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Unfiltered Race Notes: Milwaukee 2014

OK, Here we go with the Milwaukee race notes… finally. I think I have found some international feed on youtube as there was not even a second of prerace; straight into the command and the launching of the cars. I … Continue reading

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How I saw It… It Lives Another Year Edition

Even hampered by a lunchtime shower, the crowd at the famed Milwaukee Mile was strong. Estimates range from 23,000 to nearly 30,000; no matter the actual number, it was enough for Michael Andretti to have enough confidence to bring the … Continue reading

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Into The Crystal Ball… The Beertown Edition

First Indianapolis, then Milwaukee… or it should be that way. It absolutely pains me that this race is not in its rightful place on the schedule; talk about date equity. However in other news, WE ARE COMING TO MILWAUKEE!! This event … Continue reading

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Finally… Looking forward to the 2012 Season

It’s February; the INDYCAR season starts next month! Granted, St. Petersburg is still well over a month and a half away, but it still feels good to be this close. As we sit on the cusp of a new racing … Continue reading

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Indycar History is as Varied as the Tracks… Part 2

Last week I looked at historic first visits to the different types of track configurations the indycars have raced on in the past. Here is part two as well as the final time the series visited the respective tracks. Final … Continue reading

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Total Recall… 225 Miles and 1 Big Smile Edition

The series’ return to the famed Milwaukee Mile was an almost resounding success. After a one year hiatus, the Mile returned to the schedule with stellar results. The box scores do not do the race justice as the final standings … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… Historys Back Edition

I think that my 500 blues start after Texas, or at least they did this year. I was incredibly let down, I guess, by the racing and standings after it was all said and done. Not that they were boring … Continue reading

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