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The 1920 Season and Other Debacles in AAA History

The earliest years of AAA racing have always been a sore spot for historians interested in said era. Concerning these times, the “official” history, as printed by the different sanctioning bodies of American open wheel racing, has often been more … Continue reading

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Attention all Historians: IndyCar Need Us, A Call to Action

There is no place like Wikipedia on the web. For better or worse, it is the largest public information repository to be found anywhere; all user created and maintained. In some eyes, wiki has a poor reputation with good reasons. … Continue reading

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The Power of a Hat

As unusual as it may be, I have never been one to root for a specific team or driver. I have always held the opinion that I just want to see good racing week in and week out; a close … Continue reading

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An Evening With INDYCAR

I am sure you will read pages upon pages of writing breaking down what happened at the state of INDYCAR presentation. There are many, better qualified word hacks to dissect what each and every item means, but that man is … Continue reading

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Finally… Looking forward to the 2012 Season

It’s February; the INDYCAR season starts next month! Granted, St. Petersburg is still well over a month and a half away, but it still feels good to be this close. As we sit on the cusp of a new racing … Continue reading

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