming and the Penske’s are going. 

Thinking more about tonight. There has been a lot of passing and shuffling but when the passes happen they are almost too quick. Without fight or hesitation. It’s hard to complain but something feels off maybe about this edition of Texas. 

The cars almost can’t run close yet they can still pass at the same time. I can’t quite put my finger on what is going on. 


The laps are clicking off really fast. 

Also with noting that Dixon has taken the lead and hasn’t really looked back. Rossi and Wickens are chasing. 

It’s very clear that running side by side outside of the actual act of making a pass is nearly impossible tonight. 


Wow Dixon is 12 seconds ahead of P2 on a 25 second track. We could be watching the start of an ultra dominating performance. 

Dixon is only just able to keep it above 200 in the center of T1. 


Interesting race dynamics tonight with pit exit, tire blisters, low grip and 6 guys on the lead lap. What a night.



Wickens into Carpenter into the wall. Carpenter gave Wickens approximately no room. I wonder if the spotter failed him but being a lap or more down, Ed should have moved the hell out of the way. Sure, Wickens is a rookie and may not be in the exact right spot but he also got pushed down. We should be able to run side by side in the corners here. 

5 cars on the lead lap?


As long as he stays on the lead lap he’ll be fine. 

Wickens is not scared to tell it how it is. Ed taking the high road and taking the blame. Ed is a good man if not an idiot on the track sometimes. 

Also 4 of my fantasy picks have wrecked out now. Tough night man…



Clean as it has been. 

Pagenaud made a successful move but these guys can’t get close to each other. 


Although Pagenaud looks to be keeping pace with Dixon, that fuel mileage will probably win out. 


We hear radio on the broadcast but there is no source tag so we have no idea who we’re listening to. 


Alright we’re seeing the best racing of the night with Rossi and Hinch! Wow! He got RHR as well. Amazing racing! The Truth comes through again. 

I would love to see Rossi chase the lead group down. 


He’s already well ahead. 

RHR is definitely plugging the road but it’s taking multiple laps to get around him. 



Big crash during commercial break. 

Where are the spotters at? I’m not going to blame Power. DeMelo is young and didn’t know you shouldn’t make a last minute pass on the exit of 4 at Texas. He put himself in a terrible position. I don’t blame Power for being upset. 

Marty Reid: Should we take fuel only? No. That’s just stupid. every time you come in tires must be taken. What the hell man, where do they get these guys. FYI I am available for a small fee. 


33 to go. 

Are there 248 laps in this race? 242? I have no idea. 600 Kilometers who the hell are you in Texas making a race in metric. This is ridiculous and I refuse to keep track of laps from here on out. Ridic. Just saying. 

This is just what Rossi needed. Hopefully he can make up some positions. 

Pagenaud looking to the outside of Dixon. considering the blistering issues Pagenaud has had, He has to get it done now. 

Dixon looks worried as he is trying to break the draft on the back stretch. 

I think this is a case of Pags being good on the short run and Dixon being good in the long run. Pagenaud is already starting to fall back. Time for Rossi to capitalize. 

Power receives a post race penalty. Bull. Technically he is guilty of avoidable contact but the drivers representative in race control should have spoken up! There was no way for Power to not run his car all the way out to the wall. Race control has had a great year but this is a bungled call. At least it doesn’t affect the race. Hopefully it will be monetary of community service based. 

Rossi looking to the outside. Making a pass stick on the outside of the dogleg has been super difficult to do tonight. 

Watching Rossi try again and again on the outside of the dogleg and he has no hope of making it stick. By the time Pagenaud loses the tire, Rossi won’t have enough time to catch Dixon. 

4 seconds ahead…

Texas looks so different than it did 10 years ago. Unless the cars are nailed to the track you’ll never be able to make them closer than this. However, I wonder what a better tire could do. Kudos to Firestone for not having a blow out but tonight they walked the tightrope. They avoided a disaster to say the least. 

More tire wear would have been nice in the pack racing days but we need a more constant tire now that there isn’t enough grip to hold it flat. Not saying the tires should be perfect after a run but losing 20 mile per hour in corner apex over the course of a run is a bit much. 

Pagenaud looks to be losing his tire. 

We’ve talked about these damn tires way too much tonight. 


Dixon. Championship engaged. He also take sole possession of P3 on the all time winners list! 

Alright, Power said he could have held the outside lane open. I’m shocked he had the grip and good on Power for being honest. 

