Unfiltered Practice Notes: Super Championship Finale Mega Edition

Ok, so it’s been a while… so shoot me. When I shutter anotherindycarblog you’ll know it so always consider this space active unless the front page says otherwise.

What better way to kick things back into action than with PRACTICE notes. Thanks NBCSN for throwing IndyCar fans a solid. The off season will be stupid long and during times like these we could always use some extra TV time. #RIPBadAss

Here we gooooooo

Recorded in SD. What the hell am I doing. Oh well, grainy picture engaged.

Leigh giving us the story about JPM leading every step of the championship this year.

I will say it now. I AM FOR JPM. I will fan boy root here as I have all year long.

Shots of the Golden Gate Bridge drive over. Very cool and I bet it even looks cool from outside of our little world as well; we can use as many of these moments as we can get right now.

Justin Wilson career anthology montage. I will always remember him as a giant killer.

Milling about the paddock now. JPM looks so old with that salt and pepper action.

Clinch scenarios. Basically JPM is in a checkers or wreckers situation. It’s going to be wide open if he crashes out.

Rahal in uncharted territories. I would be OK if Babe could pull this thing off… That makes me feel diiiirty.

Racers race. Right on Kevin Lee. I knew I always liked you for a reason.

Waiting on green. I would normally complain about a long prerace and skip the rest, but I guess this is what were doing today.

Jan notes that Honda has also lost their strongest test and development driver in Justin Wilson. I’ve never even thought about that. Jan blows me away again.

Dixon v Power for the championship? Dixon every time. Power is a better driver when clawing to be at the top and way more fun for us to watch.

I want Helio to win one as well just so he can solidify his place in American open-wheel racing annuls… But really I want JPM.



And immediately to commercial. Thanks Mr. Director.

I wonder if there will be any side by side commercial breaks. Am I justified to complain about it if there aren’t any? It doesn’t really matter… We all know I skip them all anyway.

This will also be the first of my complaints that we don’t run the full track here. #RunTheBoot? Sure… whatever.

Times from yesterday. 3 Hondas in the top 5. 3 Hondas in the top 10. 10 Hondas in the top 20. Some of them are definitely getting it, others are still very much out to lunch.

Aleshin is in at SPM and Servia is in the Wilson seat. Hell yes to both, but terrible circumstances for Servia to be here.

Saavedra in the grass. This is my surprise face. Still, that AFS car always looks hot. PT says hes done a good job all year. I guess so dude.



Pagenaud. Quite the lack luster year. I hope he can pull it together next year.

Bell re Pags: Man I need a result. No doubt.

Kick ass slow-mo of Briscoe going through the chicane. More of that please.

Cool shot out of the rear of the Newgarden ride. Good to see GoPro back on the sidepods.

RHR manhandling his machine. They really do look fast here.

New Firestones are faaaast. I like it. They’ve stepped it up this year.


Rahal really working the car. Well, everyone works the car here.

Ok, he’s crossed up in every corner. Don’t over drive it Babe. We know this chassis doesn’t like that stuff.

Onboard with TK. Busy busy track.


Saaverda looks stranded on the island that is the dragstrip. Probably the end of his session.


Dang too nice to him. Bell makes a good point that he followed directions on where to pull off so Race Control could be dong him a solid. I begrudgingly approve.

Ah, I haven’t had a chance to say it. I really really like the LED panels on the cars.

JPM career montage. Beast. If JPM wins this championship he will become the driver with the most time between 2 championships with 16 years. Just silly.

PT: what would the record books look like if he would have stayed in IndyCar? Now that’s one to ponder.



Dixon has found something in the setup.

Lots of tire falling off chatter today. That could either be very good or very bad in terms of producing action tomorrow.

Rahal was having issues with left turns. Weird.


Power tells Miller he’s worried about tomorrow. 3 wins and 1 P2 in 5 years. The man is unstoppable here.


6 previous winners in the field. After the stat I just wrote that’s actually pretty impressive.

Have I said the cars look fast? The cars look fast.

I haven’t said that the cars look like spaceships. They do. These are some of the coolest looking racecars out there.

Onboard with Dixon. The guy is as smooth as you can possibly be.


Newgarden has led 345 laps. Hot damn he probably should have won another race or two this year.

Looks like some of the field is packing it in for the afternoon.

Power with an off. Everyone is pushing today. You can feel the tension in the paddock all the way from here.

Lots of Rahal onboard today. I can dig it. He always has busy hands.


Kanaan running Vautier off the track. I’m sure TK is pissed about something silly. But Vautier really hasn’t covered himself in glory recently.

So RHR has pulled himself out of the trenches this year and turned around the entire season. I still don’t have any faith in him.

There are only moments left, but the broadcast has run its course. Dear NBCSN, I would really like more of this in 2016. Ill be back for the race. No promises about qualifying. I’ve it on the DVR, but who knows if I’ll get around to finding time.

News Flash: NASCAR Preface is following the broadcast. REALLY WISH WE COULD HAVE SEEN THE LAST 90 SECONDS NBCSN!!

I missed you guys, this has been fun. We should do it again.

Eric Hall

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1 Response to Unfiltered Practice Notes: Super Championship Finale Mega Edition

  1. ecurie415 says:

    Juan looks even older in person. I saw him yesterday and was thinking “wow, this season is giving him more gray hair”. I may be wrong about this, but i think he starts the season in good shape and as it continues, he slowly gets a bit out of shape. I interviewed him last season and he seemed more relaxed, but no one had any expectations on his return. Being in the title hunt has put him under pressure. He needs a haircut!

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