Unfiltered Race Notes… 2 Amazing Days in Barber Edition

HERE WE ARE AGAIN!! At the golf course of indycar if car’s were dimpled golfballs and racetracks were old men with shiny sticks! GORGEOUS FACILITY! I hope I get to hear that uttered in a suave Australian accent today. I’m excited and I hope you are too!!

Wet. Very Very Wet. 

Timed race and all, I wonder why we’re rushing the prerace? seems a tad silly but I guess that’s why I’m behind a keyboard. 

That was the most dreamiest and bestest command ever. Seriously though he had some pizzaz. I love it. 

Paul Tracy looks awful. 

Sweet baby jesus I hope no one drives like a fool. 


There is zero visibility. The air is already completely saturated during the warmup laps. I fear Dallara will be the only real winner today. 

Nose cam should be good. 

Are we going to ride onboard with the poo car all year?

Nose cam on Rossi is unrecognizable. 

I wonder if it’s actively raining. 


Alright alright alright. We’re through the first few corners safely. 

Driving with a ton of respect. 

Marco is driving like an ANIMAL!! LET’S DO THIS MARCO!!

I really want to be an Andretti fan but… you know. 


DAMMIT MARCO!! Spinning like an idiot. This is why I’m not a fan. 


These guys are earning their money today. Conditions looks so treacherous. This is a totally different field than we had 5 or so years ago. 


Newgarden doing the clinic thing. 

Ryan Butterball-Reay siting. Turketarian. Gross. #BoarsheadForLife

Looks like Power has reeled Newgarden in by about 3 seconds. Newgarden hasn’t done a ton of wet driving in indycar. I wonder if he has just rooted his tires. Power definitely has experience with the wonky firestone wet. 


Chaves in with possible helmet issues. And comes out to give Bourdais issues on track. Today is not the day. Move over rook. 

Got to hand it to Veach. He’s doing a good job today. 


Kimball around. Obviously. And then he stalls heading to the pits. What the hell man. Kimball is the WORST. 


Also, tight shots are showing it is very much still raining. 

Listen Mr Bell, even if Jones did give Kimball the chrome horn, it’s obviously still Kimballs fault. Haven’t you been paying attention to his career?


Ok. I’ve been really really bad with recording the actual laps in this stream if mental diarrhea. Oh well. 

Agreed. Jones has been doing great!

Cool. Brand new rain tire in Detroit. We’ve needed a new rain tire since the old new rain tire debuted a few years ago. The old old rain tire was a well performing, super soft bespoke compound and construction just for indycar. We somehow went to a street inspired tread pattern and construction. How in the hell is that supposed to make sense for an indycar?! I hope the new rain tire gets some teeth given back to it. 


The announcers never talked about Power reeling in Newgarden. I wonder if his tires really were going off because the pits report that tires look good. I hope they keep a closer eye on the gap during the next stint. 






Sigh. What an afternoon. 

Wow it is really raining. Power didn’t have a chance. Is there too much water on the track?

Kimball complaining that he got hit. Claiming it was a rookie mistake. My opinion mr Kimball? It’s a rookie mistake to fall into the clutched of Jones. You should have driven faster/better/more skilled. Instead you got punted. 

Lap 45 will get us to half way. 




Rahal saying this is really dangerous. I agree. 

Funny. I just watched the infamous New Hampshire restart today. Power has poor luck man. Also Power sounds different now days…

Ok Ok. Rahal compliments the firestone rain tires. Fair enough. I’ll be excited to hear about the new tires too once we get a chance to try them out. 

Really honest comments from Newgarden. Wanting to get the race on for the fans but understanding the technical limits of the package. He just sounds really honest in his tone. It’s super refreshing. Mentions the growing rivers across the track. Worrying if the rain doesn’t slow down. 

I want to know what happened at the RLLR christmas party…

Track is looking good. 

lol no confirmation from pops about what happened to babe. 



TK stalled on the track. Oops. He just couldn’t get it in gear. Running now. He had me scared. I just want to get this race started. 

The track looks like it’s in pretty good shape. 

I know it eats time out of the 2 hour window but I have no issues watching the cars circulate behind the safety car in the rain. There is nothing better at clearing water form the track than racecars. 

Sounds like race control is polling the drivers. Excellent idea. Race control is in an entirely different place than it was 5 or so years ago. 2nd time I’ve said that today. That probably says something about Indycar as a whole. 

PT: Time to give it a try. I agree. one shot. Wow super windy!



Lame af man. 

Chilton is shivering. Too cold. That makes me sad! Poor guy. 

Drivers out of the car. 

Everyone is saying it’s too much. 

I’m fast forwarding through the delay. 

Turketarian. ew. 

Delayed until tomorrow. Good Call. 


Ok. Here we go for 75 minutes of fun! Sounds like Mr. Tatum is not in the house. That’s ok. I don’t blame him. 

It looks like a beautiful day today, but we have quite a green racetrack. It should be a super exciting afternoon!

The Rahal helmet cam looks like it still has water inside of it 

Chilton looks to be broken down. Too bad. I hope he can get retired and reenter the race. Carlin needs as much track time as possible. 

Sorry, but talking to Rahal in the car is ridiculous. 

Cool, Penske is fixing Power’s car. Most excellent. 

Cars refueled and push to pass reloaded. I approve. 

Ok. Since They’re not going to be showing a lap counter so we will countdown the minutes from about 77. 


77 minutes to go

Clean start. Good deal, I want to see some hard clean rain today. 