This victory lane is much less awkward than Detroit. 

Dixon is pumped! I love seeing this kind of excitement. Dixon said he experienced no tire issues. Cool. Maybe my previous comments about Firestone may be unfounded. I do appreciate seeing the big team miss the setup window. 

Hell yea. Victory lane looks exciting tonight. Awesome vibes. 

What a night! I still say I would have like to have seen a bit more action but we had a good, if not surprisingly quiet race. I think we have a good view of the championship and it will be exciting to see how the back half of the season plays out. 

Thanks for reading!

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes… Doin’ it in Detroit The Second

No Intro. Let’s do this thing. 

Rainy qualifying equals quite a few drivers into the barrier it seems. Rookie weekend? However, there is that new rain tire here this weekend and IndyCar and Firestone have a habit of bringing out new rain tires that are worse than the ones they are replacing so maybe this is a case of that? 

Sigh, I don’t want to be too hard on Firestone, but the outgoing rain tire was terrible. I hope this really is a case of … nope… no excuse for drivers of this caliber to be throwing it into the barrier. What the hell is going on?

Watching Dixon swallow the HUGE smile when mentioned with Foyt and Andretti is so endearing. Such a modest guy, 

Will Power is clearly still glowing from the Indy 500 win. I’m pretty sure he can bag the rest of the season and still be a happy happy man. 

Boo the command. I need some damn energy. These GM guys are killing me. 

Pace car into the wall. Obviously. SO… It’s going to be one of the days? How embarrassing…

At least GM makes a safe car?

What a cluster. 


Penske is old. 

I hope that guy doesn’t get to say the command again. 

Poor Binder. I hope he can get refired. What a crappy way to start/end the day.

We really need to get this party started. I don’t think I can listen to another random race engineer. Interviewing Ed was an excellent idea. 

Engines fired. Our national nightmare is almost over. 

At least we have a rrrrrreal pace carrrrrr drrrrrriver now. 

Fast forwarding to the start…



Good job guys!


I think Hinch lost 3 spots in one corner. Going to need that extra fuel, eh?


Sigh. I just want to see some racing. 



RHR with a power move on Newgarden. When he’s on he’s definitely on!

Of note, I’m glad Veach has received a real paint job. 


Damn Marco is HOT this weekend. Around the outside like an Andretti should do. 

The Andretti cars have been heavily featured this weekend. I wonder if this is a sign for things to come?

I think if Andretti can get around Veach, I’m sure that RHR can find a way. The booth is laughably off sometimes. 


Rossi is 2.5 seconds off the front. 

Hey, at least we’re watching actual racing today!


Managing a chasing Pagenaud while pressuring a Veach must be stressful. Also Veach has kind of driven away from RHR. I guess the booth was right? Or lucky? 

Hinch in the pits. I’m so confused. I thought he had extra fuel to burn? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention and they got to refuel. Oh well. Let’s see some racing!!


The Truth over 5 seconds off the front. Damn. 


We seem really spread out right now. Also we are in the middle of stops and I have no idea what is happening other than Rossi is killing everyone. 

Ok. Bourdais around Leist. I knew there had to be cars within touching distance of each other somewhere on this track. 

Yea, Bourdais’ car look solid. He could win, but it doesn’t feel like his day. 


The concrete track really takes the rubber. I find rubbered in corners to be whimsically romantic. Old school and useful. 


Jones having one of his patented quiet yet good days. 


Oh no. A spinner before the leader is able to pit! GIVE THAT KID A RAISE! He spun it around and got the hell out of the way without bothering anyone all while having a wrecked front wing hanging by a thread. 

Heads up driving from everyone. 


Ah. Dixon and Bourdais racing each other. Something is very right in the universe when this happens. Two of the greatest indycar drivers alive fighting for another day. Most good. Most good, indeed. 

Lots of trackside advertisement. 

Also there are security cameras on the track. IT IS DETROIT AM I RIGHT?? They’re probably race control cameras, but whatevs. 


Spigot retires. Sad day.

The disparate fuel strategies have me stymied on how this race is going to play out. I mean Rossi is in 3rd for goodness sakes. 

All the Schmidt cars look great, but now that we’ve seen this paint job in gold, red, pink and green, I think the gold looks the worst!

Wickens in. No idea what lap we’re on post commercial break. 


RHR to the lead. Sounds like 3 more laps until he pits. 

