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Into the Crystal Ball… It’s A Gorgeous Facility, Edition

INDYCAR makes is third trip to the rolling hills of Birmingham Alabama and Barber Motorsports Park this weekend. After an emotional yet ultimately anticlimactic weekend in St. Pete, the paddock will finally find a semblance of normalcy as they descend … Continue reading


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How I Saw It Happen… The Season has Started, Edition

Holy all that is good, the drivers made it through turn 1 repeatedly without absolutely disrespecting each other by running over the cars in front. Last year I was completely embarrassed to call myself an indycar die-hard for the first … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… OMG ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Edition

We kick the 2012 season off in St. Petersburg, Florida. 26 cars are locked and loaded for the ninth time open wheel has raced at the airport. Emotions will be heavy as the paddock returns to the adopted hometown of … Continue reading

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Into the Crystal Ball… 2012 is finally Here

YES… The season truly feels like it is upon us as I pull my trusty crystal ball out and attempt to peer into the future for the first time this year. The 2011 offseason was a hornets’ nest of unbridled … Continue reading

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Honda Shank Fisher and Tracy… A Tale of Broken Hearts

So… Sarah Fisher has a Honda engine and Michael Shank has a Lotus. This little factoid has sent shivers and shakes through the indycar fan base. Questions of what is right, what is fair, and what is acceptable behavior from … Continue reading

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