Unfiltered Race Notes: Grand Prix of Indy 2015

Full disclosure: I was there live. I know how this movie ends and I know how pissed off all of you are about what went down. I saw a ton of passing and had a freaking great afternoon at the track, but I understand that the TV coverage is the most important customer facing aspect of IndyCar.

I dislike the booth as much as you do, so I’m interested to see how this differed from real life.

–Pre Pre Race–

Our local ABC affiliate has a two and a half hour pre race before the broadcast even started. No excuse for the casual Indianapolis citizen to not know about the race this year.

Various highlights:

The always wonderfully unintelligible Carlos Munoz gets interviewed.

Live closed circuit coverage of the undercard races.

Mr. Doug Boles tells us lights will cost 25 million, and he will gladly accept a personal check for them.

Excellent interviews with roasted toasted racefans.

In-depth traffic and weather coverage. Like 15 minute blocks in-depth.

Angie from Angie’s List said some kind of conference with their major partners was held in concert with the race weekend. Sounds like the company is really pumped about the weekend.

Dave Furst interviews Hinch, Daly and James “buckshot” Jakes. Pure comedy gold.

Seriously though, local weatherman Kevin Gregory is in the field interviewing families having a blast. Great to see.

Oh man, AJ Foyt is talking about legacy, graveyards and multiple organ failure. Real $4!# right there.


Ok, IndyCar and Helio clip package. I can dig it, but my interview patience is limited today so we will see what I can get through.

Helio has Bronchitis? Ok.

Booth talk… Fast forward…

Oh yea, ABC has like a 15 minute prerace. I’m totally on board with this.

Mari Hulman George with the most UNINSPIRING COMMAND EVER.


Yes, ABC missed the green flag. Strike one. Ugh… not a good start to the coverage.

Side note: I know they weren’t well aligned and the flagman had waved off a feeder series start already today. He wasn’t allergic to the yellow.



Saw that coming.

I have quite a different opinion of this incident than most. Pagenaud was way too optimistic on the inside and put HCN in a bad position. Helio could either have spun off of Pags nose or give his teammate the room he really didn’t deserve and be forced to clip a Ganassi car. I think Helio made the right call and Pags needs to get a stern talking to from Rodger.

The incident farther back was just Hawks being totally over optimistic and causing a mess around him.

Both were racing incidents, and if anyone gets a penalty its Pags for forcing HCN into Dixon.



And we miss the restart too?! What the hell is going on? ABC YOU ARE FIRED

So much grip through the chicane.


Ok, settling in for a long race here.

I see hotdog wrappers floating around the track… but I bet we stay green… because we have more integrity than other series…


Saavedra locks them up into 1. Just like he did all weekend… Come on man, GET IT TOGETHER!


The laps click off pretty quick here. I think it’s appropriate that IMS has the fastest road course on the schedule as well… Cathedral of speed and all.


The booth just drones on. I read a comment about how much dead air ABC had. Well, I’ll welcome it when it gets here. Nothing amazing is said and I just really ignore it all I think.


Jakes around Kimball. No mention.

Holy of holies, Jan saves us with some info on Honda pitch sensitivity. Like a damn dessert oasis. I WILL NEVER UNDER APPRECIATE YOU AGAIN!!


RHR in. I like how the Honda kit looks like it’s going to shake itself to pieces when the clutch gets dropped. Visual representation of the cheapness of everything IndyCar related? I didn’t say it…


Air shot of IMS, That ain’t cheep though.


Say what you will, the kits are fast.


Ok, I know there is passing through the field…

JPM has almost no rear wing. Unreal how trimmed out everyone is running.

Lot’s of Bourdais mentions, but I don’t think the booth has identified the story lines yet. We’re just doing a lot of random discussing.


Well deserved props to Rahal. He says he’s just manhandling the car to get the performance out of it. If that’s how it really is in the Honda camp, those boys better get to peddling.


Coletti around Kanaan. Get it done.

Bestwick is so good, it’s a shame he gets dragged down by the idiot twins.


Newgarden hustling to stay on the lead lap.

Green flag stops. Filippi get his radio reattached. Yea, that’s kind of important.


Newgarden giving Power a good fight. And well within his rights fighting to stay on the lead lap.


Bourdais has been hanging tough all day long with Rahal still giving chase. We’ve definitely been focused on P1 for a while.

Lead pack in.

Pags gives Bourdais an elbow leaving the pits. Simon has been kind of dirty this year and I’m not sure I like it. I understand the pressure is on, but this is out of his wheelhouse a bit.


Jakes in P1. Weird.


Dude. Coletti gives no quarter. I love the young kids screwing with the veterans.

Dracone out of the pits and really hassling the leaders of Jakes and Hinch. I would black flag his ass. I am so sick of watching him screw with these guys. He may be slightly quick, but he has no race vision AT ALL.


Jakes is totally serviceable. There, I said it.


Lets reset this race. Power Rahal Pags Bourdais JPM.

Fast and furious at the front but it looks like Power has kind of walked away from the top 5. Gotta say P2-4 are all super close.


Sigh. Wilson in P17. I told him I picked him for fantasy and not to drop the ball. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

Chaves with a monster save on the inside of Kanaan. Excellent car control. You are both out of the race if you didn’t gather is back up.

Aaaaaand Filippi around Wilson.


Not that IMS ever really looks that bad, but you can tell grounds had another year to replant grass and really define gravel traps for this year.


Director shows the continuing fight between TK and Coletti. You would think this was the only battle on track. But Coletti is hanging tough today.


Chaves and Kimball fighting right behind them. This is good stuff, if only for 2 laps.

WOW Chaves running Kimball all the way to the pit attenuator. One car width and an inch; well done.


In-program Honda ad while we are onboard the Chevy of Dixon. Are we really that ignorant?


Leaders in. will be tough to make it if they make final stops on lap 60. 82 lap race.


Booth makes a good point. All the pitstops today help everyone for the 500. May only programs get a huge boost by competing this weekend.


Rahal still out. Great economy for Honda. Booth giving the smack down to AA for not being as good as Graham. This is all so comedic to me and I can’t explain why.


Third turn parking is pretty sparse. I hope you had to have a special ticket to park there or attendance was not that strong.


Newgarden hassling the leaders to get his lap back. So very yes. Aaaand Josef gives Hinch a little tappy tap tap as he slides on by. That is how you do it.

I still can’t believe I am writing about BABE so much in 2015. I do not like this new IndyCar reality.

Rahal around Hinch in a very nice move… Ew.


Hinch is bleeding positions. Obviously. Because why would he not be. I often wonder if SPM just throws darts at he various strategies on the day.


For the record… and save for the commentating… I don’t understand the gnashing of teeth regarding the perceived lack of action from this race. It seems all good to me.


Newgarden has been showed the blue and Rahal is radioing for help getting around him from race control. IndyCar is quite inconsistent with their blue flag procedures, Curious if there will be any issues this year.


“Up to Speed” AKA the ABC version of through the field. Pretty deep in the race to be doing this. The patented anotherindycarblog does this race suck-o-meter says this race does not suck that bad if it takes almost ¾ of the race to find time for this segment.

