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Dallara, IndyCar, Randy Bernard and Black Helicopters

It’s January 19th, one day after Honda and Chevrolet submitted their final designs for their spiffy 2015 aerokits; a glorious day for sure. But here we sit with no images or anything really too concrete regarding what we may be … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… 2013 Mega Preview Pt. 1, The Nuts and Bolts Edition

The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg and the start to the 2013 season is a bit over a week away, and after the horrendous six month off season, no better words could be spoken. The 19 race calendar is primed … Continue reading

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2012 IndyCar Development Notebook

(Programming Note: The recent news items that have plagued indycar racing caused me to basically tune the sport out for the previous two weeks. Although the road ahead is still unstable, I am still committed to the series and this … Continue reading

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How I Saw It… 2012 Super Review Part 1: Nuts and Bolts Edition

2012 will be remembered for close racing and an entirely new chassis/engine package that revolutionized the on-track product in the INDYCAR series. Not revolutionized, no, it was more of a renaissance of sorts. A return to a more historically correct … Continue reading

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Will Dallara Come to the Rescue, Again?

In 1996, Arie Luyendyk broke the single lap record at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a speed of 237.498 miles per hour. During that same qualifying attempt, he also broke the four lap average qualifying record with a speed of … Continue reading

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Airing of Grievances… The Aerokit Edition

July 15th, 2010. A day remembered in infamy, a day of holograms, a day of ICONIC proportions,  a day the open wheel world was going to take a turn for the better. Hate it or love it, our fate for … Continue reading

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How I Saw It Happen… A Gorgeous Facility PLUS RACE, Edition

I could not in my wildest dreams imagine a race at Barber half as action filled as this weekends race. No more will the track be only known for its visual grandeur that has tainted opinions for three years. Entering … Continue reading

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RVM…Don’t Cry for Me, Motegi Edition

The final Indy Japan 300 was contested late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. A huge local crowd was on hand, and all 13 of us we watching live on Verse. Japan and its Twin Ring Motegi Circuit has been … Continue reading

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Secret* Spyshots of New Dallara Facility

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, after the terrible, terrible weekend shift at work, I decided to head down to speedway and check out how the new Dallara plant is coming along. The last time I drove by was during May, … Continue reading

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My take on the new “car” (most likely) Pt. 1

The 2012 Dallara, Indy “Safety Cell” made its on-track debut the Monday following the coma enducing Mid Ohio weekend at the same track. The “test” was super double secret, only a select few media peoples attended and the two days … Continue reading

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