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Unfiltered Race Notes: St. Pete is Amazing Edition

Race Notes: 2018 st pete edition. Hey HEY hey! Here we are again. It’s been almost over a year since we last spoke…Sorry. We find ourselves kicking off the 2018 season on ABC. Yay? Well. We will see. 2017 started … Continue reading

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101st Indy 500 Hot Takes!

THE HOT TAKES ARE HERE! THE HOT TAKES ARE HERE! Poorly written and edited even wordily, here are the hottest of hot takes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the maniacal rantings of an indycar fan. I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Feeding the Alonso Hype

I hear your complaints. We were given a 6+ hour web broadcast with expert analysis, features and a multi-camera format. Oh… you were complaining that this was too much coverage? That the other rookies in the field will not receive … Continue reading

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Found Footage: 1965 Indianapolis 500 Fan Cam

Hello again!! It’s been oh so long since we have spoken! Nothing substantial to report from anotherindycarblog WORLD HEADQUARTERS, but I have stumbled across a bit of old media from Indy 500s past. Two separate 50 foot reels of 8mm Kodachrome Movie … Continue reading

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Unfiltered Race Notes… The Gorgeous Facility Edition

Welcome to another year at the most-beautiful-gorgeous-awe-inspiring-crown-jewel-of-a-facility Barber Motorsport Park. Soooo I only have realized this week that the actual prerace is spate from the actual race broadcast on the guide. So all I have is the race… and if … Continue reading

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Unfiltered Race Notes… The Kitten is Still a Kitten Edition

Ok. Here we go again! Regular full disclosure: I’m on DVR but I have no idea how this ended… Self enacted twitter ban successful! No pre-race. The DVR programming kicked in during opening ceremonies. No complaints here. I just want … Continue reading

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Unfiltered Race Notes: The 10 Year Hiatus Edition

Alright alright alright. Over a week late but never short, here’s to another exciting edition of notes. The anotherindycarblog compound was affected by a multi-day power outage no thanks to an increasingly intoxicated ‘spring’ in Indiana. As such, coverage is … Continue reading

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