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101st Indy 500 Hot Takes!

THE HOT TAKES ARE HERE! THE HOT TAKES ARE HERE! Poorly written and edited even wordily, here are the hottest of hot takes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the maniacal rantings of an indycar fan. I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Dallara, IndyCar, Randy Bernard and Black Helicopters

It’s January 19th, one day after Honda and Chevrolet submitted their final designs for their spiffy 2015 aerokits; a glorious day for sure. But here we sit with no images or anything really too concrete regarding what we may be … Continue reading

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How I Saw It… 2012 Super Review Part 1: Nuts and Bolts Edition

2012 will be remembered for close racing and an entirely new chassis/engine package that revolutionized the on-track product in the INDYCAR series. Not revolutionized, no, it was more of a renaissance of sorts. A return to a more historically correct … Continue reading


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Aerodynamics Case Study: Engine Covers at the Indy 500

Even though we are living in a spec world during 2012, there are still many things that teams can do to make a car perform better at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and beyond. The majority of these tweaks and tricks … Continue reading

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Fuel Cells, Golf Balls and Odometers

Fuel mileage races are race fans greatest fear. No more are we watching a nerve racking competition of speed, oh no, what we have on our hands is now a challenge not to run dry on the last lap. This … Continue reading

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How Fast is Fast… How Slow is Slow?

218. Miles. Per. Hour… in 2012. My how things have changed. It seems so slow; last year we were at 224 on pole day; a drop of six mile an hour! And the year before we were at 227. We … Continue reading

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How I Saw It Happen… A Gorgeous Facility PLUS RACE, Edition

I could not in my wildest dreams imagine a race at Barber half as action filled as this weekends race. No more will the track be only known for its visual grandeur that has tainted opinions for three years. Entering … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… 2012 is finally Here

YES… The season truly feels like it is upon us as I pull my trusty crystal ball out and attempt to peer into the future for the first time this year. The 2011 offseason was a hornets’ nest of unbridled … Continue reading

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Finally… Looking forward to the 2012 Season

It’s February; the INDYCAR season starts next month! Granted, St. Petersburg is still well over a month and a half away, but it still feels good to be this close. As we sit on the cusp of a new racing … Continue reading

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More Off Season Rambling…

It has been quite a while since have chatted. Amid a strenuous work schedule, unforeseen sick time, an even more critically injured computer, and the holiday craziness, it’s nice to be able to slow down and talk some indycar with … Continue reading

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