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Eric Hall

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Linda says:

    interesting and well written. It’s good. And i don’t say that just because i love you. Grandma

    (Ed: Who has the best grandma ever? … This guy!!)

  2. mike indi says:

    I’m lost for words on so many things that did not get published on the 2012 season. Many things are still not getting out for 2013 season…. You have the big 3 Andretti, Penske, and Ganassi who have everything going for them…. Last season behind the scenes there was (GMS) Gandolf Motor Sports, Joey Gandolf President and CEO With Jaques Lazier as the Driver who was trying to hook up with one of the big 3 who couldn’t get an engine…. Which they were ready to finish the season with the team if had an engine for INDY… Well we all know where that went…. Many things going on this year with GMS that will come out soon…. He is quiet and waiting for the right moment to announce being a force for the 2013 season with plenty of backing…..

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