Unfiltered Race Notes… 75 Soggy Minutes Edition

Wet. Obviously. Lightning in the area as well. I can tell you one thing, I won’t be listening to stupid PT for hours of rain delay. 

Sigh. Rain delay. Firestone is a great partner and we race in the rain like once a year, but it would be awesome to have a legitimate rain tire instead of the more intermediate tire we have now. 

Why aren’t we talking to any drivers? Granted, I never watched the pre race so? 

Now we’re blessed with a qualifying replay? A full qualifying replay. Ok. 

Woot Woot! racecars on the grid. 75 minute race. Cool, whatever it takes to get these bad boys onto the track. 

Odd couple giving the command and it wasn’t too bad! Emmo is awesome.

Here we gooooooo!

Circulating behind the pace car is my favorite kind of rain delay programming. 

The clock has started. 

Veach around. Yup, that sounds about right. Well done. Keep at it kiddo. 



O’Ward on the radio: SATO HIT ME. 

That’s how you stay on brand, Sato!

As best I can tell, we are yellow for general shenanigans.

Side by side during the commercial break and now the ticker is saying we are on lap 2 of 70? Now I’m confused. More than normal. 


Back to the timed race. Never change, indycar.


Dixon made his way to 2nd on the original start. Engage jaws music. 


Lots of passing. Lurches everywhere. 

These dudes are so talented. 

I think I see the sun reflecting off concrete on the front straight. 


Sato and Power working their way through the field. It also feels like we’re kind of falling into a rhythm finally. 


We’ve been following Herta. His car is so very bad right now and I bet he’ll be into the pits for new tires pretty early. 

Have to hand it to these drivers, everyone has been able to keep it off the fence. 

Helicopter shot. Can I park a yacht anywhere at this island? Do I even need permission or can I just kind of pull up to it? 


Through the field. Already. This race isn’t even close to that bad yet. Sure, Rossi is smoking the field yet again, but there has been so much action! Maybe they haven’t been able to talk about the leaders enough because of too much action in the back. Silly I say. Through the field is always a terrible segment. Just talk about the drivers!


Track looks free of standing water. 

Marco in for blacks. WTF man. why blacks?! 

Onboard with him is a painful experience. How has he not been lapped yet? This is uncomfortable. Anyone who says Marco can’t drive needs to watch this video. 


Fingers crossed for Marco. I really hope this works out for him. 


Rest of the field is coming in for tires. 


Jones into the tires. 

Dry line is somewhat forming. This should be an exciting restart. 

Ferrucci has reds. That is the right call.


Power gets sent before the right front was done. Right front guy didn’t even look at his team to confirm the car was serviced and ready to go. Boo Team Penske. If it weren’t for bad luck, Power would’t have any at all. 

Newgarden leads.


I see a few more guys on reds. I wonder if they’ll last. 33 minutes. They may last. 




I’m literally speechless…


Everyone loses it on slicks in the wet every now and again, but hitting the inside wall?! Who are you, Zach Veach?! I’m so confused with all of reality right now. 

Start has been delayed because we are fixing the wall. Fixing the wall because Dixon slid into the tires. Hmm…



Looking at a racetrack with such a defined dry line is intimidating. I would not want to be looking for a pass with 2 wheels in the wet. 

Lots of action through the field. 

Dixon said he basically hooked it into the wall. Changing grip every corner. 



Leist into the tires. This race is grueling and incredibly disjointed. I’m ready for Sunday. 



Rosenqvist almost gets SATO’d. 

I would love to see SATO… Not crash and hold onto this podium. 


So I think we lost the signal for a few minutes. Very weird. NBCSN has had some broadcasting issues this year. I guess better Detroit than Indy. 

Yay, we’re at the point of the race where the booth tries to convince me someone has a realistic chance to catch the leader. 

No seriously, they’re close. We could really have a race on our hands. 

Tired of listening to Cindric tell Newgarden when Rossi is on and off the button. Lazy broadcasting. 


The race for 3 4 5 6 7 is excellent. I don’t know what race I want the director to show. 


Rossi can’t touch Newgarden. 

That short fill was the move of the race. Penske perfect. Sometimes. 


That was fun. I think. Let’s do it all over again tomorrow!! Congratulations to Penske for winning the most forgettable race of the year. Seriously, this double header is kind of wearing on me I think. I feel bad for the race one winner, and qualifying for race two is so cheep. This format was ok when we were on the brink of losing title sponsorship, but I feel its time has come and gone. 

Oh well, We still get to do it all again on Sunday!

Thanks for reading,

Eric Hall

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