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Wikipedia and IndyCar Need Our Help!

For better or worse, Wikipedia is the largest public information repository to be found anywhere on the internet; all of it is all user created and maintained. In some eyes, wiki has a poor reputation, but sometimes with good reason. … Continue reading

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Open-Wheel Timeline, Part 1… The Sanctioning Bodies

The history of American Open Wheel Racing and its respective national championships are as confusing and intricate as any other aspect of the sport. Controversy between the various sanctioning bodies, participating manufacturers and of course the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has … Continue reading

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The 1920 Season and Other Debacles in AAA History

The earliest years of AAA racing have always been a sore spot for historians interested in said era. Concerning these times, the “official” history, as printed by the different sanctioning bodies of American open wheel racing, has often been more … Continue reading

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Rebranding the Championship Trophy

Before you read this, I should make some things clear about where I stand in my interpretation of the split of 1996. Being born and raised in Indianapolis, I was 12 at the time of the split. My family followed … Continue reading

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