Also, we only go back through P8. Seems very random because the booth then breaks into the usual aimless conversation after.


Rahal still complaining about Newgarden. THAT’S THE BABE I KNOW. Seriously, Josef needs to get the hell out of the way. He has already lost his lap and is now watching the leader drive away from him. RESPECT THE RACE NEWGARDEN!


ECU change for Pagenaud. Awesome that this is considered outpatient surgery; no garage time needed.


Penske boys in way way way early. I mean, I’m sure they can go the distance, but this will be a long long stint.


Rahal around Josef finally. I actually do feel bad for Rahal. I bet Montoya is around in 1 lap though…




mmmm… I want Steak ‘n Shake… a sponsor I can actually appreciate and support on a regular basis.


I think we have been resigned to watch Power circulate for these final 16 laps.


Asking Tim Cindric if his driver has enough fuel is the dumbest question ever. Like he is ever going to blink. Can we just continue to break down the race and, I don’t know, maybe train the camera on someone other than Power?

Unfair. We have only been following him for 2 laps. There’s still plenty of time to not show anything else other than Power.


Ok Ok Ok, we are actually watching Rahal. I can get into this.

Ill tell you what, having someone slow in the car is great marketing for Dale Coin. His blank ass cars get a ton of airtime as they are lapped every 5 or 6 laps.


Back on Power…

Ah, the old catch vs. pass debate.


Ok, cool. The camera has actually been following through about P5. This is much better direction from ABC than we usually get at this point in a race. +1 Mr. Director.

Pag out. Must have died on the table… Along with my Fantasy team this weekend.


Have I missed the blue flags all year? I’m seeing them everywhere today.


Have I said I think these cars look super kick ass yet?


Been watching HCN for a few minutes. I like when the 4 Penske cars are painted with different accent colors. They all look so classy.


Rahal is starting to visually push. Power looks solid as a rock. With only 4 laps left now is totally the time to follow the leader around. I approve.

Part of me wishes they would run up onto the Indy T1 banking instead of using the twiddle-y snake pit bits. Hell, lets run the right way into Indy T1 as well. Tradition be dammed, we’re road course racing.


Cheever supporting speed increases. Ok, I can totally get behind that. Rooting for BABE and agreeing with the booth… What the hell is going on?!? I feel sick


Losing time. Must be doing final fuel conservation. Verified by Cindric. Damn I’m good.


Power. This is my surprise face.

And he gives us the laziest fist pump in history. I’m really starting to soften on you Will, but you’ve got to give me more than that!

Also, I want more victory burnouts and donuts dammit. Come on Honda and Chevy, get with the program.

Alright. That was pretty good on TV. I am still confused about the high volume of hate regarding this race… and I’m usually driving the I hate ABC bandwagon.

Good to hear Power having such strong focus on the 500.

Replay shows Power give us the hand ten sign. That makes up for a weak fist pump.

Ok, I think that’s enough. We are totally into interviews now. Sorry for the long delay in getting these out, hopefully I can get through the 500 before this weekend. Thanks for your eyeballs and patience!

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes: Barber 2015

Jumping right into it has been this years theme so let’s do it.


The first shots of the Gorgeous Facility are of the flying codpiece triplets. Weird.

The Augusta of Motorsports. I saw the helicopter shots, that grass isn’t nearly as green as the turf at IMS.

The 2 or 3 Long Beach rewinds I’ve seen are really short… I’m just saying.

RHR, why do you always seem so awkward? And for the record, you will not win thrice in a row here.

Lots of interviews. Sigh. Show me more kick ass IMSP clip montages; they can even be clip montages of interviews.

Dixon montage. I may be on the JPM train this year, but Dixon IS THE MAN. I would love to see him in victory lane a few more times this year.

Oakley, your neon green/yellow hipster sunglasses are fugly.

Excellent. Full opening ceremonies. This must just be an NBCSN thing.

Mr. Steve Matchett is such an odd man. Almost too smart to communicate clearly, super overly excitable and yet he still feels like my old grandpa that just want to talk about his stories.

You will never get an anthem critique from me, but you will always get a command critique. And we have had 2 excellent commands in a row. Nothing will top Captain Picard so I have to temper expectations.


The field looks very well aligned.


Dear Helio, Thank you for waiting this weekend and giving us a much better start. The starts and restarts are way more fun for us when you wait just a bit.

Decisive move by Newgarden into P3. Did I pick him? Checking… checking… checking… Nope. Damn

I’ve been saying it all year, but the cars look like rocket ships. Especially on these road courses.


Newgarden catching Helio after taking Power on the inside. Dude. Getting it done.

Now Matchett reiterates what I have already said. Thanks man, why am I not getting paid for this again?


How are we on lap 4 already?!

Racecars so fast.

Helio pulling away. The world is starting to make sense again.

I never watch the side by side stuff. I assume hope that the booth will fill me in on any relevant information that I may have missed whilst in a fast forward tizzy.


Hawksworth… not bumping Munoz… but definitely driving him all the way into the grass. Atta boy.

Replays of a shockingly amazingly clean start. Well done boys! That’s the way it’s supposed to be done!


Rahal doing surprisingly well. I seem to be saying that every week now. Taking daddy off the box so Babe doesn’t have somebody to whine at all day has helped? Who would have thunk?


Dracone flips it around. This is his last race… this is his last race… this is his last race.

If this isn’t his last race, I have no idea how he will handle it.


RHR off strategy. You’re going to need it dude.


This fight for 13 is unbelievable and poor Karam is stuck in the middle with no rubber left. And now Speedy is hassling him. Man, what a tough stint.


Rahal around Dixon. Is water still wet?

My favorite target scheme has always been the white-trimmed livery Dixon is running today.


The pace has been unbelievably fast today. Well, and last week as well come to think of it. Amazing how quick a race clicks off without a bunch of yellow


Matchett on the telestrator. Welcome home Steve.

Rear grip issues with the Ganassi squad. Interesting to see setup deficiencies permeate through the entire team.

All these guys coming in seem like they’re doing it too soon and stopping this early would put you in the 4 stop window. We know that doesn’t work in IndyCar. What are the odds of a yellow? Feels pretty damn slim today.


Matchett gets a lot of shtick, but when he starts talking about the visible wear on the tires, it gets me excited. For a long time I assumed Firestone rubber was indestructible as they never lost time during an entire fuel run.

And just saying ‘fuel run’ reinforces that idea. It’s nice to know they run n the ragged edge of tire life.

Power and SATO spinning together. SATO with endplate damage. Gee… I wonder what happened.



Ugh, that wing better be in the racing line, I feel like this is a kind of unnecessary yellow.

Wow, the Penske guys handed Newgarden the lead. Dude. That is not Penske Perfect AT ALL. Right front tire changer fumbled the nut… Ha.

Replay of Power absolutely smashing into SATO on pit out. I am not impressed Mr. Power. SATO just got SATOED? Power just SATOED SATO? I’m not sure what to think of this and my brain hurts from thinking about it.

Power better get a penalty.


The field is in. Still in 3 stop territory right now.

