Things are Changing Again! on OP, Pit Lane Reporter, aicb, and IndyCar Blogs

Hello! Welcome back to anotherindycarblog. As you can see, it’s already been another active year! A few administrative issues to get through before we can get back to the same ‘ol aicb goodness we are all used to.

I have mostly shuttered my portion of Open Why?! Well, remember the “Podium Magazine” from last year? Well, it has been rebranded as the “Pit Lane Reporter” and is even prettier than before. My large feature articles will appear there monthly with the usual drivel available here at some sort of regularity. Our first issue went live today! (Direct link to first issue) Download, read, share and interact!

The conflict of interest created by my transition to the full-house motorsport publication has necessitated my resignation from the still awesome, but also full-house source of motorsport coverage, Open Paddock.

My “How Did We Get here?” series of article originally appearing at OP will absolutely be finished. That (or those, not sure how many articles the series will take to finish) will be my last written appearance on Open Paddock for the foreseeable future. Of course, they will be posted here at least a week after appearing on OP.

On a more personal level, I also felt that shuttering my blog to transition to an actual motorsport site was the wrong decision. Open Paddock is a fantastic place and can cultivate A+ talent not otherwise available through independent blogging. Just look at Mr. Kevin Neely; an amazing writer who exploded onto the scene at OP. I have no worries about the continuation of their historically fantastic IndyCar coverage.

Basically, I felt that closing my slice of the internet and moving to OP caused more harm than good to the entirety of independent coverage of IndyCar. Sure, I would probably do better as OP has a much greater reach than I do. But a shuttered blog is not helping fight the good fight, and I had the power and drive to rectify that situation. So here we are again!

A common misconception about blogging is that we only do it to see out names in the lights, monetize somehow or just to “get in”. For me, I was inspired by the bloggers I was reading and I needed a new hobby so writing it was. I already like indycar but was not a successful language student. I nearly failed every spelling, writing, grammar, French, Spanish, English class I took… I was not passing with flying colors… at all. My new hobby not only allowed me to find a new creative outlet, but it was also a journey of personal improvement.

I want to enjoy they awesomeness that is indycar racing! I also want to just put more content out there. We enjoy an under the radar sport that could always use more balanced and well spoken commentary. I’ve met life long friends and shared some amazing experiences with them through this crazy journey. I just want as many people as possible to know about and be involved with this most epic sport.

Along those same lines, I have created a new site called The IndyCar Blogs. A place where every single Indycar blog I can find will be linked to. Alive or dead, shuttered or active, the pages will live on. Some sites aren’t even available to read anymore, but I have included everyone. Currently it is just a list, but links will be added soon enough.

I’ve created a twitter account to accompany the list. The goal will be to simply retweet every single new blog post from across the IndyCar blogosphere. Make no mistake; this is not a ratings grab by me! I want to share ALL THE WORDS! When I found out there was such a thing as an IndyCar blog so many years ago, those writers rekindled my love of the sport and possibly sent it into over drive. The least I can do is share as many new and established writers as I can!

Eric Hall

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  1. S. Bloom says:

    As a blogger, this post is much appreciated for its thoughtful views on blogging, both independently and as part of a team.

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