This looks like it will be a Rossi vs. RHR race and it will probably come down to how the strategies play out. Andretti Autosport is ON IT. It makes the fall of Ganassi even more pronounced. 

There is quite a bit of cottonwood in the air. I remember the Canadian Grand Prix is always contested when the cottonwoods are flying. No coincidence that we’re seeing the same thing here and the F1 race is next weekend in Montreal.  


RHR clicking off fastest race laps. We’ve been onboard with him for a while and this track never stops moving. I can’t imagine how tired these guys are by the end of the weekend. And with no real rest for a few weeks, recovery has got to be difficult. 


Rossi back to the lead. 


Bourdais around in T1 without hitting anything. Shocking. Bourdais seems to think there is something wrong with the left rear. It’s amazing how much these guys can feel through their asses. 

Onboard with hinch behind and I CAN”T BELIEVE HE CAN HANG ONTO IT! Bourdais man, What an animal. 

No yellow. 


This terribly bumpy track has just beat the Bourdais car past its breaking point. 


It seems like we’re going through the field without officially announcing it which makes this officially an unofficially boring race? But we really only made it to like P6 so we’ll call it an impromptu through the field because the booth can’t think of anything better to talk about. 

And then we come back from commercial break with a race rundown. Yes, I think ABC thinks this is a snoozer race. Why? Show us the racing. Talk about the action.


Alright. 3 stop strategy almost almost never works in IndyCar. Like, I think it has maybe worked a single time in the last 5 or 6 seasons. 


Very dangerous carbon fiber shard laying on the track. Yellow? It has definitely caused most of the field to come in for a pitstop. I hope we don’t see a yellow. 


RHR cycling back to the lead. Is today the day for a 3 stopper? 

So. Much. Cottonwood. It makes my throat itchy just seeing it. 


Booth informs us that the pit delta is 22 seconds and RHR holds a 14 second lead. 20 laps left, RHR could do this thing if he can turn qualifying laps for the entire rest of the race. 


Hitting the pits. This is exciting! I love seeing the guy who drives the fastest win these races. I hope he can pull this thing off. 18 laps to stalk The Truth. 


We are currently watching the leader circulate…

The island looks beautiful from the helicopter. 

Rossi starting to lose time. 

“Marco has had a tough day” Well. Ok. Maybe: Marco has had… a day?


We have reached the ‘to go horizon’ time for math. Don’t they know it’s late?

Waiting for the gaps to roll back around on the top of screen crawl is infuriating. A commenter on the previous race noted they like the F1 style stack on the left side of the TV. I totally agree. Especially because literally everyone has widescreen TVs. Time for a graphical rethink of IndyCar. Maybe NBC will surprise us. 

As I was writing that I missed the P1 to P2 gap again…


Booth says it’s down to 3.5 seconds. Most excellent. We have a race on our hands. 

RHR has been fast and Rossi doesn’t have the fuel to burn. We might be in store for some fireworks!


Rossi engineer: Big Picture. Eff the big picture. Let’s win a race. 


RHR is on top of Rossi. 

We’ve seen the simultaneous looking back and looking forward view. Interesting way to watch a race. 


Rossi with a lock up. He looks like he may be struggling. 

RHR is clearly taking his time. And Rossi is fighting hard. I feel bad for a guy in Rossi’s position because it really has the look of RHR playing with him to get into his head. 




Holy crap Rossi has a flat too. What a day!

A shocking turn of events. 


So RHR just cruises for the win?

16 second gap to P2. 



Also we never went yellow for that DANGEROUS CARBON FIBER shard. Kudos. 


The booth is already wrapping the race. ha. 


Feels like RHR is content just riding around behind the lapped cars. I don’t blame him at all. He has so much cushion. But not driving at 100 percent is what causes some very experienced drivers to throw it into the sand. Hopefully he can be patient and bring this puppy home. 



RHR wins. Alright alright alright!!

fastest lap by a second. That’s some speed!!

Yay, I can’t wait for the most awkward victory lane in all of racingggg!!!

Rossi is a TERRIBLE interview. 

I’ll tell you, Hunter-Reay is dangerous when he gets momentum and he definitely has it right now. 

That was a fun weekend. No complaints at all other than we’re in the wrong city the weekend after the Indy 500. Indianapolis then Milwaukee. Or Texas. I’ll take Texas as well. But Detroit is in a dumb location on the schedule. Michigan International would be cool as well but that is never happening. 