Clamen DeMelo completes a smooth pass. and some slight shenanigans ensue. The guys look confident. More good news for a racy afternoon. 


WOW Pigot into DeMelo and really pushes him into the grass. What a crazy crazy sight. 

Power coming back out. 

Replay tells me Pigot was not far enough on the inside. 

Ok Ok Ok. We’ve seen about 7 passes from DeMelo and I think Bell told us he is 2 laps down? WTF man? It’s not that the passes aren’t good it’s that he seems like a literal accident waiting to happen. The dude makes me nervous. But he seems good. And he is in proven equipment. We’ll see I guess. 


Power is definitely coming back out. 

So my wonderful YouTubeTV didn’t record the actual race so I’m watching a YouTube upload. It is definitely the raw international feed so I get no commercials. Instead they’re showing me the uninterrupted feed from the track. Cool. 

Onboard with Power. the car looks ok. Not pulling to one side. He doesn’t look to be fighting the wheel either and is “only” 16 laps down. Chilton Looks to be back out as well and DeMelo is definitely 2 laps down. 


Watching Ed Jones circulate. The wheel ramp/sidepod interface looks awesome. 

No action taken on Pigot. How?

Straight back to commercial… BUT I HAVE THE FEED!! 

Wickens on the inside of Chaves in T5. You’re welcome. 

Just the sound of the cars circulating is wonderful. The random youtube feed can often have gems hidden within. This is a real treat considering what I was forced into. 


Newgarden is 8 seconds ahead. What is the rest of the field doing? 

The Binder car is still uninspiring. I have no idea why. It is an objectively good looking car. 


Dixon chasing down Veach. Dixon isn’t having a Dixon kind of season as of yet. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an angry driving Dixon. Could this be the year?

The rear view bumper cam in pretty awesome as well. 


Rahal on Chaves during your commercial break. You’re welcome. 

Lots of action into the pits. 

Sato on Veach. Tons of action! I think Veach is falling through the field it may be time for him to pit as well. 



Veach losing more spots. What an afternoon for Mr. Poo. 


Leader in. Bell tells me that there is too much time to make it on fuel. Excellent. 

Even though Newgarden is stinking the from of the race up, it’s been a damn good afternoon. 

Many drivers are complaining of oversteer. 

Checking… Yes. I picked Veach this week. Fantasy league is not doing well at all. 

Watching Hinch chase RHR and I’m not sure what’s happening with the pit rotations. Is this for keeps?! Who cares. I love watching these guys. 


Power is leading Veach who is leading a frustrated looking train headed by Jones. This is where things could get messy. 

YES! RHR and Hinch have pitted together. I hope they continue to fight with knives/guns/whatever the kids are saying now days for position. 

Mercifully Veach comes in for tires. 

I don’t think I’ve had a moment to breath yet. 


Rossi around Jones. It seems like that train is working itself out and Power just drove away from it! 

Kevin Lee just referenced lap 56 or 57. Interesting. I really REALLY need to know the actual lap count. 


Dixon kicking it old school with no pit speed limiter. 

Commercial time suckers!!

Really they just show us a bunch of onboards, but thats totally cool. 

We’re watching Rossi really giving Hinch the business. hinch has had a hell of a busy day. 

Dixon losing electronics. That’s a nervous realization. 


Rain? Again? Yes please. 

More commercials. 

Now that I am aware and uninterrupted the presence of commercials is even more grating. And makes me appreciate the F1 coverage this year even more. Commercial free broadcasts are very nice. 

The director is just looking for battles on track. And without the commentators he is free to choose anything he wants. 

Dixon around Pagenaud on the outside. Damn. 


Newgarden with a 27 second lead. Crushing. When you’re on you’re on. 

Chilton looks to have lost another 10 laps as well. It’ll be interesting to hear about his day. 


Drops on the camera. 

Water on the track. Decisions Decisions. 



Onboard with Newgarden and he looks really stable. 

Seems like there’s a lot of radio chatter about tires and rain. I’m sure it’s tense up and down pit lane. 


WOW Newgarden in for rains. Race winning call?

There is so much rain on the camera lenses, but the tires still look warm and grippy. At least for now. 

Newgarden is getting passed left and right. He may not have the race winning tactic. 

Bourdais may have been gifted this race. 

I’m really starting to get the butterflies for Bourdais!! 

If I were Bourdais I would not come in. The race is in his hands. Checkers or wreckers territory for sure. The only thing Bourdais needs to worry about is consolidating his Champcar legacy and this is the way to do it. This could be a HEROIC day for him. 


Bourdais: One more lap like this and I’m off. 


Bourdais in. ugh fine. Whatever. Congrats to Cindric and Newgarden on another stupid race winning decision. 


Pigot around. What a bad day he’s had. 


Newgarden with a 20 second lead. Damn son this is a career defining day. Wet or dry this guy was able to pull out the largest honest lead I have ever seen in indycar. 

Wickens chasing down Hinch. Most excellent, I want to see some Canadian on Canadian aggression. 


What a probable anticlimactic end to a surprisingly enthralling sprint race. 

I don’t think they ever mentioned beautiful facility. It has probably been retired as a past relic. 



Good finish for Bourdais and Dixon. What a wild afternoon. Well, it was really quite the weekend. I can’t believe we never went yellow today. Definitely a testament to the skill of the drivers. 

Cool. Onboard with Newgarden into victory lane to end the feed. 

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed our afternoon together! Onto my pair of home races in Indianapolis! Hopefully we have a warmer and drier race than we experienced this weekend. 

Is it May yet?


Eric Hall

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