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Unfiltered Race Notes: Grand Prix of Indy 2015

Full disclosure: I was there live. I know how this movie ends and I know how pissed off all of you are about what went down. I saw a ton of passing and had a freaking great afternoon at the … Continue reading

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Unfiltered Race Notes: Grand Prix of Indianapolis 2014

Welcome back to the Unfiltered race notes! I was on the ground at IMS this weekend, but didn’t really have a good grasp of what had gone on during the race. Honestly, it surprised me how exciting the end of … Continue reading

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On The Grounds: Grand Prix of Indianapolis Edition

Saturday was the day that changed it all for one mid-twenties place fan. I had convinced my younger brother to attend the inaugural GP of Indianapolis with me and I was determined to show him the intricate nuances of road … Continue reading

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Into The Crystal Ball… Turning Right at IMS edition

Welcome to Indianapolis, where we seem to be headed down the front straight the entirely wrong direction! The “greatest race course in the world” (read oval… you haven’t earned any claim to fame with the road course yet Mr. IMS…) … Continue reading

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A Trophy and a Concert

(NOTE: This post originally appeared on OpenPaddock.net on 2/13/2014. My writing at OP will all be archived here to keep my work compiled in a single location at least one week after originally appearing at OpenPaddock.net.) I must commend IMS … Continue reading

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Grand Prix of Indy, a Few Local Reactions

Road racing is on at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and there were more than a few questions concerning the whole package. As the self-appointed every-mans indianpolis based indycar lifer and racing addict, I think some pedestrian opinion could be just … Continue reading

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