Newgarden cycles to the lead. The honest to goodness lead. And he has the pace to pull this thing off. But he does have Puntstroneves behind him…

So far I have been highly entertained. Lets keep this up.


JPM in the Hawk car and Dixon in the Coke car look great. The liveries look great this weekend.



Andretti around the outside of RHR. LIKE A FREAKING BOSS!! You’d think we were on an oval!

Penalty for Power. Well done race control.


Rahal and Hinch engaged in an epic battle… And the director cuts away of course.


We got a ‘Beautiful Place’ from Matchett. I wonder if we can do a Bingo card of positive descriptors for Barber?

Ok, we’re back to the Rahal and Hinch battle. THANK YOU.

I hate to say it but Babe is having a fantastic race and a great year.

I made a last minute substitution of him for Kimball and I’m not very happy about it at all. Reminder: Always go with your gut.


JPM in for a new wing under green. Ouch. Another driver headed for a long and tough day.


Did TK just go around the outside of RHR? Is today the day of outside moves?


And it looks like TK went around Andretti as well. Well done


The marbles are a little more pronounced this weekend, but nothing to make going offline a huge penalty. If there are no marbles the track is taking most of the rubber and grip should be skyrocketing through the race.


Coletti into Jakes. It looks like he took too much curb… but that was after making the poor decision to come from approximately a mile back to attempt a pass with 0% change of working.



Leaders into the pits.

Rahal stays out and cycles to the lead. Yes… I really did just write that.

Ok, Rahal says the marbles are really bad today. Good to know. If I can see them on TV they must be bad.


Replay of Newgarden being smart and not running down his crew guy. That’s a good reason to give up a second in the pits.



Montoya getting all Montoya-y on Kimball. I LIKE IT A LOT. But you know they’re going to penalize him.

Kimball falling back and causing all kinds of trouble.


Replays of passing through the entire field. This has been a great race, and we’re being treated to a Honda breakaway.

Too bad it’s on pit work.


Feels like we are finally settling in for the race.

Have to resist comment so I can watch racecars for a few laps.


Is Bourdais in the effective lead?!


Rahal in. There we go.

Ok, no Bourdais is ahead of Filippi and not Newgarden… And it was Castroneves in the effective lead not Newgarden anyway. Going back to edit my mistakes is too hard. You’re welcome.



Damn. Well done Graham.


I went back to check and it looks like Newgarden got around Castroneves on track around lap 41. We did not see it on TV and now Newgarden cycles to the lead. Thanks again Mr. Director, you keep missing the important fights for the effective lead.

The booth is dragging Dracone through the mud. I approve.


We are really focusing Dracone. I don’t understand there are better things to show on TV than an un-sponsored ride buyer.


We finally get a replay of Newgarden around HCN and it was a pretty sweet move at that. Newgarden is really making a statement today.


Pit guy talking over the radio. I HATE THAT. They play radio without telling us who it is and then the announcers talk over them at that. What’s the freaking point?


We cut to Dixon ahead of HCN and then we get the replay. I don’t understand why we miss so many of these passes live. I’m 100% convinced half the reason these races get such a bad reputation of no passing is because we miss it ALL on live TV.


Ok, and w get a live pass pretty deep in the field.


Gonzalez is making life difficult for everyone. But he’s racing for position, so it’s not that bad I guess.


Final stops? Maybe?! This should be exciting. Will we have to save fuel? Dixon is in effective P2. But the racing has been too trough and tumble for much savings.


In the span of 2 corners, Karam runs RHR off the track and gives Hawks a mean elbow. THAT is how you make a reputation!

… and I’m sure he’ll be penalized…

Hawks is really slowing. Hope his car isn’t hurt.

Let the replay show I think RHR should have relented the spot. That was a high speed corner exit and RHR wasn’t halfway up on exit.


Hawks has issues in the pits. The markedly unathletic pit crew really didn’t help things out when the issue was needing to RUN a wheel gun around the car.


8 leaders today. Not too bad.

JPM loses a wheelnut. We’ve seen 3 or 4 nuts hit the ground today. Maybe time to find a new solution.


I can literally see rubber flying through the air. Yes. Marbles are a problem today.

Diffey asks if Rahal can win.



I caught myself rooting for Graham there for a nano-second. WHAT CAN I SAY?! I like seeing tough racing and Graham has been hanging tough today.


Again, we can see a difference in rear wing angles through the field. Such a change from last year.


Ok, Newgarden is good to go and has a 6 second lead on P2 Dixon. I think he can do this.


Fisher is clearly nervous. So awesome.


Newgarden pushes the lead to 7 seconds.


Rahal around the outside of RHR and HCN during successive laps. DUDE WHAT IS GOING ON? IS THIS REAL LIFE? AM I REALLY ROOTING FOR RAHAL?

My brain and soul hurts right now.


Sigh. Robin Miller spewing his regular non-American prejudices. I can avoid him on the internet but don’t let him have any real opinions on TV please?


Rahal 10 seconds behind P2 and gaining 2 seconds a lap.

I feel sick, but whatever… let’s do this.


Nothing to say. Quietly watching Rahal do this thing.


Graham as reached Dixon. Against every thread in my being I am willing him ahead of Dixon.



Dixon doing an amazing job holding off Rahal.





–Post Race–

Best race of the year. How does Barber manage to continuously pump out stellar races? The tightest and almost most maligned track on the schedule produces the most consistent racing.

We could go twice a year and run it backward the second time. Just saying.

Awesome Awesome Awesome.

This has been long and exciting enough. Lets forgo the rest of post race.

I’ll see you in Indy!

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes: Long Beach 2015

Ok, As we all know I am an almost religious DVR watcher, so how does my terrible fandom get repaid? By me realizing 10 minutes into the broadcast I was not recording! I recovered and was able to start about 10 minutes in. Stupid AT&T, but the only other option in my area is Comcast. I do not care to switch from satan to pure concentrated evil, thank you very much.

Where are you at Verizon? Do you even do TV? I know you have that kick-ass fiber internet. I’m just saying!

Anyway… Like I really even watch much of the prerace.


Cool, I start with Hinch on the top of the podium!

SAM SCHMIDT DRIVING THE TRACK!!! Even cooler. We totally live in the future. Where’s my hoverboard and transporter?

Replay of the RHR smashy from 2014. Love how unforgiving Hunter-Reay is. Say what you will about him, but that’s oldschool attitude right there.

Damn. That pass into T3 at Indy last year is breathtaking every time I see it.

NBCSN Knows how to keep me engaged in the prerace: very few interviews and a good amount of super awesome montages and features. A+ so far.

I see what looks to be a crane in the fountain area. If it is, big thumbs up to the promoters.

Have we seen the full prerace ceremonies yet this year? I always think broadcasting them is classy.

Every Long Beach retrospective is smashy. Not a surprise?

CAPTAIN PICARD GIVES THE BEST COMMAND OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! (<- Yes, 8 ! were warranted)

Worth noting I will be paying special attention to the Chevy’s given the ridiculous decision to haphazardly destroy an aerokit that cost millions of dollars to develop. I feel for you Chevy.


Still have to say, both of these aerokits look like they’re straight out of the future.

