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2012 IndyCar Development Notebook

(Programming Note: The recent news items that have plagued indycar racing caused me to basically tune the sport out for the previous two weeks. Although the road ahead is still unstable, I am still committed to the series and this … Continue reading

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Airing of Grievances… The False Hope Edition

The rumor mill was churning  today about the possible addition of Scuderia Coloni to the 2013 indycar grid. Admittedly, the talk comes on the heels of the team’s abrupt departure from Formula 1 feeder series GP2 so it may just … Continue reading

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Engines Engines Engines

It’s been a while since I have pontificated on the new chassis, but there really hasn’t been much new news on that front and the number one news item was kind of lost in the wake of Las Vegas. We … Continue reading

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Secret* Spyshots of New Dallara Facility

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, after the terrible, terrible weekend shift at work, I decided to head down to speedway and check out how the new Dallara plant is coming along. The last time I drove by was during May, … Continue reading

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My take on the new “car” (most likely) Pt. 1

The 2012 Dallara, Indy “Safety Cell” made its on-track debut the Monday following the coma enducing Mid Ohio weekend at the same track. The “test” was super double secret, only a select few media peoples attended and the two days … Continue reading

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