Unfiltered Race Notes… Another day of Domination Edition

I should have gone camping at Road America this weekend. Maybe next year? I’ve heard bicycles aren’t allowed, How in the hell do you get to the far reaches of the track? Anyway, how about some racing? 


Prerace? Ok, maybe a little bit. 

Alex Rossi is the worst interview. I hope he wins today. 

Previous race recaps are always great. Shout out to IMSP for always doing an amazing job. 

I love you drunk Will Power. I feel like there’s a 25% chance that Power will drop a not safe for TV word at any time and I love him for it. 

Ok. Im also on the Wickens train. 

The kid dancing behind Leigh Diffey is amazing. 

What’cha Cooking. Dear god melon ball my eyes out. Ok, Norman Pagenaud is in the house. I may be able to make it through this. But this hurts. The dog is gone… FF engaged. 

These Robin Miller pieces feel a lot like the old Posey’s Perspectives from the old Speed Channel coverage. This is good. 

What’cha Cooking is not though. Please spare us. 

Dixon is the man. 

The command. Yes, that was very good. 


Power is dropping like a rock. Engine engine engine. Typical.

Rossi driving Wickens off the road. Thats diiiirty. Is there some bad blood between them?

Was that even Rossi? I’m already so confused. 


Long laps. 

Now Power is sitting in the pits. The Indy winners curse just took a few weeks to claim it’s 2018 victim. 

It’s a block party today all around. 


Speaking of block party Spigot is still able to get around Pagenaud. And Pagenaud isn’t really having that great of a year. More of the same today? 

Newgarden really carries the 1 well. I hope he doesn’t run away with it today though, But it’s still nice to see the 1 in front. Maybe that curse takes a bit longer to take effect this year? Who knows, it’s all silly anyway.


Kind of strung out. Time will help. Already in fuel savings?

Ok, I did see Rossi push Wickens off. Interesting. I wonder what other kind of trouble those 2 will find themselves in. 


The Bourdais car looks ridiculous. The charm has officially warn off but *know* you can see it from a mile away at the track so ill allow it. 

Turketarian. Still gross.

Damn Bourdais having so many issues this year. Makes me so sad. This makes for a really long day. 


Everyone with big slides through T1. Fair to say everyone in the series has some quick hands. 


I appreciate how close the top 3 are here at a long track that rewards high speed handling. Considering how strong the Penske shock program is I would expect them to excel here. Well done Andretti Autosport. They’re really stepping up this year.


The rest of the field has now come in. 

Andretti and Rahal have been kind of mixing it up this year. I hope they find each other again like St. Pete 2012. 

Dixon in from the lead. They have a great camera angle of the cars heading into pit lane from across the track and you can *really* see how steep the start of the front straight in. Amazing track 


Diffey expertly notes that the front of the field is really tightening up, but it feels like one of those races. One of those that is close to grab but no one ever really makes a move. Booth notes we’re already in fuel save mode. Hard to get excited about the race if the top runners have already resigned themselves to a fuel race. 



Power out of the race. Too bad. I really feel for him today.


RHR is so close but he’s just not going to get Newgarden. 

Power is a great interview now days. The calmer more focused Will Power is scary in a he-could-win-everything-and-make-up-for-all-those-year’s-he-fought-Dario kind of way. I like it. 

We’re getting a flash back to the 2012 Iowa race. Those cars were actually pretty damn good looking. Very distinctive. 


As i say that Bell says he’s glad we have moved to a more classic indycar look. I don’t necessarily disagree, but I’m surprised how plain and simple the cars feel now. I *do* appreciate the increased straight line speed. 


We have some Canadian on Canadian action happening. Finally something…

Hinch completes a HELL of a pass. But I hope a Schmidt car can get around the 2nd Coyne seat without too much trouble. But that’s the kind of day we’re having. 



Rossi just muscled Sato off the track after an amazing pass on Wickens! I wish we would see the old (regular?) Sato and watch him push right back. Sigh. Too bad. 

Race control to review. Nothing should be done, But Rossi is a troublemaker. 