At least we’re headed to Texas next week! 

Thanks for reading.

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes… Doin’ it in Detroit The First

Who knows what happened to the 2 Indianapolis races. I saw them both live. Watched the 500 again that same night. I’ll get to the notes eventually. Maybe in the off season. However, even publishing this set of notes gets me farther into the season than I have in the past 2 years. You’re welcome. Let’s just enjoy Detroit and see what the future brings. 

Command is… ok. This dude was definitely coached beforehand on what to say, and he did an excellent job, it just has no soul. 

Worth noting that my TV service is youtubeTV. It’s good but very different. Sometimes it’s hard to really know what will record. Needless to say, neither of these races was captured by my cloud dvr voodoo thing. I waited and waited for someone to upload a bogus youtube version. Nothing. Then I remembered: ESPN 3! I don’t think it’s called that anymore, but a quick check of the ESPN app uncovered both Detroit races in all their HD streaming glory! 

Andretti on the pole. Ok! I’m game!


OMG we made it through lap 1 without major incident. Amazing. 

Helicopter shots outside of Indy. Hell yes! ABC doing it right for their final few races. (I’m sure they had helicopters everywhere else)


I can’t believe that Andretti is driving away from the field!

Also in the I can’t believe file: How effing good TK and AJ Foyt Racing are doing this year. 


Through the T1 complex the cars look faaaast with lots of grip. The cars look great here this year. 

Booth: Dixon has Andretti is his sights. Sure. It will just take 17 laps to find a way around. 

I kid. I kid. Detroit isn’t nearly that bad anymore. 

In fairness, Dixon is definitely reeling Andretti in. 


Good fight for the lead, we just aren’t being shown what else is happening through the field. 


Newgarden in. Booth said it looks like he’s struggling. I have to wonder if he’s grasping for something today. This could be the first chink in his domination we’ve seen yet. Although I’m sure he will figure it out today. 

Fast cars are stopping with him, just not the leaders. 


Awesome helmet cam is awesome. 

Wickens in early from P4. Interesting. This is shaping up to be an interesting race. 


Now, one car at a time will stop on each lap for the rest of the race 

Ugh ABC tons of commercials. 


We are clearly looking at Kimball but the booth calls him Bourdais, Even though Bourdais is seen in shot while he is saying that. Yes, Ill be glad to see ABC leave. This is ridiculous. I’ll take the job. 

Bestwick cleans it up. Thank goodness. He is the only thing keeping my sanity together. 



How is Andretti still in the lead. 

This strategy game could play out in a super interesting way, but you know the game of racecar smashy smashy still has to take place. No bets accepted yet please. 


Keep applying pressure and save gas at the same time. Come on. 

Triple camera view is cool. ABC is showing some cool shots today. 


They keep hammering this Rossi Rahal battle. Are these the closest cars on track? has the entire field crashed out? I’m confused as to why this is the only thing we’re watching. 

the grandstands look full!


3 Americans in the top 4. Take that people who care. 


Rahal: Rossi is faster because he can brake later. Does that qualify as a Captain Obvious comment?

I’m pulling so hard for Marco, but you know something will screw him. 

Or Dixon will do the thing he does and beat everyone on fuel mileage. 


Dixon in. Dude is in amazing position if this stop goes well. 

Well ahead. Game. Set. Dixon. 


Andretti defending attacks from behind. It’s all over. The little guy can’t ever handle the pressure. 

The Juncos cars have a new paint job and they look HOT. Welcome to IndyCar Mr. Juncos. 

Side note: If the broadcast is on side-by-side I get a full length commercial break, if they break away totally I get like 2 short inserted commercials and I’m back to the race. I can also fast forward through everything. A rarity for channel specific streaming services. Thank you ESPN. 

(I will not give credit to ABC)


Rossi around Wickens. Rossi really is The Truth. 

Checking my notes says Rossi, somehow, has not won a championship yet.


Andretti proceeding to fall through the field. Check that Bingo square off. 

Note: IndyCar bingo is an excellent idea. Let’s do this!

Let’s be honest, this race has been like a 4 of 10 on the excitement scale. Some passing but otherwise a really lame affair. I’m sure if I was there I would see SO MUCH ACTION. BS. I’ve been to road races. IndyCar road races at that and it’s just not like that. The best way to experience the race is on TV and this broadcast is making this race stink. 