Watching Will Power work his way from the rear should be exciting.


Worst. Formation. Ever.

Looks like we’re back to the bad old days of starts? But it is Long Beach, the place made famous for impossibly terrible formations heading to green.

Dixon looking strong. He could use some good points after a very Dixon-like start to the season.

Looked Like very heads up driving from Marco who came to a complete stop heading into the hairpin.


More Rahal upfront. What the hell is going on. Is he really actually having an OK start to the year?

HCN is walking away. I have a feeling we will be in for a stretched out race if the drivers can keep it off the walls.


lap 4 already. I forgot how quick they click of here.

Onboard with TK. The biggest dude in the field is manhandling this thing.


Debris. Dammit.

Replay of the start shows approximately 1.75 rows aligned for the start.

I understand the sensitivity to debris on the course, but in the event that it is a single piece that one dude can go out and grab real quick we need to create a ‘fast debris yellow’ to make these a bit more bearable.

Filippi and Power stall at pit entrance. What and odd situation. I’m so glad I did not pick Power in my fantasy league, BUT I DID PICK FILIPPI. Sigh.

Still under yellow. My patience is waning.



Dixon looks driven to stay with HCN. Both are way out front.

But my the hairpin, Dixon has already fallen back into the clutches of Montoya.


Yes, these cars look super fast on the streets.


It sounds like Coletti is on 2014 front wing watch! I hope he bangs his nose up so we can get some super cool retro throwback nose action.


Kimball into the pits for a front wing. No info on how it happened.

HCN still out front. I am OK with this. I would really like to see Helio win the championship this year to solidify his place in indycar history


We come back from break and have a weekend montage and immediately go thorugh the field. On the patented anotherindycarblog-how-early-does-through-the-field-happen-indicates-lameness-of-race scale, this is before the first quarter so this race is boring.

I didn’t make the scale, I only report the results.


HOLY CRAP AN ON SCREEN PASS!!! I know there is action up and down the field all day and it’s hard to get it all on tape and show it. Then we need more cameras. If it doesn’t happen on TV, it doesn’t really happen. I’m sure the comments section will be filled with ‘but the lap chart shows 547 passes for position from P10 down.

I don’t care. Show me the money.

But an excellent pass from Bourdais. Get it done, you deserve to win more races.

Sebastian Saavedra sitting in P12. If he finishes better than Karam’s season high of P18, I don’t want to hear anyone else complain about Saavedra funding the remainder of Karam’s season.


Pagenaud inside Montoya. Well done, and a pass for a podium position. Very excellent.


Shhh… racecars… Long Beach

Compared to St. Pete, these drivers are piloting masterful races. Or is this an indication that no one can get close enough to pass and St. Pete is what we should be aspiring to see.


Various drivers start the second pit sequence.

Without the rabbit ears, the Chevy front wings are super reminiscent of the IR09 road and street snow plows.

Also, the subtraction of the rabbit ears do not seem to be making a huge difference. They still shouldn’t be forced to removed them though. Those pieces were homologated fair and square.


Pags looks like he’s warming his tires in preparation for an all out attack on Helio, but it looks like Dixon has already gotten around them both on pit the pit rotation.

We get a shot at Connor Daly. Connor has no money and complains about not being hired, but he as the first guy DCR called when a free seat opened up. I think that says a lot CD, just keep pushing for funding. You have done nothing to prove to me you deserve a ride on merit alone with one of the big teams.

Coletti 10 laps down. What the hell happened?


We’re watching a blue, yellow and red Penske train. How about we see some of that passing that I’m bound to hear about lower in the field on Monday.

Hawks totally blows the fountain complex on cold tires. Saavedra and Kimball both miss him and none of the three touch the barriers at all. I knew you guys had it in you!


I have to say, I’m shocked and extremely impressed with how clean this race has been. Cooler heads have prevailed all day.

The field is slightly stretched, but the race hasn’t been bad at all.


Dracone literally gets freight trained. One more race… one more race… one more race…


More DF created less marbles. Excellent insight from Bell. Thank you, viewing enhanced. The lack of marbles is noticeable!


Miller stroking Daly’s ego. Shocking.

Daly also driving in someone else’s seat. Did you not run the Indy 500? Did you not get a seat insert poured? Why is that seat insert not attached to your hip everytime your at a race?


Onboard with Rahal. Not a huge fan of red cars, but that Steak ‘n Shake livery is HOT.


The cracking from the turbo/gearbox/who knows is super pronounced today. We may not have the raciest sounding engines on the block (I think they sound pretty racy though) but there are definitely other sounds to round out the IndyCar experience.


The cars are noticeably loose on the exit of T8. We’re seeing some awesome car control.


SATO in the pits. The ABC livery looks damn good on the Honda aerokit.


TV continues to talk up the helpfulness of Jakes in the Schmidt organization. I’m not totally sold on that yet though.


Everyone comes in. 25 lap dash to the finish. Dixon out front. I don’t see much changing. A late race caution would be cool, but this hasn’t been the worst day IndyCar has seen by far.


Montoya masterfully gets around Pagenaud. Seeing a move like that makes a race like this totally worth it.


Damn these cars look Hot. Has diecast been released yet? I need it ALL


Oh yea, Will Power. Poor guy. I was just think today about how much of a fan I was becoming of his. Tough day son.


Ugh, we switch to the ‘laps to go’ count. This isn’t freaking NASCAR, just count the laps for me.


Enthralled with racecars.


There are a few trains throughout the field, but I think most of the guys are scared to get too close. Who wants to be the cause of a full course caution?


‘run IndyCars at close to 200 down the front straight’ come on guys, they barely touch 170 here…

How did Coletti just turn the fastest lap of the race? Is he just an incredibly streaky rookie? He has the experience.


We see how terrible Dixon is here at Long Beach. I would love to see him come home with the win today.


Man, JPM and Pags have been fighting for the last 50 laps. I bet there will be 2 tired boys in the Penske camp after its all said and done.

Booth mentions how laid down Pags wing is. Cool to see the cars can finally take those differences. I the past, there was no option but to run the Dallara DW12 at full downforce because of how unwieldy it was.


Dracone is still the butt of chicane jokes.


Pags looks very impatient. Along with being exhausted, I bet there wont be very many friendly words for each other.


The battle for third is intense. Passes or not, these guys are leaving nothing on the track.



How have we gone nearly caution free?!? WELL DONE BOYS!!



DIXON!!! Excellent job Iceman. And any chance to interview Emma is a total bonus.

–Post Race–

I can hear the haters now. NO PASSING, THE CARS CAN’T GET CLOSE. ANYONE BUT PENSKE OR GANASSI. Shut it. That was clean and fast racing. I really enjoy seeing light on caution IndyCar races because we get to see who really has the pace. No surprise it’s Dixon on the top of the podium on a day like this.

Excellent race. I can totally do these early in the season. In one short week we shall reconvene for an in depth discussion regarding the racing in Barber Motorsport Park.

Thanks IndyCar, that was a blast.

Eric Hall

Programing Note: Due to personal obligations next Sunday, there is a good chance notes will appear on Monday.

