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6 Reasons why IndyCar is the Best Reality show on TV

Yes, I am aware there were two other marketing-of-indycar-type articles written today. What can I say, great minds think alike… Nothing earth shattering this week. With, for once, not much news of note happening right now it would be a … Continue reading

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Pre-Practice Predictions

Before practice gets underway this weekend, I thought I would share my starting lineup from the 41 entries currently in the mix. The field is incredible, and the fight will be very tough this year for some of the lower … Continue reading

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Rebranding the Championship Trophy

Before you read this, I should make some things clear about where I stand in my interpretation of the split of 1996. Being born and raised in Indianapolis, I was 12 at the time of the split. My family followed … Continue reading

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Formula INDYCAR schedule Pt. 2

Ok, here is part two of my dream, Formula INDYCAR schedule. Here is the first half of the schedule. Toronto, Canada Exhibition place street event – Canada has more recent, but very close ties with indycar racing. Our friends to … Continue reading

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Formula INDYCAR schedule Pt. 1

Late last week I posted an article about indycar racing becoming the Formula 1 of the Americas. Obviously this couldn’t happen over night or even anytime in the near future, but it is something for the series to shoot for. … Continue reading

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Formula INDYCAR?

Indy car racing’s history is, strictly speaking, an American racing series with historically American locations and champions. The FIA overseas international level racing and sanctions many types of “world” championships. Said championships mainly have European centered calendars with some flyaway … Continue reading

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