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Into The Crystal Ball… 2013 Mega Preview Pt. The Final; Winners and Losers Edition

Who’s going to win what? A final gaze into the crystal ball for the 2013 lead in is here and as always, I will attempt to put my money where my mouth is all year and predict my way through … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… 2013 Mega Preview Pt. 1, The Nuts and Bolts Edition

The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg and the start to the 2013 season is a bit over a week away, and after the horrendous six month off season, no better words could be spoken. The 19 race calendar is primed … Continue reading

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The Little Engine That Couldn’t

It’s situation normal on the engine side of things in indycar world. A decision a few years ago is biting them in the rear and there’s not much they can do other than wait out the contract cycle. Ask anyone … Continue reading

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2012 IndyCar Development Notebook

(Programming Note: The recent news items that have plagued indycar racing caused me to basically tune the sport out for the previous two weeks. Although the road ahead is still unstable, I am still committed to the series and this … Continue reading

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How I Saw It… 2012 Super Review Part 1: Nuts and Bolts Edition

2012 will be remembered for close racing and an entirely new chassis/engine package that revolutionized the on-track product in the INDYCAR series. Not revolutionized, no, it was more of a renaissance of sorts. A return to a more historically correct … Continue reading

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Airing of Grievances… The False Hope Edition

The rumor mill was churning  today about the possible addition of Scuderia Coloni to the 2013 indycar grid. Admittedly, the talk comes on the heels of the team’s abrupt departure from Formula 1 feeder series GP2 so it may just … Continue reading

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Airing of Grievances… The Aerokit Edition

July 15th, 2010. A day remembered in infamy, a day of holograms, a day of ICONIC proportions,  a day the open wheel world was going to take a turn for the better. Hate it or love it, our fate for … Continue reading

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