Programing Note Two: Any interest in qualifying notes?


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Unfiltered Race Notes: Grand Prix of Louisiana 2015

Welcome back to the second installment of everyones favorite race review! Here we are in NOLA Motorsport Park for the inaugural Grand Prix of Louisiana. After a wet start to the weekend, I’m ready to get down to business. Let’s do this!



Good to see you again NBCSN.

I hope we actually race. It cannot rain again or these INTERMEDIATE tires with a ROAD INSPIRED TREAD PATTERN won’t be able to handle this drizzle.

I hope firestone brings a true full wet sometime this year. They look just as bad as IndyCar does when we have continued issues in the rain.

Starting on entrant points due to lightning in quals. OK. I can dig it. JPM up front is never a bad thing, Even if he ended qualifying in the grass. I’LL TAKE IT!

Even though quals got wiped from history, Bourdais SHOULT NOT have been penalized for impeding the progress of TK. I’m sorry, but TK should not have been on a flier. Why were there not yellows waving for the car off the track? Can’t impede someone yielding for yellows. Right?

Reading the future of the race with tarot cards? Cheesy, but I can dig it.

Ok. 22 minutes of prerace. That’s what I’m talking about. Lets do this!



Less spray than I thought we would see.

TK already motocrossing over the curbs. I hope his back is alright.

JPM checking out already.

Bourdais and Pagenaud knife-fighting already. It’s so early.


In-car with TK. It doesn’t look that bad. Very little standing water. These guys should be able to handle this for 75 laps.


Sage loses a wing tower doo-dad. First piece of debris. Not bad at all. It’s amazing what not having concrete walls lining the circuit will do for debris.


Penske on a split set-up. Interesting.


People are thinking about slicks? What?


JPM is losing slightly to Power. I would usually say cue the jaws music if the roles were reversed, but Power is in the zone.


Power looking for water.


The cars look very good here, but so much of the track looks like every other part of the track. No distinctive features or landmarks at all.


Back to the front. Power and JPM are in a different area code… Ok. I’m preparing myself for a full season of this. I love these guys but even I want to see more colors at the front.


TK and RHR in for… SLICKS?!?! Dudes… I do not agree with this strategy.

Onboard with TK following RHR. Um.. No grip at all.


Looks like those who are heading to pitlane are also taking reds. This is why I’m not a race engineer.

The sky has cleared enough to allow the helicopter to linger on-site. The dry line does not look to be forming quite yet.


TK in the grass and ALMOST INTO SIMONA AND MARCO. Damn son. Get it together.


Leaders in. everyone on reds

How has there not been a yellow yet? Well done drivers. Let’s keep it up!

Chaves doing donut in the grass. This is comical.

HCN right there with Power. Amazing. This may be closer that we had initially thought.


SOME RANDOM DUDE just pushed Chaves off the curb only for him to stall like 37 feet down the road. ALL FOR NOT. Thank you for your help though, random dude in a button down.


Colletti commenting about how much more room and respect is given over here compared to his time in GP2. That’s awesome to hear.



OH NO!! Hawks and Jakes into the barrier before the line!

And Dracone spins it heading into T1. Thank goodness he didn’t collect anyone else. Repeat after me: He will be out of the car by Indy. He will be out of the car by Indy…


For Hawks into the barrier. Yes, his car is definitely bent.

HCN with massive wing damage. Ouch.

Looks like Jakes lost it and Hawks had nowhere to go. Too bad for the sophomore savant.


Well, I guess HCN punted Dracone. I’m sorry… But not really. Seriously, he’ll be gone by Indy.

Miller with Hawks. Man, he is upset. What a great day thrown away by success in the stair lift industry.


JPM telling IndyCar that someone will have a massive shunt on the back straight if someone doesn’t blow this water away. Ahem. This is what called a mixed condition race Mr. Montoya. If you’re gonna shunt on reds, you should have stayed with wets.


Crew member down in the Dracone pit with the driver facing the wrong way. Considering the injured crew member, I will withhold snarky comments regarding Dracone.


Booth says this could be a timed race.

JPM, Power, Pags. Coming to



OH MY GOODNESS. COLETTI!!Amazing no one got collected with him. Young guy is so lucky he backed it into an armco instead of concrete. What a hit.


Booth guesses we will get in 56 laps. Damn. And more rain 20 minutes out. Double damn.

32 (37 minutes remain)


Rahal almost pulls a Coletti.

But I have to say, GET ON IT RAHAL. I picked you in both my fantasy leagues.


Karam into the kitty litter. Ok. This is getting ridiculous. Can we please get some racing in today?!

Onboard with Rahal. Great save. I think pops taking himself off the pit stand may do more for Rahal than any other change in his entire carear.

Not sure what lap we are on.

The entire field heads in to take fuel and reds. Last stops of the day. 23 laps left? I have no idea, I feel like I haven’t seen the lap ticker in 15 minutes.

Booth to car radio is a success?!? How often does that happen?!?

  1. Hinch in the lead through snazzy pit work. This may just play into his hands.


Huertas spins it before the line. Dude.

26 minutes left per the booth. I still have no idea what lap we are on.

Wow, Coletti back out after fixing what was though to be a damaged gear box?

This is feeling like a s*** show today…

Question of the moment: Will se actually get to see more than 2 consecutive laps of green flag racing? No. I highly doubt it.


39 (17 minutes remain)

20 minutes to do 7 laps? We aren’t at Circuit de la Sarthe? Ok, just making sure… That’s so IndyCar.


HOLY CRAP, NOBODY SPUN ON THE GREEN!!!!!!! (<- extra !! just because it was that damn amazing)

Simona into P4. Now that’s how you cover yourself in glory after such a forgettable weekend in St. Pete.


Jakes pressuring HCN. Is this opposite day?

JPM around Power… Excellent..

JPM will drive from hear on out like a crazy person. I vote to stay onboard with him for the remainder of the race.


Jakes around HCN. What? No. Ok. I was about to lose my mind.


Because of course.

Stall by Karam? Sigh. Not what we need to see.

Good for Hinch. I how want this to go yellow the rest of the way considering there is so little time left. Hinch and SSM could use this good will early in the year.

43 (8 minutes remain)


HCN is getting hounded by Jakes and Simona. This is excellent stuff.


Bourdais, RHR and Pags smashed each other. Pags giving Bourdais some lip.

Come on Pags, wait until he gets out and box him!

Now Pags over to RHR to give him some lip. Dude is on a roll.

Replay shows us that Bourdais is a lucky man. He almost took a gearbox to the face.

Man, 3 wide. I don’t think Pags has too much of a right to blame either driver. That was just a scary ass crash. Really, Pags shouldn’t have put himself on the outside of 2 other drivers racing for position in the wet. This is IndyCar for goodness sakes, what did you think would happen?!

45 (3 minutes remain)

Mercifully, I think this thing will run out of time. I cant handle any more of this. Not a great first trip to NOLA for the series.

47 (2 seconds remain)


Congrats Mr Hinch. Talk about a battle of attrition.

Looks like Simona will come home in P4 and Jakes in P3. Who had that for their fantasy league?!

