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RVM… 2011 season review part 1

I have decided to break the season review up into a few as to not inundate you guys with too much worthless banter. I think I will post it in three parts during the coming weeks on Fridays. There is … Continue reading

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#indycarlore Part 2

In a bid to return to normalcy, I figured we would dive into some more indycar lore today. Yes, there is still the matter of a season review, but I am not quite ready to unleash my subpar conclusions to … Continue reading

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Photos From the Dan Wheldon Memorial at IMS

Initially I thought there would be no posts from me this week, but I cannot hold on to these pictures without sharing. Many of your twitter streams were flooded on Monday afternoon with these pictures; there are no new shots, … Continue reading

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RVM… Another Hero Taken too Soon

Not much to say here. Indycar nation has lost one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport. Dan Wheldon was fatally injured in the season ending race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The event was cancelled and another chapter of … Continue reading

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Into The Crystal Ball… Epic Vegas Prerace Edition Pt.2

So here is part two of my epic Vegas two part pre race. The boys and girls of indycar have already completed the first two practice sessions of the weekend and festivities are in full swing in sin city. There … Continue reading

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Into The Crystal Ball… Epic Vegas Prerace Edition Pt.1

It’s Vegas baby! The season ending race is upon us and INDYCAR related events in sin city have been in full swing for a day or two. 34 drivers are primed to start, Dan Wheldon is going for the millions, … Continue reading

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My Kentucky Race Weekend… Picture Enhanced

Our Kentucky 300 weekend stated with an evening of camping in southern Indiana. A strategic move to position ourselves for an easy drive into Sparta, Kentucky via the bridge from Madison, Indiana. The facility was a mere one hour from … Continue reading

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