Greatest Hits of 2011

As we welcome 2012 with open arms, I thought it would be pertinent to look back as the best posts on anotherindycarblog from 2011. I have these posts in no particular order and no solid metrics were used in creating the list. Page views, twitter response, strength of commenting and my overall warm and squishiness towards the subject influenced inclusion on the list.

2011 was a great ride; making friends and discussing, with great personal investment, issues and happenings with the series. 99 percent of what is said on this blog, or any for that matter, I am sure never gets a serious read from officials. And twitter is an emotional hot bed for some people; taking many topics personally and very seriously.

This is what makes the indycar community one of the best ones around. We all are so invested in our little niche sport that we often cannot think of a world without it. I am proud to call myself a member of this amazingly dysfunctional family, and hope to be for many years. Thank you to everyone who reads, comments and discusses any issues, on this blog or others. Without all of us, being an indycar fan would be a lonely ordeal.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the best of anotherindycarblog, 2011 edition.

My First 500 – The story of my first trip to IMS for the awesome Memorial Day Classic we all love and cherish.

Formula INDYCAR – A not-so-implausible look into a different kind of future of the indycar series. An idea for a western hemisphere counterpart to Formula 1, while keeping our rich history alive.

Rebranding the Championship Trophy – Although the championship trophy did in fact get changed to the Astor Cup, these is a minority of us that believe the only rightful award for this honor is the Vanderbilt Cup.

MURDERDROMES – Board track racing and what we could learn from it.

What 1984 taught me about 2012 – We have been here before, and we were actually successful; a pertinent reminder that it not all about turning left.

Indycar History is as varied as the Tracks Part 1 and Part 2 – A look back at the types of tracks the various incarnations of indycar has raced on during its 100 year history.

What does Competition Mean? – A post dinner conversation with my father caused me to reexamine what, exactly, I think competition is and how it relates to the current state of the sport.

What does the Future of IMS Look Like? – A dream, with help from Red Bull Racing, into what the future of open wheel racing may look like.

Come on… Motegi’s not that Bad – Yes, I was rewarded for my positivity with a stinker of a race. I call attention to this post, not for the Japan cheerleading, but the idea that we need to attempt to find some good in all situations. If w focused only on the bad, we may never live to see a new year.

My Kentucky Race Weekend – My on the ground report about my experience at Kentucky Motor Speedway in 2011.

Dan Wheldon IMS Memorial Photos – Enough said.

So there they are, my personal favorites from the past year. If you didn’t notice, I have been keeping track of the 2012 indycar development news at the top of the page. It is a timeline hitting magor news, testing and teams news in regards to the new chassis. I have also created a silly season page in an attempt to make the happenings of silly season a bit more easy to read. These pages are updated as I hear new information regarding them.

Again, thank you for reading. The fun will not stop in 2012 and beyond.

Eric Hall


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