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Weekend Review… (Still Catching My Breath) Edition

Nearly a week late, but definitely not forgotten! That race was one of the most fun racing events I have ever been to. Never have I been vehemently against leaving the stands for a single lap as I was on … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… 500 Miles To Go Edition

A 500 mile race in indycar racing, and especially the Indy 500, is an endurance test packaged as a sprint race. There is literally no time to think during this race, only time to allow ones instincts to make the … Continue reading

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Bump Day Live Blog!!!

FINAL UPDATE As The Speedway sits quietly after two days of non-stop running, Michel Jourdain packs up to head home after a heartbreaking afternoon. The #17 crew called off a last minute bonsai run after an entire day of parts … Continue reading

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Indycar Lore… 1980 CRL Season

What had started in 1978 as an honest attempt at increasing the marketability of championship racing sanctioned by The United States Auto Club, spiraled out of control almost instantly. The “White Paper”, a simple inter-team memo, sparked the formation of … Continue reading

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More Historic Racing Photos Saved From Destruction

After the huge response to the old racing pictures that were posted a bit over a week ago, I decided to go through the stack again and find a few “B” level ones. These 27 pictures are not as stellar … Continue reading

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On The Ground… MotoGP at IMS, 2011 Edition

(Note: WHAT?!? Another non-indycar related post? I know, I know; before anything else I was a fan of The Speedway so getting the chance to write about it is always exciting. I really enjoy these on-the-ground reports and many open … Continue reading

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On The Ground: Grand-Am at IMS

Programming Note: I am awash with guilt because NASCAR and Grand-Am are receiving features on a website specifically devoted to indycar racing. However, this weekend’s events took place at our open wheel home so we were all paying a bit … Continue reading

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