I hope this will secure the short term future for Simona. She deserves so much more after everything she has endured in IndyCar.




I’m out; see you in Long Beach.

Eric Hall



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Unfiltered Race Notes: Grand Prix of St. Petersburg 2015

Welcome back to the most best-est unfiltered race notes!!! I have no idea what is in store for anotherindycarblog during 2015, but these were fun, so lets do it again!


Alright alright alright… 7 month off-season, you have not crushed my spirit; I’m here and ready for RACEC… oh… basketball… well… I guess I can wait five more minutes.

IMSP knocking it out of the park. Thanks guys. If there is one constant shiny star in the sometimes-goat-rodeo-that-is-indycar-racing, it’s IMSP.

Note to self: Buy yacht, park in St. Petersburg Marina, watch IndyCar race.

Ugh. Cheever and Goodyear. Hopefully Bestwick can save us.

Wherever these joker are, it looks busy and packed; excellent location choice for this thing.

Interviews, Andretti Autosport montage, Interviews, Whatever.

Beekhuis getting all techy on us. I approve. This is the best look at some of the kit details I’ve seen yet.

Wings on wings on wings on wings. I’m not totally convinced that’s getting old yet.

I’m already tired of interviews. More montages please. In slow motion next time?

Having the drivers talk about the track instead of the commentators is an awesome way to complement the track map segment. Again, I approve.

32 minutes and 51 seconds into the season, and I’m on your side ABC, don’t loose me just as quick. I’ve even forgiven you for the 5 minutes of basketball during my racecar coverage.

Good Command. Let’s do this; it’s been far, far too long.

2 seater has the sharkfin but nothing else from the new Honda kit. I wonder if they think that is the defining aspect of their kit?



Clean through turn 1. Amazing.

The pack sounds awesome.

There was definitely contact further back in the field before T1.


For debris. Great start.

20K front wings. Wow.



Penske train up front.

The cars look life damn spaceships out there. Cool


Coletti giving Kimball the elbow. Strong start Charlie; let’s at least try and not squander this Ganassi seat all year, please?


Nice shout outs for Hawksworth, Coletti, Chaves and Jakes. Always like to see the back of the field get some lovin’.


The cars look bad fast. Not nearly as lumbering as last year.


Onboard with Rahal. Dude is working really hard to not make any progress on Dixon. Keep at it Babe.

Coletti’s car looks hot. I love silver racecars.


Oh yea, Will Power is running away with it. Is there any doubt that he wont win?


Filippi takes a handful of front wing. He’ll be a good guinea pig racing without the wing flip doo-dads


Simona into Munoz. Ouch. Not covering yourself in glory there Simona. WE NEED BETTER FROM YOU!

No yellow. Thank goodness.

JPM not into Dixon. Well done!


Air jack failure on Dixons car. Slow recovery from the team. Surprising.


Power even farther out front.


For debris.


I’ll run out onto a live track and recover that crap. Call me IndyCar.

The cars look GREAT!

Racing has been meh, but St. Pete usually is. Thus far, this has been fantastic.

It looks like there may be RV camping along the front straight. That is cool as hell. The stands look very full as well.



Huertas out. Busted steering rack maybe? A Coyne car breaking? Nooo.



Montoya passes 2 cars headed into T1, almost crashes himself out, gathers it up and continues on. Welcome back old friend!

And Sato elbows Bourdais.

Side-by-side through the entire back half of the track. Nutso. No, the racing has not been hurt with the aerokits.



Marco crushed his shiny new wing because he is not as good as he thinks he is. Come on man, that was rookie.

The racing ahs been good, but there’s no rhythm to this show at all. Lets click off some laps and get through a pit stop sequence without crashing into each other.

Who will be the first to run a stock Dallara front wing?


Looks like Sato also has a broken wing. Could it be? No, he has a new new wing. Boo.



The entire field is much more collected. Looks like they want to get some laps clicked off as well.


JPM hunting Helio. Cue the Jaws music.


Chaves into Hinch. Carbon fiber flying. This could be a long afternoon. Debris everywhere.


These guys are cooking.

Shhh… Racecar.


Munoz around the outside of Jakes like a boss.

The booth is fawning over Andretti. I’m not sure they’re watching the same race I am.



Jakes off. Simona win a mean tire rub. Simona just crushed the rear of Jakes. Dammit Simona, that’s twice. This isn’t how we get more races added to our deal!

Props to the booth for throwing Jakes under the bus though.

Everyone into the pits.

Helio around Power in the pits. IS THIS REAL LIFE?


500 montage. Most excellent.



Hawksworth and Karam leading us to green.

Power and JPM around Helio. The race is clearly going to be between these two.


Pagenaud into the rear of Kimball and Rahal puts Kimball into the tires just to finish him off. I know this wasn’t your doing CK, but it’s these kinds of things that make me have no hope in you. Wrong place, wrong time, every time.

JPM behind Power for the restart and JPM looks READY for trouble.



I need to breathe.

JPM staying right with Power and both are gapping the field. For once, I want to see the lead cars circulating. JPM on Blacks?!?!


Someone ran onto the track to get a piece of wing. There goes my shot at glory.

Quite a few Chevy’s missing the winglet things. Rahal with a floppy wing.


Rahal drive through, and on maybe his best day in a while. Too bad? No.

Focusing on the Power/JPM battle. Very yes. This is the way to keep me watching during side-by-side coverage.


Hawksworth pits and doesn’t change his wing. I love it. Broken racecars limping to the end.

Yes, JPM on blacks and Power on reds.


Onboard with Power. Sounds like drivers are dropping gears quicker. I always attributed the slow downshifts to low-tech gearboxes. Could it have been braking grip dictating the slower downshifts?


Ok. It’s been a while without a caution. The race has settled in. What do we know?

-JPM can keep up with Power

-Simona may not be seen again this year

-wings are made of glass


I can’t help but think JPM may pull this off. He is too fast on blacks.

Side thought about the gearboxes: I would really like to see 7 speed boxes in 2017.


I see Dracone is out. Did we hear anything about that? Hmm…


Why does it feel like Pagenaud running in P5 is kind of a disappointment?


Final stops.

Power’s left rear fumbles the nut.

The director missed Power exiting the pits and the race with JPM. THAT WAS THE RACE WINNING PIT EXIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABC???


The booth mentions the JPM/Power exchange up front. Thanks. A bit too late, and now we’re following Helio’s out lap. What


Pagenaud around the outside of Bourdais.

OK, we get the exchange on replay. I AM OFF THE BANDWAGON ABC!


Looks like no one pulled the jack for Power. That’ll do it every time. Penske perfect?

Good catch ABC.


Power is closing. Quickly.

I’m nervous.


Booth notes Power is knocking 0.5 seconds a lap off. Buckle up kids, here we go.

I could watch these two lap all day long.


Power peeking to the inside.

Let’s watch together now.


Montoya may be short on tires.


Buuut it doesn’t matter as JPM closes the door on Power. Decisively closes the door.

However, that was a low probability move at best Power. You’re lucky both of you are still running.


MOVE OVER SAGE! That probably ruined any hope on a knife fight at the end.