We’re watching Veach get lapped by the lead pack and he’s doing a great job of staying out of the way. Even though he is a literal child, I’m liking Veach more and more each week. Especially now that he has a big boy paint job. 

Tour de France lede. Cool. 


Talking about newgarden getting dogged by RHR. Please. 

Alright. We see 1 more pass. 

Gabby Chaves giving Hinch the business. I’m ok with what is happening right now. Chaves is a tough MFer, man. 

Alright alright alright we have Rahal storming through the field. 


I’ll root for anyone if it makes it a good race. I’m only in it for the good racing. 


As you saw on non-stop… No… No I didn’t. I can’t watch that crap with the commercials screaming at me. 

Rossi with a soft tire. Tough luck. Booth hypothesizes it may be from the Sato incident. Hmm. Self induced penalty. Cool. 

Well, only cool if its from the Sato incident, otherwise tough luck. Oh. Rossi cuts the engine off. Another steering issue for an Andretti car. What the hell man. I was just extolling the virtues of Andretti Autosport just a few short laps ago. Totally and completely rescinded. 

The Truth doesn’t loose a lap. Ok. 


When that kick ass Firestone commercial is on I’ll watch that! what race?! The commercial opposite of the side-by-side coverage can’t be better than the race. 

In fairness, that commercial break was mostly indycar commercials. 

Has Dixon won this thing yet?

Checks notes… 

Newgarden I mean. 


I’m definitely not saying this is a bad race, but I want to see the predators stalking prey and scoring a pass after a long and tough battle. I don’t really feel like there is much stalking. There is some fighting but nothing real. 


I think Newgarden is driving just outside of RHR’s reach. I bet he could be crushing the field right now if not for saving fuel and equipment.


Dixon gets close but cannot even start a passing maneuver.  Newgarden, RHR Dixon. This is how it ends. 

Seems like Dixon is falling off the pace. I have have to hand it to RHR. It always surprises me when he has a good day. I’m such a RHR-ist. 


Kind of hard to hear the voices today. Cindric is mixed really low on a day when the booth has been unusually quiet as well. NBCSN races are mixed so different than ABC races. A distinction that doesn’t matter anymore now that I think about it. 


Spigot up to P7. He had to have made some passes then, why in the world didn’t we see them in replay? This kid could be the next big thing. 

Interesting that I don’t really remember going through the field a single time this year. I wonder if someone who matters has dropped in on us making fun of their segment? 


Yes. There has definitely been some coming and going, Why didn’t we see any of it? Frustrating. It feels almost like an ABC race if we’re in the business of making comparisons. 


Veach with the fastest lap of the race. Well done!

We get some replay action of De Melo making it hard on Veach. For a guy who has like 5 races under his belt, he’s really got some big britches on. 

Aaaaaand we see him almost spear it into the tires. 


Newgarden is starting to turn the speed on now that the end is within sight. He is seriously pulling away from RHR. This could have been a beat down. Thank you for making it feel much closer than it really was. 


We’re on follow Newgarden to the checkers mode. 

I still want to camp here. 


One more lap of watching P1 cruise around…


Newgarden. Drive of the day goes to Dixon. Heartbreak goes to Power. Newgarden put almost 3 seconds on RHR in the final 5 laps. Damn. 

Sigh… The booth finally mentions what I’ve been talking about all afternoon. I’m available for hire. 

Easiest win of his career?


Dixon with Miller. Most good. Most good indeed. 

NBCSN Post race is so much better. This is excellent coverage. Not to mention that the driver’s interviews are on point today. 

Lol Sato complaining about being touched… YOU SHOULD HAVE TOUCHED BACK!!

Babe complaining. Just shut up you big complainer. 

Alright. Enough of this. Good race all in all. I do like to see a flag to flag green race so we can get a true feel of the drivers pace. No surprises there. I’m definitely interested to see what Iowa will bring us!

As always, Thank you for reading!

Eric Hall

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  1. We camped at Road America for the first time. Zach and his friend had their bikes. In the paddock they were told a couple times that they had to walk them but there were plenty of places where they ride them.
    We loved camping there (we have a 26ft trailer- I know some don’t call that camping😉) It was awesome staying at the track. —Patti

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