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Everything but the Race Report… Centennial Edition

WOW and welcome back. Sorry for shutting down for two weeks, but life gets busy and I didn’t want to mail it in, the recap of my take on the race will appear in a coming post. The lead up … Continue reading

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Opening weekend and Monday

(The posts will slow down the closer we come to race day. I am at the track everyday and have many things to get in order before our coke lot extravaganza this year. They will pick back up coming into … Continue reading

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Rookie Orientation and Various Ramblings

Summer has officially started in Indiana. On Wednesday, the temperature crept into the 80s with a fair amount of humidity. Thursday under gorgeous blue skies the rookie orientation practice marked the start of official on track activity for May. Today … Continue reading

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Pre-Practice Predictions

Before practice gets underway this weekend, I thought I would share my starting lineup from the 41 entries currently in the mix. The field is incredible, and the fight will be very tough this year for some of the lower … Continue reading

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Rebranding the Championship Trophy

Before you read this, I should make some things clear about where I stand in my interpretation of the split of 1996. Being born and raised in Indianapolis, I was 12 at the time of the split. My family followed … Continue reading

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Total Recall… Samadrome Edition

Sao Paulo Indy 300 was actually the Indy 225 due to the 2 hour time limit on road and street events declared to be a wet race. Sunday started promising, nice alignment and initially looking like the entire field was … Continue reading

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