Look at Jakes! Verizon in the mirrors? Move over and slam on the brakes. At least he knows how to get lapped. A few other drivers could take some lessons there.


We never once went through the field. By the patented Eric Hall, is-this-a-boring-race-o-meter, no… this was not a boring race.


lappers ahead. It looks like they’re racing tough. Good to know there was action up and down the field as we were focused on the fron for the final ¼ of the race

These lappers may be making Montoya sweat.



I would try and stay behind those idiots if possible.

Kimball spins it. Dude.



Montoya. That’s the way to start the season.

I have nothing left to say. JPM for season champion, You heard it here first. It’s been proven that Power can be thrown off his game with ease if you can keep the pressure on. Montoya did not back down and physically reminded Power he does not own the top position in the team.

In fairness, Power knew the move was optimistic and didn’t have a single complaint. Kudos Mr. Power, that is a huge change from a year ago. All things considered, he’s in amazing good spirits.

Hell yes. That was a race. I totally approve.

Eric Hall

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Dallara, IndyCar, Randy Bernard and Black Helicopters

It’s January 19th, one day after Honda and Chevrolet submitted their final designs for their spiffy 2015 aerokits; a glorious day for sure. But here we sit with no images or anything really too concrete regarding what we may be in store for once the green falls in St. Petersburg.

I’m totally OK with this.

My excitement for the 2015 season, the introduction of aerokits and the new look of the IndyCar schedule has me very excited about the coming season; more so than any season in recent memory.

When was the last time we had a true development war in IndyCar? Possibly ahead of the 2005 season when we saw Dallara and Panoz contesting the championship on the chassis side and Chevy, Toyota and Honda on the engine side. That wide ocean of development was pared down to only Dallara and Honda contesting the entire 2006 season; quite the change in only one year.

The situation was even more dire on the CART/Champ Car side following the 2002 season. Honda and Toyota had departed for the IRL and Reynard Motorsport was not saved from bankruptcy.

A handful of teams soldiered on with the undeveloped Reynard chassis for two more years before finally being mothballed in favor of the Lola. And like that, CART/Champ Car’s backbone became spec equipment.

Competitive open-wheel development has been at a standstill for more year’s than many of the highly coveted new fans have been watching. And that is a tough pill to swallow. Indycar racing, in one form or another, has been built upon development and we are on the brink of seeing the next iteration of that century old knife fight.

Needless to say, I am truly looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. But while reading the flurry of excellent development articles coming from various sources, I began to wonder exactly how the DW12 was designed.

The supposed word on the street regarding the initial Dallara aerokit was that it was designed solely as a show kit ahead of the 2012 season. The intention being that other manufacturers would come on board and autoclave some new clothes for the DW12 safety cell.

As we well know, that did not happen. With no kit manufacturers on board, IndyCar and Dallara were left scrambling to push the show kit into production with minimal wind tunnel or CFD development. I do not blame either party for this decision; why develop something that would only see service for a year?

Remember back to initial Indy testing of the shiny new Dallara kit. Speeds were down… way down… 215-ish top speed down. Dallara was emphatic their chassis hit all the items on the IndyCar checklist, and a Dallara manufacturing engineer here in Indianapolis planted the blame squarely on the overweight engines being supplied.

Of course, Chevy and Honda held the line and pushed blame to Dallara. I have always wondered if the current turd of an aerokit was more to blame than chassis design or engine weight. It’s much cheaper to fix an imbalance problem by changing a-arm geometry than developing a new aerokit.

But the teams, drivers and the series marched on and developed that sorry aerokit until it could turn blistering times at nearly every facility visited.

Now enter 2015 manufacturer testing.

IndyCar and Dallara anticipated a huge increase of downforce from the new kits and proactively made downforce decreases to the existing under tray in testing as early as fall of 2014. And rightfully so, IndyCar and Dallara both knew how sloppy the existing kit was and how much potential there was to be found in the chassis.

Even with the new, less efficient floor, Honda and Chevy maxed out the suspension strength as early as October of 2014; a concerning mark to hit so soon in development. The response? IndyCar axed even more downforce by making the tunnels and diffuser more inefficient. Not the way we want the chassis to be developed in concert with these new aerokits.

I wasn’t thrilled about the initial floor change, but the need is understandable as Dallara has clearly improved the base design slowly over the past three years. But this second round of technical de-evolution is concerning.

What exactly was Dallara thinking when they OKed the suspension ahead of the 2012 season? Did they not ever expect downforce increases over the life of the chassis? Were there no actual plans to introduce manufacturer aerokits?

This malarky makes me believe that the idea of an “aerokit” was a red herring fed to us by Randy Bernard. Yet another big check written by the-starry-eyed-every-fans-best-friend that IndyCar and Dallara would be unable to cash once push came to shove.

Remember proud Randy standing in front of us with the amazing revelation to move downforce from the wings to the under tray? It did wonders for competition, but sent the wrong message regarding the evolution of the DW12.

Should I be concerned about nose to tail racing now that the downforce has moved from the floor to the wings? During the years leading up to the sweeping rules changes ahead of the 2009 Formula One season, we saw just how bad the racing can be when you continue to take away downforce from the floor and force teams to claw it back with the wings.

This is not how chassis and aero development is supposed to go. Chevy and Honda have gone above and beyond the call. They fight tooth and nail on the engine side by bringing updates as quickly as possible and utilizing the rules in an attempt to strangle the series. The inability of either to complete this task is proof positive that both manufacturers are leaving nothing on the engine development table.

The reports that both manufacturers have maxed out the stock DW12 suspension is even more credence to their commitment to winning in IndyCar. Honda and Chevy are clearly pushing the limits of what they can do within the rules and finding huge gains to complete the IndyCar choke hold.

I’ve long been a supporter of Dallara, but such poor planning and design cannot be overlooked. Neither can the memory of Randy Bernard constantly selling us on things he would ultimately fail to deliver.

Did Dallara deliver exactly what was asked within the monetary design constraints? Did Randy know he was selling a Ferrari on a Fiat budget? Did he assume there would never be aerokits, as witnessed by the DW12 design compromises, only to sell fans something he assumed would never be delivered?

I really believe the answer is ‘yes’ across the board. Randy was not a stupid man. He knew what the fans wanted and was able to sell us hope instead of giving us truth. I also believe Dallara delivered the promised chassis, but was not able to developed the flexibility needed to handle dynamic aerokits due to obvious time and budgetary concerns.

Considering how volatile the IndyCar fan base is (Myself included along with everyone reading this post) fudging the numbers may not have been the worst short-term solution. A short-term solution because he knew his time was limited and he was already tired of the noise?

Black helicopter territory now.

This racer article put the final pieces in the fishy Dallara/Bernard/IndyCar puzzle that has been rattling around for a while. I always felt Randy was a better salesman than a leader, but I was never able to clearly pinpoint the root of my concern.

Regardless of what happened years ago, the idea that we have Skunk Works level secrecy taking place in our tiny slice of motorsport heaven is almost too exciting. Honda and Chevy are primed for an epic battle and they clearly do not care if IndyCar or Dallara is there to help.

