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Open-Wheel Timeline, Part 1… The Sanctioning Bodies

The history of American Open Wheel Racing and its respective national championships are as confusing and intricate as any other aspect of the sport. Controversy between the various sanctioning bodies, participating manufacturers and of course the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has … Continue reading

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How Fast is Fast… How Slow is Slow?

218. Miles. Per. Hour… in 2012. My how things have changed. It seems so slow; last year we were at 224 on pole day; a drop of six mile an hour! And the year before we were at 227. We … Continue reading

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Attention all Historians: IndyCar Need Us, A Call to Action

There is no place like Wikipedia on the web. For better or worse, it is the largest public information repository to be found anywhere; all user created and maintained. In some eyes, wiki has a poor reputation with good reasons. … Continue reading

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With many of these posts I will bounce ideas off of my brother or roommate to get a feel for how I should go about presenting a few of the topics. I have always known board track racing as “Murderdromes” … Continue reading

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#indycarlore Part 1

After seeing the, in my eyes, historic finish at Kentucky this weekend, I started to ponder other moments that would qualify as indycar lore. NASCAR has a very extensive “lore page” on Wikipedia, and even a TV show called “The … Continue reading

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