Ok. Andretti hasn’t lost a spot. What a great weekend the wee boy is having!


The top 3 are literally 20 seconds apart. 

7 Hondas in the top 7. There you go.


Jones and Sato are having quiet yet good days. I forgot that no one outside of the top 5 exist. 

More shots of the beautiful Juncos car.. 

Rossi: Marco is holding me up. 

Me: …

Re: Juncos paint job. A few liveries really make the GIANT front wing elements stand out and I’m not too sure if I’m into that. The cars look less racy when the snow plow front wing is some day glow color apart from the rest of the car. 


Nose cam is amazing. 

Kanaan on the move. He seem newly reenergized this year. I wonder if racing for Ganassi really stole some of his fire. 


Watching Scott Dixon race is a pleasure. One of the few drivers I could watch turn solo laps all race long. 


Track is taking rubber nicely. 


Currently sending mind lasers into Rahal so we can see RHR make a moooove. 

Booth notes that no one has passed Andretti on the track. Ok Ok, Ill cut him some slack. Today. 

RHR and Rahal having a good ol knife fight during the commercial break. 


Dixon in with Binder in the runoff. Excellent strategic call. Rahal with a super long stop. 

I’m giving Rahal a bunch of crap today but I picked him for both races in Fantasy IndyCar so I really need to be rooting him on. 

Pit stops are EXCITING!!



Jesus that is a huuuuge hit. He clipped the curb like a ROOKIE. What the hell man. I give you an inch and you go and throw the car into the fence. Thank you. 

He’s going to be sore af tomorrow. 

Now. Will anyone be able to get a handle on Dixon? No. I doubt it. 

Flyover the river reminded me. Can I park my crowd funded yacht at Belle Isle and enjoy the race?

Replay of Rossi’s Indy 500. What an animal. 

We’ve made jokes sure, but the RHR butterball commercial just grosses me out for some reason. 


Everyone has been behaving nicely. 


I can’t believe how fast Marco is. Who is this person?? Driving away from The Truth. 


The race is definitely on!



WOW I can’t believe that Charlie Kimball could have possibly spun anyone! He’s such a talented and amazing driver how could he have misjudged like that?

What a waste of a seat. I hope Carlin pulls their heads out of their asses and fires him. Obviously the Diabetes sponsorship goes to Daly. OBVIOUSLY. 

Ferrucci is going to feel that in the morning as well. 

The trackside repair team is doing a great job. 

Cool. Servia is the pace car driver. 



Rossi and Marco seriously getting it done. Marco has been a treat to watch this race. 

Avoidable contact penalty for stupid Charlie Kimball. Good. 

No one is touching Dixon, just throw the checkers. 

RHR is honestly pretty close but I think that’s more a story of Dixon controlling the gap than RHR reeling him in. 



SSHHH Watching Scott Dixon drive…


Dust coming out of Dixon’s front brakes. 


We are really going to finish this race watching Scott Dixon. Lame. 

Because of that, it’s hard to write anything that isn’t just cutting up the ridiculous booth banter. I wish we could be shown something more compelling than the leader just clicking laps off until this the checkers fly. 


Booth is already wrapping the race. I agree. It could have been interesting, but no one was able to get close to Dixon. And honestly, if it wasn’t Dixon it would have been RHR. And without the ability to see any more than the first few cars, it makes it really difficult to understand what happened during the race at all. 

Call me a bad fan but I’m not tied to the TV during the exact moment. I don’t want to have to be signed onto twitter, listening to live radio and watching timing and scoring to really understand the race. After race day, the only thing that is left are the bootlegged copies of the race on youtube. I hope NBC wants to leave a better legacy than ABC has. 


Dixon. Well done indeed. 

 IndyCar victory lane is almost uncomfortable. Like we’re all quietly waiting for the winner to stand up and celebrate and when they finally do like 9 people clap and cheer. It’s really painful from my seat. But Dixon is an animal. 

Marco looks like he should be driving Jack Harvey’s car. He had a great day. I’d love to see more like this from Marco. He’ll never win the championship but he could be a consistent spoiler. 

The Truth has the personality of a wet noodle. 

SATO is a great interview. He’s just so whimsical. 

Power has great helmet hair. But he also looks crazed. Like a crazy man. But I don’t think that’s a surprise. 

Good race kids, I’ll watch the other one soon! 

As always, Thanks for reading!

Eric Hall

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