Add the renewed commitment of Firestone to increase development in 2015, we are primed for an excellent year of technical warfare the likes of which we haven’t seen in nearly a decade.

Roll on Brazilia!

Eric Hall

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Unfiltered Race Notes: Milwaukee 2014

OK, Here we go with the Milwaukee race notes… finally. I think I have found some international feed on youtube as there was not even a second of prerace; straight into the command and the launching of the cars. I must say, I’m not upset. Let’s do this!

Arie back into the two-seater… interesting



Power straight to the lead, RHR in last

Good to see the guys really using the new tires and slice through the field early on


I know we are some 15+ mile an hour slower than the old CART machinery here in qualifying, but these guys still look fast on this ancient ribbon of concrete


Sato nearly crashes before the race even starts. Well done. I expect nothing less from you


Spending a few laps onboard with RHR and there is no one better to be onboard here with. The guys is so good here, even if he is starting from the rear of the field


Alright, I know I am watching this a few weeks late and the crowd debate has been beat to death, but the main grandstands look really full. Obviously, the shorties in T1 and T4 are sparse, but the mains are full with people sitting all the way down to the fence


The commercials really eat up a lot of laps here

RHR still slicing through the field with Hinch close in tow


It’s very hard to tell if there is fuel savings going on here at Milwaukee. It just feels like if you do decide to lift early, you will instantly be out of contention


Power ahead by over ½ a second… an eternity at Milwaukee


Lost sound on the feed. Sounded faded down in the studio, I bet this is an issue with the broadcaster


Now Dixon making a few moves. The cars that are on it here really look on it

Taking the entrance to 1 the half lane down can gain you a good amount of ground


Alright, I think that was an uncommented commercial break. Wonder why I missed those ten or so laps early on


Did you know Charlie Kimball has diabetes?


Confirmed. This is the world feed. We get no off track cut away interviews. I’m 100% ok with that


Onboard with Pagenaud. Dude has so much trouble on ovals; he does not look comfortable at all right now


Saavedra holding up a pack of quick guys. Shocking


Castroneves is mired behind SS as well. I can imagine the seething under the helmet, HCN needs to go


Pags first in. That orange is beautiful. Possibly my favorite car in the field, and bold monochromatic liveried don’t usually look too hot on the DW12s


The rest of the field is filing into the pits rather quickly


TK gaining on Power ever so slightly


3 WIDE INTO T1 AND T3. These guys get nutty on new tires


JPM hits a tire in the pits with no penalty. What?!


Carpenter in. For a tiny team, his crew is blindingly fast. What a difference between ECR and SFHR


Knock down drag out fight for the lead! TK is just a bit slower in the lowside and loses momentum to Power riding around the high side. I think we can classify this oval run for Power as clinical already. Not many people could have help off a charging TK for the lead on an oval


Silent commercial break, this time we are onboard with Power looking back at TK. Good view for a few moments of silence


The Mile looks pretty smooth considering the harsh northern winters and tunnel running under the track. I’m sure this place hasn’t been resurfaced in a long while. What a great facility to have IndyCars at


Power running into some heavy lapped traffic


RHR up to P6 with the Ganassi/Penske show ahead


Ha ha! The lap speeds are being displayed in KPH


Bell mentions high-speed commitment. Well put


Stat mentions Hawksworth finished P9 last year here in IndyLights… out of what, 11 cars? Silly stat


Awesome battle between HCN and about 3 other guys during the silent commercial break. Glad I got to see it


RHR +14 to P5. Get it done


Have yet to mention Newgarden. The kid is finishing the year strong. I hope good things come to him in 2015


Points as they run. Still kind of far from the end of the year to be doing this isn’t it?


Dixon in. Looks like the guys are only running about 50 lap stints out of a possible maximum of 70. Another tire limited race it looks like


…enthralled with the racing…


Stops still happening. If this race continues green until the end there could be a stop every single lap as the strategies drift away


TK hastling Power from a lap down with new tires. Takes him a few laps to get around even with new tires


TK to the lead with over 3.5 seconds in hand


Power has already reeled in TK by nearly a second


Through the field. Over half way? Not bad. My supremely scientific method of using when ‘through the field’ first appears to gauge the excitement of whatever race I am watching. It feels like nearly every race has seen through the field over halfway through



Munoz brushes the wall

About half the field comes in with TK not taking tires and Power not even coming in for fuel. Interesting shift in strategy

Munoz behind the wall

A few late takers for fuel and tires


Good for AJFR. They jumped Kimball in the pit battle



TK and JPM rushing through the field

Sounds like TK may have actually taken tires. Confused with the conflicting info


Power has settled into a comfortable lead. This has been an unbelievable afternoon for him.

Power TK JPM. Strong top 3


Has the race been exciting? I think so. Yes, it’s been slightly strung out, but the cars look spectacular here. The drivers are clearly working hard and you can see that in the attitude of the cars through the corner


Top 3 have closed up and are sprinting away from the field

TK cites Ted Horn as the guy who made him work at short ovals. Cool shout out


Through the field

Pags hanging tough in the top 10. Pretty good day after a slow start

Broken suspension for RHR. Shades of Pocono. What a weird year for the Indy 500 winner. No yellow

Replay. GREAT save


The guys are still close up front, but traffic looms ahead

TK and JPM have done an excellent job keeping power in their sights


Newgarden in pretty early. It may be tough to make it to the end from here


Slow stop for Marco


Power in. This should be his last stop. Nice reminder from Cindric to not speed on pit lane

Rest of the field streams in as well. This could be the longest stint the field has had to run


Good race between JPM and TK, but they are over 3 seconds behind Power

Honestly, I never thought I would see Power run this dominant of an oval race.


Newgarden could be holding up JPM and TK, but still a great run from him


Wow, once the traffic got thick Powers lead evaporated with JPM bombing past Newgarden for P2


JPM and Power racing for the win

This race will be decided by how well the two guys can get around traffic


Cindric: Be mindful of fuel

JPM having trouble with traffic


I saw them give the blue to Munoz from the flagstand. I don’t like the idea of race control parting the seas for the leader while P2 and down have to fight to navigate the traffic


Sounds like Newgarden can’t make it to the end

Wow, Pagenaud in P3. Huge day for him and SSM


So Power is running away with it and no one has anything for him. This is a defining drive


Aaaand Pags slips down to P7


Montoya is slowly closing in, but he just doesn’t have to speed through traffic


Power is doing a great job cutting through traffic. I’m shocked at how well he is running this race. It has all clearly clocked for Power


Pagenaud not letting Power by. I wish we could hear what Pags is mumbling to himself under the helmet right now


Big points swing for Power



Power “I love winning on ovals!”

Absolutely amazing. With this kind of dominant win on the definition of a drivers track, buckle in for a few years of Power crushing the field. Even if he lost a hair on the twisties, what he has gained on the ovals this year has been nothing short of masterful. I think we saw someone ‘get it’ this afternoon.

Not a bad afternoon of racing. Exciting but somewhat uneventful, but the cars still look spectacular here. Final thought? I want to see INDYCAR give the teams road course boost. We need 750 horses here.

Eric Hall

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